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  1. Guest_Baby542707 has joined the chat
  2. xjaneetheekillerrx: Hey
  3. Guest_Baby542707: Hi
  4. xjaneetheekillerrx: How are you?
  5. Guest_Baby542707: I’m okay you
  6. xjaneetheekillerrx: Zen is in/doing a lecture
  7. Guest_babynephilum: Been a while.
  8. xjaneetheekillerrx: Im okay
  9. Guest_Baby542707: Okay
  10. Guest_babynephilum: Echooo
  11. xjaneetheekillerrx: Echooo Echooo
  12. xjaneetheekillerrx: Does anyone wanna babysit my in heat cat
  13. Guest_Baby542707: **humms Yungblud song’s**
  14. Guest_babynephilum: I just delivered puppies the other day, i dont wanna hear it -snickers-
  15. LillianPhireRedheart: awe, i wish i could have one
  16. xjaneetheekillerrx: I did too XD in the back of my car :P but I mean you probably had more fun
  17. Guest_Baby542707: My dogs just turned 10
  18. Guest_babynephilum: Theyre pits. Daddy is mixed with mastiff but both have pit
  19. LillianPhireRedheart: they sound adorable
  20. Guest_babynephilum: I think the momma is full blooded, im almost positive
  21. Guest_babynephilum: Ohhh definately. 1 girl and 5 boys
  22. LillianPhireRedheart: i want a boy lol
  23. Guest_Baby542707: Amelia May I speak with you alone at some point
  24. Guest_babynephilum: Where do ya live? ;D
  25. Guest_babynephilum: Hmm?
  26. LillianPhireRedheart: Kentucky
  27. Guest_babynephilum: Girl!! Im going to Kentucky for one of my sisters winterguard competitions
  28. Guest_Baby542707: I want to feel comfortable in here again but first I think we should talk if that’s okay not agrue
  29. LillianPhireRedheart: when, and where?
  30. Guest_babynephilum: I havent started an argument.. and its not my fault you feel uncomfortable here
  31. Guest_Baby542707: I didn’t say that
  32. Guest_Baby542707: I said not to agrue
  33. Guest_Baby542707: Just hear me out
  34. Guest_Baby542707: Is that okay?
  35. xjaneetheekillerrx: I dont think its just an amelia problem though, I think its a you problem, you need to speak to everyone youve hurt.
  36. LillianPhireRedheart: what, happened?
  37. Guest_babynephilum: Drama.
  38. Guest_babynephilum: Unecessary drama.
  39. LillianPhireRedheart: thats everywhere
  40. LillianPhireRedheart: my rl is full of it
  41. Guest_babynephilum: This chat has had a serene past few days.
  42. Guest_Baby542707: I just wanted to talk no drama and please let me have that chance
  43. Guest_babynephilum: But.. we have been full of it for a long while
  44. Guest_babynephilum: Nic, I have given so many chances.. the last time you were here frustrated me to the point of tears.
  45. Guest_babynephilum: I dont deserve that.
  46. Guest_Baby542707: Yeah and we both have said things maybe out of rage
  47. Guest_babynephilum: I have remained level headed.
  48. Guest_Baby542707: I didn’t deserve some of the things thrown at me either
  49. Guest_babynephilum: If you want to believe that, fine. But that is your opinion. You were the one spouting off unecessary insults when no one even swore at you to begin with
  50. Guest_Baby542707: And that’s your opinion
  51. Guest_babynephilum: That is facts. The log proves no one started the insults except you.
  52. Guest_babynephilum: And no one called you names..
  53. Guest_Baby542707: I’m not here to play the blame game Amelia
  54. LillianPhireRedheart: do you mind if i have the log
  55. LillianPhireRedheart: fresh eyes might help
  56. Guest_babynephilum: I didnt deserve to be called a bitch
  57. BarthamusZendrough: Back again. My son called me from his parkour class...
  58. LillianPhireRedheart: Welcome back
  59. BarthamusZendrough: Thank you Phire.
  60. LillianPhireRedheart: yw
  61. BarthamusZendrough: Hi again Baby.
  62. LillianPhireRedheart: can i sit with you
  63. NyxNox: Welcome back, is everything okay?
  64. Guest_Baby542707: And I don’t feel I deserved things either but ya know it happened
  65. Guest_Baby542707: No going back
  66. Guest_Baby542707: Hi Zen
  67. BarthamusZendrough: Yeah. He's fine. Just wanted to know if we had blue ice packs in the freezer. He didn't say why... just wanted to know if we had any.
  68. LillianPhireRedheart: i dont deserve to be treated like shit by rl family but not much i can do
  69. LillianPhireRedheart: i hope he isnt hurt
  70. Guest_Baby542707: Zen I don’t know how long I’ll stay
  71. BarthamusZendrough: Baby, I understand you met Moon and Pepper, and Air, recntly.
  72. NyxNox: I am sure everything is alright.
  73. Guest_Baby542707: Mhmm
  74. BarthamusZendrough: I was a Dungeon Master in the Fetish Society, when you were brought up. They were thinking you were someone they knew, incognito, named China.
  75. Guest_Baby542707: No Azza he would know me as
  76. Guest_Baby542707: But if we talk about it can it be private please
  77. BarthamusZendrough: Oddly, I said I knew you, and was removed from the group entirely, the next day.
  78. xjaneetheekillerrx: But its a public matter since youve caused public stress and decided to make it public by shouting at us all infront of everyone
  79. Guest_Baby542707: No China she was something else
  80. Guest_Baby542707: Not me
  81. Guest_babynephilum: Not to mention what i brought up to you on discord, Oak
  82. Guest_Baby542707: I was too and I loved the room
  83. Guest_Baby542707: I was very upset when I found I couldn’t be In there anymore
  84. Guest_babynephilum: Why cant you be in there?
  85. Guest_Baby542707: The room went poof
  86. BarthamusZendrough: Honestly, Baby... they're not really all that. They knit-pick the shit out of everyone that's not 100% on their page, so it wasn't much of a loss. Pepper and Moon seem to run things in there, even though it's Air's creation.
  87. Guest_Baby542707: Air and Azza were close to say I hadn’t got to talk to him yet and I made it where I cannot get back onto those accounts
  88. Guest_Baby542707: Moon just you have to win her over she’s alright
  89. BarthamusZendrough: Amelia, come sit with me, love.
  90. Guest_babynephilum: Huff. Yes, Sir. Gotta wriggle in my butt mark
  91. Guest_babynephilum: Youre the best.
  92. BarthamusZendrough: Nah. Moon is a self proclaimed bitch, who I never got along with. I was quiet about everything, after she decided to call my mention of my dad's death, as "drama"
  93. NyxNox: How is that drama?
  94. BarthamusZendrough: You're the BEST, Amelia. xD
  95. NyxNox: It doesn't even come near that.
  96. BarthamusZendrough: Because she didn't want to hear about it, Nyx.... So, as you can tell, some people are just human garbage
  97. Guest_babynephilum: Noooope. And i agree A death is not drama. That.. is crazy talk
  98. Guest_Baby542707: Ah yes I pissed her off because I guess me and Air were sub and Doms to each other well I left him for a minute he made me believe we were back and then got collared
  99. NyxNox: If people cannot take 5 minutes out of their day to listen to someone, when they are down, they can piss right off.
  100. Guest_Baby542707: And I called him out on his actions and he denied I told him not to talk to me after that
  101. BarthamusZendrough: Apparently, this person China, was getting a lot of people saying mean things about her. Three people made comments on how to end her life. One suggested running her over with a tractor, another said break her neck, and then someone mentioned using explosives.... The DM's in the discord chat began debating about how the explosives idea was triggering, and wanted to punish that guy with a three day removal from the group. I explained, it was no different than any of the other remarks, and if you were to remove him from the group for a time, then the other two people should sufferthe same punishment. Well, the other two were girls, one was Moon, and the other was Pepper's little girlfriend. So, I opened up to tell them, I'd never witnessed anyone being blown up, so that didn't trigger me, but the other two comments reminded me of my dad, who died with a broken neck, and an old friend's mom, who was run over by a tractor. So, if that could strike these negative memories in me, why would it be different than someone being blown up..? It became a very lib-tarded chat, when Moon said, there was no need for me to bring up the drama from my past, and I realized, they didn't want a man's opinion in the discussion, so I agreed to be silent on the matter, afterwards.
  102. Guest_babynephilum: Jesus.
  103. Guest_babynephilum: It sounds like a toxic invironment as a whole.
  104. Guest_Baby542707: Yes
  105. BarthamusZendrough: It was pretty stupid.
  106. Guest_Baby542707: I agree I actually mentioned something to Air when he came back but he’s to wrapped about getting his dick wet
  107. BarthamusZendrough: Apparently, if you criticize Moon, you're opinion is what they consider toxic.
  108. LillianPhireRedheart: Air, the guy i met in here?
  109. Guest_Baby542707: Yes
  110. Guest_Cat538028 has joined the chat
  111. Guest_babynephilum: Cat!!
  112. Guest_Baby542707: Peppers is fine most the time
  113. Guest_Cat538028: *runs in and tackles Zen with huggles*
  114. LillianPhireRedheart: he unfriended me
  115. Guest_babynephilum: Heya, Girl!!!
  116. Guest_Cat538028: Hello
  117. Guest_Baby542707: But moon like I said takes time and she is and will be that way
  118. MooEun has joined the chat
  119. Guest_babynephilum: How are ya?
  120. Guest_Cat538028: I'm ok ig
  121. Guest_babynephilum: And Eun! This night just keeps gettin better! Ive missed ya both
  122. BarthamusZendrough: Hehehe. Heya Kitty! :)
  123. BarthamusZendrough: Hello again Eun
  124. MooEun: Hello to you both.
  125. Guest_babynephilum: Cat, would you like my seat?
  126. Guest_Cat538028: No it's ok
  127. Guest_babynephilum: Are you sure?
  128. Guest_Baby542707: Zen what is your opinion of Air I’m curious
  129. Guest_babynephilum: How are you, Eun?
  130. MooEun: Meh, I'm alright. You?
  131. Guest_babynephilum: Ive had a headache for a while now.. But im sure it will be resolved with time
  132. MooEun: Well I wish it away for you.
  133. Guest_babynephilum: Poof! Its gone!! :DD
  134. Guest_babynephilum: I wish it away as well.. but, again.. with time.
  135. BarthamusZendrough: I think he's pretty immature for someone 42 years old
  136. Guest_Cat538028: I'm sure
  137. LillianPhireRedheart: i didnt notice he unfriended me till now lol
  138. BarthamusZendrough: Congrats on your interview, Kitty
  139. Guest_Baby542707: Yes! He flirts with everyone! Sorry I’ll stop
  140. MooEun: Forgive me if I fall quiet, I'm building a room.
  141. Guest_JosephRobinson1 has joined the chat
  142. Guest_babynephilum: Youll have to show me sometime, Eun
  143. MooEun: Once I find the room I will.
  144. MooEun: I'm far too picky and I want it to fit what I plan to use it for.
  145. Guest_JosephRobinson1 has left the chat
  146. Guest_Baby542707: Zen? What’d you think of my Master Maguis?
  147. Guest_babynephilum: Whats you plan? Do you mind if i call you Moo?
  148. Guest_babynephilum: your**
  149. MooEun: Not at all, and I'm hoping to open up a harem of sorts. Rp related.
  150. BarthamusZendrough: No real opinion of him, Nic.
  151. Guest_babynephilum: OOooOoo!!
  152. BarthamusZendrough: brb though
  153. Guest_Baby542707: Okay tyt
  154. Guest_LittleLexi36 has joined the chat
  155. Guest_babynephilum: -leans closer into Zen's left side while beginning to pick at her nails- any movie suggestions?
  156. Guest_Baby542707: I almost yelled Daddy I saw someone enter right as I sent him the invite
  157. Guest_LittleLexi36: <.< I’m a woman
  158. Guest_Baby542707: I saw lol sorry
  159. Guest_LittleLexi36: Jk idrc, how is everyone’s night been
  160. xjaneetheekillerrx: Is anyone sure they dont want o babsit my cat XD
  161. Guest_Baby542707: I cooked food
  162. xjaneetheekillerrx: to*
  163. Guest_Baby542707: Brb
  164. Guest_Baby542707 has left the chat
  165. Guest_babynephilum: Wow, suddenly my headache is gone
  166. Guest_babynephilum: Huh.. magical advil
  167. Guest_LittleLexi36: Lol
  168. Guest_babynephilum: lol
  169. Guest_LittleLexi36: Currently watching doctor strange
  170. Guest_Cat538028: I got nachos made from nacho cheese Doritos and mozzarella cheese and cheddar cheese and chicken and barbecue sauce
  171. NyxNox has left the chat
  172. Guest_LittleLexi36: Wow didn’t know I was that boring jeez
  173. Guest_Daeydara has joined the chat
  174. Guest_Daeydara: hey
  175. Guest_LittleLexi36: I read the first line and saw nachos made with nacho cheese and was gonna say yes it’s in the name
  176. Guest_Cat538028: Lol
  177. Guest_babynephilum: Welcome to the Silver Linings Market. Please post your name, status, age, how long you've been in the lifestyle, and who you seek to meet, herein. We appreciate your company, and ask you rate the room. All interviews will be held inside the market, and no whispering, Thank you.
  178. Guest_LittleLexi36: I was gonna ask if hes been here before
  179. Guest_Daeydara: who me?
  180. BarthamusZendrough: Okay. I'm back
  181. Guest_Cat538028: Wb
  182. BarthamusZendrough: Thank you hun
  183. Guest_babynephilum: Welcome back, Lovely
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