Kabum eSports' post about their CS:GO team

Feb 23rd, 2015
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  1. Just like in other occasions, Kabum esports never made any efforts to clarify to the brazilian gamer community the internal details of the teams, which to this date were represented by two League of Legends team and a patrocinated CS:GO team. Unfortunately, once again, we bring the news that we don't count anymore with the CS:GO team. Before you, our fan, make any conclusion, we ask for you attention to the following text where we clarify and tell all the trajectory of the two tries to partnership with the FPS team, both done directly with the leader and player of the team, Fallen.
  3. The Kabum esport project was born through LoL. The potential growth of the game in Brazil took the company to invest in a team that was soon to be dissolved due to lack of structure and incentive - That was how Kabum eSports was born, an organization of electronic games founded and financed by Kabum, with one big objective: Invest, encourage and push the e-sport scene on Brazil.
  5. The project evolved, results were achieved on short and medium terms, and an expansion plan for other games were made. The games were FIFA, CrossFire and CS:GO. O of the icons of brazilian FPS and manager of Kabum eSorts, Bruno Bit, showed the organization a team that, with incentives, could once again bring the brazilian FPS to an international level and re-kindle the interest of another orgs in that game (which fits with our strategy of invest, encourage and push the scene) - Even if that scene was, in that moment, in decline. We were actually called "insane" for investing in a game that "already did everything it could".
  7. All the player of the first Kabum FPS team, knew for the "return of the legends", had a sponsorship contract with Kabum eSports and received money monthly, directly in their private bank accounts. The potential of these players together with our sponsorship resulted, initially, in a big success, and quickly we got tons of achievements. Even with a small number of competitions, and most of them with low expression and exposition, Kabum eSports kept its deal between the organization and the team.
  9. Unfortunately, after a while, we had an episode about the conduct of one of the players which shook the relationship with Kabum and the team. Even if the players and their leader comprehended that such an attitude was unjustifiable, swapping the player was not accepted by the team. We, as the sponsor, accepted such decision took by the team and agreed to give a second chance to the player.
  11. Sadly, due to that fact, the relationship with the team got "cold", and with the enormous demand made by the LoL team, it all made it that the team and the org got a bit separated. Due do that demand, Kabum eSports did not manage to attend to the needs that the FPS players needed (even though, as always, we kept 100% of what was settled on the contract).
  13. A decision made by all the players, there was the solicitation of the cancellation of the sponsorship. The players, from that point onward, would keep to train and play, but with the name "Games Academy".
  15. The team, with enormous talent was invited to play in ESWC 2014, a world championship in France, on the end of 2014. A crowd funding campaign was made by the players with the objective of participating in this big opportunity.
  17. Kabum eSports made a big meeting, discussed the points in which we considered we failed on our sponsorship, established improvements and talked with Fallen on the objective of avoiding that such an opportunity was lost by the players because of lack of support.
  19. In direct negotiations between Fallen and the direction of Kabum eSports, all was cleared and a new contract was made between them - In it, there were talks about high end equipment, rent and maintenance of a Gaming House, also a help with costs for when tourneys out of São Paulo(SP) popped up and a extra sponsorship which could rise even more the monthly value received by the team. In this new sponsor format, all the money settled on the contract would be monthly paid to Fallen, which would be the responsible for the management and application of those resources, in any way they see fit. Beyond that, Kabum paid additional 15 thousand reais (around 5k dollars) for the plane tickets through the air company AirFrance, which approved the participation of the team on the highly expected event, ESWC 2014.
  21. We would like to say that after the new contract was signed, we were informed by Fallen, that him and his team did not want a Gaming House. Kabum eSports accepted the decision and kept the value of the sponsor the same, even without the creation of a Gaming House. Kabum is, to this date, criticized by fans of the FPS team due to the team not having a Gaming House, even thought the choice was made by the team. The team participated on the European event, and sadly, did not have a satisfactory result(which was already expected, due to the long time not participating on international events).
  23. When he returned, Fallen talked with with kabum, saying he was unhappy with the current team and that he would like to merge Kabum FPS and Target Down, known as "TD". Kabum was informed that there were excellent players on the other team, and that the sum of the financial resources from both organizations would make it a extremely strong team, and would avoid needing the collaboration of the community with donations, since the financial support received from both would be enough to maintain the team and their participation on events.
  25. Kabum eSports, keeping its main objective of encouraging and pushing the national scene, accepted the fusion and a new team was created, called "Kabum.TD". It's worth mentioning that even with another sponsor, Kabum maintained the same contract, without any alteration or reduction of the money - this money, was kept being paid monthly to Fallen.
  27. On the start of 2015, there was the opportunity of participating on the MLG event, in Aspen, Colorado (USA) - 100% financed by the event. The team showed a satisfactory evolution since their France championship. The team decided to stay and play on the ClutchCon tourney, since Aspen was near Denver. During this trip, there was the invite for the ESL Katowice participation Qualifier, on Poland. Classifying in this event would result in being part of ESL One, on the same country.
  29. The managers of Kabum eSports received an e-mail from the leader of the team, Fallen, saying that to go to this tourney in Poland, it would need a additional value (not counting the contract) of 27 thousand reais (close to 9k dollars). Kabum informed that this money would not be paid, because based on the deal created with "Kabum.TD", these expenses would be paid by the other sponsor. With no further details, Fallen made another crowd funding campaign with the objective of raising money to go to the event. The goal was met and the team attended the event and classified for ESL One. Kabum eSports was "bombed" by fans, which claimed that we didn't invest money on the team.
  31. When coming back to Brazil, Fallen talked with Kabum eSports claiming that the contract needed to be revised because the money paid monthly wouldn't be enough for them to participate in tourneys that the team wants to go. Kabum, however, replied saying that this information doesn't check, as the sum of the money paid by Kabum and Target Down was enough for the expenses of the trips in question - In this moment, Fallen claimed never having received a cent from Target Down, and so, the team needed to receive this additional money, but he wanted this money to be paid by Kabum eSports, as he "had no involvement with the Target Down deal".
  33. The main point brought up by Kabum was: How he had no involvement with Target Down, even though he thought, planned, presented and executed the fusion between the two teams? Kabum NEVER realized any meeting or discussed contracts with Target Down, since our sponsor was always exclusively to the players.
  35. In this moment, Fallen also informed that the players of the team were already searching for another sponsor in case we didn't accept to pay the monthly money not received by the other org - We were surprised as he planned not only dropping Target Down, but also Kabum(which kept its word on everything in the contract and all the payments were realized correctly).
  37. Today, 23/02, after talking with Fallen, we have been informed that the contract won't be renovated and the players are already in talk with another organization.
  39. We would like to also inform that we got many critics saying that we "didn't invest" on CS:GO because the prizes were too low. We would like to assure that this is not relevant for our organization because we had no hand in the prize money received by the FPS team.
  41. Kabum eSports will keep investing in the Brazilian FPS scene, and soon, will present bigger details about this new project
  43. We believe that our goal to invest, encourage and push the CS:GO scene on Brazil was met. We were the only organization to invest seriously in CS:GO in the last few years and we understand that this project, summed up with the talent of the players, made popular again this incredible and epic game called Counter-Strike.
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