Final statement - By: (OpParis)IntelTeam

Nov 20th, 2015
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  1. We will not share any more information on the threats than we've already shared, our explanation for this can be found in our previous press releases. We have already stated this numerous times and we will not break our promise. All of our previous releases/statements are still official. We are currently hiding or/and removing information we have gathered this past week so that if someone manages to get into our systems, they won't find what they're looking for.
  3. This is our final statement. If you want to know who and what we support, then check out all the tweets that we ''liked'', we hope that'll give a bit of a clearer image of us. If you want to publish this or write a report on this somewhere DO NOT take things out of context, if you do and we find your report check this paste again after a few days and you'll see how we deal with incorrect reports (don't worry, nothing offensive or harmful, just a note).
  5. ----------------------------------------------------------
  7. Index:
  8. 1. Our story
  9. 2. Important notes
  10. 3. Clarifications & Things certain people should know
  11. 4. Apologies
  12. 5. Short, yet important notes
  13. 6. Plans for the future
  15. =====================================================================================================
  16. ========================================== OUR STORY ================================================
  17. =====================================================================================================
  19. Just today (23rd) we have, as a team, evaluated all that happened during the 9 hours we were online on @OpParisIntel. But before we go into what we found, it's only more than fair that you know our history:
  21. Note: We won't give out any personal info because we are anonymous, duh.
  23. The first info about possible threats came in early last week from @LulzNetPirates, he discovered the first info and deserves credit for that. The rest of the week, we as a team were constantly busy looking at other threats being reported, but this date kept sticking out. We decided to almost fully concentrate on it and found more info on it than can be found in @LulzNetPirates’ leak, which is a backup of the pad we used for some time.
  25. We decided to report it to all authorities it was easy to anonymously report to, but after having received no response for some time and the 22nd coming closer we came up with this plan to reach them… by going on twitter. We did a lot of extra work to set this up, but those are details and we have no time and feel no need to write those things down right now, because these details only involve small things like contacting people, planning and checking the info over and over again.
  27. We ultimately set an ultimatum of 1 PM GMT (21st of November) for any of the authorities to respond to our report. We did check for news on events being cancelled or warned, but did not find any specific ones. To be more clear: Warning a whole city is in our eyes not the same as warning a specific venue.
  29. 1 PM GMT, 10 minutes prior we had already sent the info to various media to give them time to translate/change it into a report. The first ones to do this were RawStory and International Business Times, but with them is where the miscommunication started. This mistake came mainly from our side and massively boosted the spread of the info, but also made a part of the report not entirely true.
  31. We had had e-mail contact with a French journalist (whose name we will only edit into this once we have his permission) from since Nov 19th . Whom we explained to who we really were: no ''official" Anonymous. Proof is here, and if ya don’t believe it then we invite you to hack into our e-mail and confirm it for yourself: (names have been crossed out).
  33. Now, obviously, as an account with 0 followers, it took some time for the paste to stat spreading. @AnonNetOpParis offered his help by posting almost the same tweet on his timeline, which referred to us. We felt a bit relieved when media started picking up the story from the IBT and our pastebin started spreading faster and faster. But let's skip the details, we were reading almost everything that was published and would like to give special thanks to @MarkWinneWSB for his quick reporting of the responses coming from the FBI and the WWE.
  35. Side note: We never thought that it would be the WWE which would make most media and people go wild, only when we saw IBT and nearly 80% of the tweets focusing on it we realised what was happening. Seeing how headlines were being published by normal media almost only focussing on the WWE we quickly edited our paste stating even more clearly that "threats" are NOT the same as "plans" in a desperate attempt to move the focus away from the WWE to the whole paste. We'll expand more on our reasons for doing this later in this statement.
  37. After the FBI had been made aware and had released their first statement, we kept the info up for about 40-60 more minutes to give them and other agencies time to look at it before we took it down. Note that, we announced that we would shut down before the first tweets came in from people doubting our credibility. After the 40-60 minutes were over we took every tweet concerning the info down except for this pastebin link, with this paste having the title: ''Mission accomplished''.
  39. If you wonder what we did on Sunday, we attended church, we prayed for the world and those who might be in danger, visited family and friends, watched some tv and put our trust in the authorities and the Lord.
  41. =====================================================================================================
  42. ====================================== IMPORTANT NOTES ==============================================
  43. =====================================================================================================
  45. Now, first a few notes before we start listing stuff:
  47. 1. We are NOT officially affiliated with @AnonNetOpParis or @OpParisOfficial. The reason why we use anonnet's IRC is because we found more answers (and less lag) there, the people in anonops usually have more questions than answers because all new blood goes there. There's nothing wrong with that, but going to anonops didn't contribute to our progress as much as going to anonnet did. To clarify: anonnet is not malicious nor owned by Daesh (as was already confirmed earlier). All of @OpParisOfficial's claims against @AnonNetOpParis (and some against us) are false and show no real understanding of how Anonymous works. No one in our team is 15 yo and we see it as a serious offense being called that by a big anon account.
  49. 2. We heard from people that if nothing happens we could celebrating that we scared Daesh off, or that if something happened we could start telling people: ''Told you so!''. We will do neither. So let us be very clear: We claim, even though many people and media thought we would, no victory. Nor will we claim anything that contradicts our previous press and info releases. We did not take the info to twitter for a media victory or loss. We did this to reach the authorities and nothing else. Anything said that contradicts this is a lie, we like to show this through our actions. Although many things happened, which we will discuss in this statement, our goal has remained pure and clear through the whole process. If you do not know this goal by now, you aren't the right person to be investigating us.
  51. =====================================================================================================
  52. ===================================== CLARIFICATIONS ETC. ===========================================
  53. =====================================================================================================
  55. We've told our story and noted that we are not affiliated with @OpParisOfficial and @AnonNetOpParis, you're now probably thinking: be more specific, so that's what we'll be from here on. In the next lists we would like to explain, apologise and send our final messages.
  57. Things we would like to clarify:
  59. • We are anonymous, but not Anonymous. This statement can be called incorrect since Anonymous' policies clearly state: anyone can be Anonymous. But as we've explained, we are not as ''official'' as @YourAnonGlobal and @AnonPress. This is where our first apology including a message to the media comes in. We apologise for not being as specific to the IBT and other media as we were to's journalist. We also immediately apologise for not thinking about correcting this mistake when the news was publishing reports about our info. We got completely caught up in all the action and had to work our butts off to even keep track of everything that was happening. We apologise for this misunderstanding, but would also like to quote @AnonPress "Tired of being the scapegoat because reporters with a lot more reach than us don't research, don't fact check & don't understand #Anonymous". Anyone can be anonymous, and as @AnonPress also said on Saturday (but in a different way), it wouldn't have been so easy for us to spread this info if Anonymous weren't looked up to so much by the press and yet such an open "group", however we don't think we abused the name because we do remain anonymous and we (& many with us) think we did the right thing. We realise that big anon accounts are mad at us for using this method and we would understand their frustration if it weren't for the fact that we may have saved lives with this. We do not claim this was the right way for it to have gone and we will never use a method like this, going on twitter with found threats, again because there are a lot of risks in doing it. It is important to note that even though we made the mistake of not informing the media as well as we did previously, it also has to do with the MSM's way of reporting, which leads us to the next clarification:
  61. • We did NOT announce: "22nd is Armageddon for Paris and the world", "ISIS plans worldwide attacks on Sunday", "ISIS will attack WWE" and not even "ISIS plans to attack WWE Survivor Series". What we announced was stated very clearly in the info and press release pastes. Instead of sharing those well the media went viral on details while no part of the pastes was not thought about thoroughly. We did not even say we we're part of the real anonymous nor did we say we represented all of Anonymous. Although the saying: ''Anonymous say they" is theoretically correct, because we are ''anonymous'' and we are with multiple people, it does not represent the right group.
  63. • People say we spread fear, we say: We tried to spread as less as possible by shutting down as quickly as possible and keeping the info as neutral as we could. It was the media (and also some people) who spread the most fear by not looking into our pastes well enough. We can confirm this by noting that shortly before we shut down we had, according to some media, already reached more than 2.8 million people while our pastebin only had about 90k views. Of course ''reached'' can have different definitions, but the difference between 2.8m and 90k is more than enough to say that not even half of the people we reached had seen our real intel. Listen media, if you're going to sell a story then at least share the source (which wasn't IBT) so that people can check for themselves.
  65. • We know that Daesh uses fear to grow, and we realised during this project that we were spreading some fear, but we also realised that the fear spread would be worth it if through that the possible deaths of tens or hundreds of people could be prevented. Does this mean we recommend more of these kind of actions? NO! We only did this because we knew of actually no other way to get the info across quickly. We need to try to spread as less or no fear at all in these times, so stay strong. We completely support what the POTUS said on the 22nd and are thankful that he gave that speech.
  67. • Some people think we are Daesh, liars (we aren’t) or even untrustworthy. We did what we thought was right, and we have received support from many people even after we had been called ''not trustworthy'' because we dared to try to be one step ahead of Daesh. Because: What would you do if you heard that there's a big chance people will be killed at an event? And if the ones you went to with the information did not respond even though you begged them to? That's right, you try to reach out to the people who could be in danger to warn them.
  69. • (ADDED ON THE 24TH, 11:47 GMT) Although everyone understands the joke. We find it ironic that people think spamming Daesh with the song: "Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down" is a good way of attacking/trolling them. It's an unpopular view, but we think that spamming Daesh with such a song will only motivate them, especially if the song literally says: "Never gonna (tell a lie and) hurt you". They'll only be laughing their @sses off and later have a legit reason to call Anonymous hypocrites/idiots.
  71. • Why we used "OpParis" in our name: We have worked for #OpParis since it began, we've gathered intel, we've moderated, backed up, restored and even created (later declared "official") pads so almost all our work started at and some of our intel came from #OpParis. One reason we used the name was to show that our info was a result of hard work for #OpParis. We did not use ''Anon'' in the name because we knew that would affiliate us too much with Anonymous. We do not regret using this name also because @OpParisOfficial has proven through its behaviour that it doesn't fully follow Anonymous’ ideology, which has disturbed many already. We have as much right to fight for the same cause as them as @AnonNetOpParis has to exist. Why? Because (right now) there is no such thing as an official Anonymous account. If one big OpParis account, which got big from a “hype” and is usually only controlled by one person at a time, says something, it doesn't mean that it's immediately true. So yes, our team does question if some of the owners of @OpParisOfficial are the right people to have access such a big account if they tell people to hate other anonymous for no verified reason while those people work just as hard or harder to reach the same goal as them, to destroy Daesh. This contradicts with one of the most basic things from Anonymous: ‘’Anyone can be A/anonymous” We think only the bigger accounts can do something about this. But until they do, there's a chance we can expect a lot of hate from those whom we helped and those who we completely support in their fight against Daesh. In short, to Anonymous: If you start an op and support it, don't lose control/it please.
  73. =====================================================================================================
  74. ========================================== APOLOGIES ================================================
  75. =====================================================================================================
  77. We think character is very important, and because many media and people do not even have the guts to admit their mistakes, we hope to not be like them. If we made any other mistakes, contact us so that we can apologise for them. Not because we're weak, but because admitting you've made a mistake makes you a wiser man than someone who thinks he's always right.
  79. • We apologise again for not being clear on who we were.
  81. • We regret that we didn’t fully realise in advance that we should've been clearer to some of the press, which could've prevented stories being published which looked like they were only created to spread fear. Our apologies to those who read those stories and believed the parts that weren’t from us.
  83. • We apologise to @LulzNetPirates for not informing him that we were using some of the intel he found before we went to twitter. It could've saved a lot of trouble, we regret not doing this.
  85. =====================================================================================================
  86. ========================================= SHORT NOTES ===============================================
  87. =====================================================================================================
  89. - We are not “famewhores” and we hope we proof that through our next actions, by for example keeping our communication with the media to an absolute minimum.
  91. - As far as we know we have done nothing illegal, we have not hacked, DDoSd or stolen anything. Same counts for the info we spread, it was not fake or made up as we’ve stated before.
  93. - We admit that #22Daesh may not have been the best choice as # because some people apparently saw it as a promotion for ISIS, but it did help state the point that this was not just a regular news update from #OpParis or #Anonymous.
  95. - We would like to thank those who spread the information objectively and correctly, quoting almost everything from the paste and linking their readers to it. When you read these objective reports you learn what's going on and don't get too scared about it, knowing that the situation is being dealt with and that the post is not trying to spread fear.
  97. - We completely support: We are not professional journalists and made mistakes, that is why we hope we “fixed” some of them by explaining them in this statement.
  99. - Good luck writing update number 6/7 @th3j35t3r, they previous ones actually taught us things about ourselves! :)
  101. =====================================================================================================
  102. ================================== FUTURE PLANS & CONCLUSION ========================================
  103. =====================================================================================================
  105. - We promise not to tweet with the account.
  106. - We will keep the account until December the 22nd, if we’re not shut down before that, then we’ll de-active it. This is so that we can be open for questions through chat until the 22nd, but don’t expect us to be active because we probably won’t.
  107. - No other activities, except for liking good tweets, will happen on the account.
  109. This is probably the last time you've heard from us because we have no plans at all of continuing helping with #OpParis or Anonymous after everything that happened Saturday. We wanted to help in the fight against terrorism and we've done that the best we could. We've got enough other stuff going on in life that we need to focus on.
  111. Sincerely yours,
  113. The (OpParis)IntelTeam
  115. =====================================================================================================
  116. ============================ PREVIOUS PASTE: "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" =================================
  117. =====================================================================================================
  119. Our project is over, we have reached our goal:
  120. - Warning the right authorities
  122. There is no more need to share this link, if the authorities do their job well (which we hope they will). To prevent more "fear" from being spread we have therefore removed all our tweets except for this one. Today we trust you for once, authorities.
  124. Because the authorities didn't pay attention we took to the web and warned civilians, who helped us reach the authorities AND Daesh. Daesh now knows that we are after them and that we know their threats and possible plans, we wish the authorities good luck in catching and preventing their actions.
  126. We wanted the authorities to know about this as quickly as possible so that we could prevent too much attention being drawn to our account (which is why we it shut down, it was about getting the intel to them, not about us getting attention), we thank those who helped us inform the authorities. We stand by our motto for this project: Better safe than sorry.
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