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  1. >SOL Hornet
  2. >A Megami that's specialized in air combat.
  3. >Using the flying units on her back, she accurately shoots target enemies from the air while flying at high speeds.
  4. >Equipped with both a beam gun and beam sword, she has no gaps in close to mid range combat situations.
  5. >By combining armor with SOL Roadrunner, a Megami developed alongside SOL Hornet, she can go into "Full Armor Mode" enhancing her mobility to an overwhelming degree only exhibited by a combined SOL unit. However in this mode, the unit giving up her armor is left unarmored and vulnerable so it is difficult to combine armor in the middle of battle.
  6. >"SOL" stands for "Sonic Operation Lady". They are also among the first Megami to have two designers involved in development at the same time.
  10. >Design: Shimada Fumikane
  11. >Type: General Purpose Type
  12. >Armed: Handgun, Assault Knife, Folding Spade, Helmet
  13. >One of the very first Megami Device units.
  14. >Makes use of a variety of short to long range weapons.
  15. >While the unit's armor is limited in its Battle Points, this Megami still has merit in that it's very easily entered into team battles.
  16. >This also allows for a wide range of modification, giving both beginners and veterans a good base to start customizing off of.
  17. >The WISM series was produced with designs based off of popular characters that appeared in 2046, giving Megami Battles even more of a boost of popularity.
  18. >"WISM" stands for "Women's Imperial Space Marines".
  21. >WISM∙Soldier Scout
  22. >Design: Shimada Fumikane
  23. >Type: Reconnaisance Type
  24. >Armed: Handgun, Recon Unit, Helmet
  25. >One of the very first Megami Devices produced.
  26. >Armed with equipment specialised in reconnaisance and intel operations.
  27. >The recon unit attached to the top of the Megami's handgun can be freely separated to act as an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to gather intel. In addition, the wings of the recon unit can be attached to the Megami's backpack to allow the Megami to fly for just a brief period of time.
  28. >The blade antenna that can be attached to the Megami's helmet is an important piece of equipment used to quickly broadcast recon'd information to the rest of Megami's team.
  32. >Type: Long Distance Support Type
  33. >Armed: Long Range Rifle, Flame Thrower, Helmet
  34. >One of the very first Megami Devices Produced
  35. >Equipped with parts suited for long distance shooting.
  36. >Attaching a Barrel and Electronic Scope attachment to the versatile Handgun enhances this Megami's long range shooting capability.
  37. >Equipping the Megami with its enhanced sensor suite mask further increases her ability of sniping accurately at long distances.
  38. >By changing Barrel attachments it's also possible to equip her with a flamethrower. Only to be used depending on the situation in battle.
  45. >One of the very first Megami Devices produced.
  46. >This Megami's hand-to-hand combat ability is dramatically increased as a result of having equipment replaced from the wrist up with Wild Hand parts.
  47. >Sharpened claws aside, this Megami is an irreplaceable member in team battles because of her ability of clearing obstacles with her incredible grip strength.
  48. >The Delta-type sound detector attached to the sides of her helmet captures all noise in the area three dimensionally, allowing the Megami to effectively detect targets in Battle stages where there is too much cover to track targets visually.
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