Derpinomicon Chapter 3 (AB/DL, Messing, MR)

May 30th, 2014
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  1. ********
  2. Warning, this a nightmare fuel fic that contains diapers, messing, wetting and mental regression (temporary).
  3. ********
  5. Chapter 3
  7. “If only you could look at yourself right now Twilight! Soaking your diaper day after day, and drooling all over my wagon like an imbecile. The Derpinomicon certainly worked its magic on you, it’s a wonder that you can think at all now. Perhaps, I should put a bucket nearby so you don’t create a puddle of drool in my precious little home,” Trixie taunted.
  9. It has been a A full day since Trixie began her plans for revenge, although it didn’t go exactly as planned, she was successful in reducing Twilight to a drooling and pooping imbecile. Although her scheme mostly satisfied the way she envisioned it, the unforgiving mare still found herself wanting more revenge; as she looked over to Twilight all she saw was a happy mare, content in her blissful ignorance while she was left still brooding over her troublesome past. Perhaps, she had let her emotions get the best of her; unbeknown to Trixie at the time, her plans for humiliating Twilight was about to take an unexpected turn for the better.
  11. “Twilee make peepee! Diapur feels all good and warm! ~” Twilight giggled.
  13. “Yes, I can see you yet again pushed your diapers to their limits, I didn’t know a Mare could tinkle that much.” Trixie says as she levitates a foal wipe and wipes some of the drool off of Twilight’s face. “So, Twilight, I bet you are just dying to know what I have in store for you today.” Trixie says with insolence.
  15. “Twi wuvs thick and cozy diapies!” cood Twilight with a lisp.
  17. “Right… Well, I would have you know that the curse I placed on you does more than just renders you retarded, excluding the greatness that is moi, it also makes any pony that sets eyes on you to have the irresistible urge to take care of each and every one of your needs.” the blue unicorn says with fire in her eyes.
  19. “Twixie good momma!” exclaimed Twilight, still not understanding what Trixie was saying at all.
  21. “I think a good starting point would be that yellow scaredy-pony friend of yours. I’m sure she would make a fantastic mother, and I’m sure you would agree too. That is if you could talk about anything other than your diapers and what you do to them.” teased Trixie.
  23. Trixie then walks out of her wagon and pulls a foal stroller by the entrance.
  25. “Come on Twitard Spittle, this is going to be fun.” Trixie said with excitement.
  27. *********
  29. The walk to Fluttershy’s cottage was peaceful… Too peaceful, Twilight, content in her foal stroller smiled and giggled as the beautiful scenery placed her’s and Trixie’s mind at ease. The ease of the scenery, was far too distracting, and allowed Trixie to get caught off guard by Equestria’s most well-respected and renowned Alicorn.
  31. “Trixie Lunamoon, you have an awful lot to explain. Just what have you done to my student?” Celestia bellowed, with anger in her voice.
  33. “P-princess Celestia? How did you know?” Stuttered Trixie, shocked at what was happening.
  35. Celestia then levitates a foalish drawing to Trixie, on it is a crude picture of Twilight drooling and smiling like a puppy in a soiled diaper. Standing next to Twilight was herself, with a proud look on her face in a very filthy and huge diaper.
  37. “Twilight, sent this picture to me last night, so I will ask you again. Trixie, what did you do to her? I will have you know young lady that if you aren’t honest with me there will be severe consequences.” Celestia warned, as she repeated her question ; this time with much more irritation in her voice.
  39. Celestia then turns to Twilight with a mournful look on her face; instantly with a brief glance on the cursed pony; the Derpinomicon works its powerful magic on Celestia; charming her to be her new brand new mother. Within seconds, her attitude toward Trixie, changed from disapproval to a motherly concern. Celestia was gone, in her place was Momlestia.
  41. “The Derpinomicon magic is so powerful that it even works on Alicorns?” Trixie thought to herself.
  43. “I must say Trixie, you made quite the improvement on my student. She used to be stressed out and skittish all the time, but now look at how happy she is! You shouldn’t be punished, you should be rewarded, and I know just how to reward you.” Princess Celestia stated, now relaxed.
  45. Trixie’s eyes instantly went wide, finally, after all those years of going unnoticed and underappreciated she was finally going to get the attention deserved. “Yes, Trixie would honored to be your protege Princess Celestia.” Trixie stated with excitement.
  47. “Oh no, I have something even better for you Trixie Lunamoon. I can take all your troubles and concerns away.” Princess Celestia assured in a gentle and caring tone.
  49. “Oh? Do tell Princess Celestia, Trixie likes where this is going.” Trixie commented, intrigued by Celestia’s offer.
  51. “Yes, I will make it so your mind won’t have to ever worry about the dangers of the world and you can just sit back, and relax with the safety of a comfortable diaper.” Princess Celestia states.
  53. Trixie’s eyes went wide once again, for a completely different reason this time. As with the curse she placed on Twilight; the curse she had on her made every pony that glanced at her have an irresistible urge to diaper her. Worse yet, she was standing next to a charmed Princess Celestia that wanted nothing more than to thoroughly take care of each and every one of her needs in full.
  55. Trixie went into a panic, all her planning was about to go to waste, “T-Trixie is perfectly happy with how she is now.” she pouted.
  57. “Now Trixie my child, we both know that isn’t true. We both know you would be happier with a fresh new start, just look at how happy you made my student Twilight Sparkle. You also agonized how things didn’t work out well for you and now I will now fix that for you, for payment for helping out my Twilight Sparkle. I just know you will love being my foal with Twilight.” Celestia says in a degrading, yet soothing voice.
  59. “No, this isn’t fair!-” Trixie whined.
  61. Celestia, completely ignoring Trixie’s childish outbursts much like how a mother would ignore a toddler throwing a pointless temper tantrum, focuses her gaze on the Derpinomicion in Trixie’s saddle bag. Both Celestia’s horn and the Derpinomicon instantly began to glow bright and exactly two seconds later Trixie found herself once again tasting her own medicine.
  63. Instead of agonizing pain, Trixie found herself in nirvana. Within an instant, her hatred for Twilight and her friends was simply gone; her shame for not living up to her family name gone; all her built up stress gone; instead of seeing her old rival as somepony that must pay, she saw her as an equal; all thanks to the Derpinomicon.
  65. The Derpinomicon’s magic gave Trixie yet another boon; almost as if in a trance, Trixie acting on instinct begins to spread her legs and lifts her tail. With a mischievous grin, Trixie grunted as she let a large torrent of manure and pee fill every corner of her diaper, turning the rear of her once clean diaper into a lumpy brown mess, “aaaaaahhh, much better, so warm and mushy. Twixie outdone herself again!” Trixie coos.
  67. Left in the wake of the Alicorn’s magic was a new mare. No longer was there a petty and vengeful unicorn that refused to let the past go; instead there was a brand new unicorn with a happy smile, messy diaper, vacant stare and drool coming out of her mouth; all thanks to the Derpinomicon.
  69. “That’s a good foal, making big poopies for momma, now that we have your ugly rivalry settled, I think it’s time for a fun playdate for you two. It seems like you two were heading to Fluttershy’s cottage, and I am going to need all the help I can get to take care of two babbling and cooing foals that love to use their diapers.” she said enamored with her two new foals.
  71. Noticing the Derpinomicon and its magical attributes, Celestia passively levitated the auspicious looking tome out of Trixie's Saddlebag, and takes it in her possession. With a bit of a torpor, the once supreme Alicorn continues to march on to Fluttershy’s cottage; never letting her eyes off of the troublesome pair.
  73. *********
  75. Meanwhile, at Fluttershy’s cottage, it was a beautiful day, the temperature was perfect, the humidity was just right, and there was not a single cloud in the sky for miles. The Shy Pegasus couldn’t be happier, but she was about to get some unexpected company.
  77. As the yellow mare basked in the beauty of that day, she was alerted to the arrival of guests in the distance. As they got closer to her abode she could make out the existence of a large white pony, being followed by a purple and blue pony. As they got closer a foul odor assaulted her nose. At first she assumed it was one of her pets, but soon realized it was coming from the direction of the arriving ponies. As they finally entered within her eyesight she was left flabbergasted at what she was seeing.
  79. “P-princess Celestia!” Fluttershy cries, “W-why is Twilight and Trixie in diapers?!” Fluttershy looked on, absolutely shocked to see one of her best friends diapered.
  81. “Good afternoon Fluttershy,” Celestia said with a welcoming smile.
  83. Glaring at Twilight and Trixie, Fluttershy instantly goes into a stupor, (the power of the Derpinomicon working it’s magic on her), “T-they are so adorable in helpless and oh my Trixie, REALLY needs a changie-wangey w-we gotta help them Celestia.” Fluttershy says in reverie.
  85. “Indeed, it seems like poor Trixie here is in dire need of a change Fluttershy, I’m pleased to see we are on the same page, care to do the honors?”
  87. "*sniff* Whewie, Now um, it kinda smells like you need a diaper change, Trxie. No? Not now? It's okay. I'll wait." murmured Fluttershy. She was unable to generate the gumption needed to push her mothering role.
  89. “Fluttershy dear child, you simply must learn to be more forthright, she isn’t going to change that filthy diaper herself, let me give you a hoof.” suggested Celestia as she levitates a very stinky Trixie into Fluttershy’s Cottage, Fluttershy follows closely as she gags from the Trixie’s skunk-like smell.
  91. The mess Trixie made in her diaper was so impressive, that the seat of her diaper is sagging halfway down her legs. “My my Trixie, you really put that diaper to the test, I didn’t know a gurgling foal could poop that much, but don’t you worry Momlestia is here for you,” Celestia praises, “Now watch carefully Fluttershy and soon you will be changing diapers like an expert.”
  93. Fluttershy watched carefully as Celestia worked her magic on Trixie, tenderly, Celestia wiped every crevice of the diapered areas of the magic mare. Trixie giggled as Celestia gently cleaned her filthy rear. Celestia then folded a new diaper around Trixie and secured her in it tight, Trixie now at peace with the world stated: “Trixie all clean now, Trixie no likes, the great and poopiful Trixie makes more great and powerful doodie for mommies!”
  95. Fluttershy gasped once again, Trixie proudly raised her tail, her legs went limp, and she starts grunting like a farm animal and opened up her sphincter. Slowly but consistently poop falls into the back of Trixie’s diaper as a large brown bulge is formed in the back of the padding. After 30 seconds of Trixie defecating, her brand new diaper is devastated by a hefty load that would impress the burliest of bears. "Oh. My. Well,'re very talented, aren't you Trixie? Even these special pony diapers are no match for your great and powerful poops." Fluttershy laughed, as Celestia just rolls her eyes and looked starts to look at her expectantly.
  97. “Twixie all icky now, Twilee get all messy too!” Not wanting to be outdone by her would be rival, squatting down, Twilight finished assuming her, now well known, pooping position and let’s her body push it all out. Her first round consist of mostly solid mess, but as she continues to poop it the mess goes into a more semi solid form, making her diaper very slushy. Finishing her dirty deed, Twilight starts to blush and rolls her tongue out of her mouth in an exhausted manor.
  99. “Twiblort is gud diaper pooper, but Twixie is highest level pooper!” boasted Trixie with a sardonic smile.
  101. “Twixie is super dooper pooper!” congratulated Twilight. Complimenting Trixie’s very messy diaper
  103. “Goodness Twilight, it’s a good thing Trixie got these heavy duty diapers,” Fluttershy added.
  105. Stepping in, Fluttershy lets her motherly instinct take over, “What good poopers, you two are, you make momma so proud,” Fluttershy says towing Trixie into her cottage once again for an immediate change. “Pee yew Trixie, you really need to lay off the junk food.” Steeling her resolve, Flutter, laid Trixie safely on a blanket and brought over the changing supplies, she instantly goes in to action and starts changing Trixie’s diaper. “Seems like momma’s little foal made a big mudslide in her diaper,” rather than pleased by this Trixie’s face contorts to a look of despair.
  107. On cue, Trixie minds briefly recovered from the vice the Derpinomicon had on her. “Why is Trixie in a filthy diaper again?” Why is Trixie getting changed by Yellow scaredy pony?” Inquired Trixie, with a baffled look on her face.
  109. “Because silly, you messed your diaper very badly and I am here to help you. Just sit back and relax, and mommy will make it all better,” cheered Fluttershy.
  111. Trixie eyes went wide, “I-is Trixie like Twilight now?” Fluttershy nods, giving the blue Unicorn all the confirmation she needed.
  113. “I… failed… The Derpinomicon is now in control of all of us. Y-you must resist it, the Derpinomicon is a very powerful tome that isn’t to be trifled with, i-it once turned a town’s into a bunch of overgrown foals pooping and drooling all the times like nincompoops.” Trixie stammered.
  115. Fluttershy looked at Trixie with a straight face, “Well Trixie, is its magic really all that bad? You two aren’t busy causing trouble in Ponyville, or trying to hurt each other with silly magic duels, and I have never been this happy in years.” Fluttershy then looked outside to see a joyful Princess Celestia changing Twilight’s diaper. “Just look outside at how happy Princess Celestia and Twilight are together. Twilight is one of my best friends and I have never seen her this happy, and I am sure Princess Celestia will still do an excellent job protecting Equestria even with her two new foals.” Fluttershy said, chuckling at the end.
  117. Fluttershy did make a very good point, thanks to the Derpinomicon, the stressed out unicorn and her brooding rival’s Mare were at peace and not causing chaos in ponyville.
  119. Despite the magic book being in control, Trixie now knew in her educated mind that in the end, everything will be better in the end. At that moment, Trixie laid back at ease with her unaltered mind and let the Derpinomicion’s magic put her in her senses in a state of euphoria. Enlightened by Trixie’s vast intellect, Fluttershy took out a fedora and placed it on Trixie’s head.
  121. As Trixie’s mind slowly started to regress again, Fluttershy then started to blow raspberries on Trixie tummy. “Who is mommy’s little messy foal?”
  123. “Twixie iz!” Trixie cried out in bliss as Fluttershy began changing her diaper.
  125. It wasn’t even the afternoon, and the day has already been wonderful to the four Mare.
  127. *********
  129. “What a good foal you are Twilight, making stinkies in your diapee like that. I’m afraid you aren’t quite ready yet for magic Kindergarten just yet, especially since you can’t keep your diapers clean. But don’t you worry, I will always make sure there is a mommy around to care of my happy foal. Now, just let all your worries melt away as mommy takes care of you.” Celestia said as she started changing Twilight.
  131. Finishing powdering and rediapering her prized student Celestia offered more praise, “I can’t let my gifted little student develop a rash now can I,” Noticing that Fluttershy and Trixie had now joined them, Celestia looks towards Fluttershy and spoke, “Now Fluttershy, I’m afraid I have some royal duties-,”
  133. “DOODIES! TEE HEE!” Twilight interrupts with a giggle.
  135. Ignoring Twilight, Celestia continued, “...I have important business to attend to, I’m sure you will do a fine job watching over our loved little ones. I will return tonight, I can’t wait to tell Luna of what I discovered today! Before, I take my leave, I would like you to hold on to the Derpinomicon Fluttershy, I’m afraid my sister and citizens of Canterlot are not ready for it’s wonderful magic just yet… But in due time they will be.” Celestia says forebodingly.
  136. “Y-you trust me with the Derpinomicon Princess Celestia. I am honored.” Fluttershy says quietly with a blush.
  138. “Yes, Fluttershy I trust you, just make sure to keep it safe.” Celestia says as Fluttershy blushed harder.
  140. Now outside, Celestia moved towards Twilight and Trixie, sat down and gave them a warm hug. “Farewell for now my students, I shall return tonight as soon as I can.” Celestia gloomy utters to Fluttershy and the pair.
  142. “Bye bye momma Cewestia!” Twilight and Trixie say exclaimed in tandem.
  144. "See you soon Princess Celestia, I promise I will keep the babies happy!" Fluttershy said in farewell.
  146. The introverted mare was always was a bit lonely, but with two new foals to take care of, her life was going to become much more fulfilling.
  148. “Come along babies, let’s go inside and enjoy the day together. I have some friends I would like to introduce you too!” the pegasus said with a radiant smile.
  150. *********
  152. Safely indoors, the two foals sat eagerly as they await to meet Fluttershy’s friend. The shy Pegasus reentered the living room holding a fuzzy and calm skunk in her front hooves.
  154. “Twilight and Trixie, meet Rose, my adorable pet skunk!” Fluttershy said in admiration for her skunk pet, “She and Angel bunny get along so well. Would you like to pet her?”
  156. “Skunky, friend fwend!” Twilights cheers, as she waddled over to the skunk and gave her a gentle pet. In return, Rose made a happy chirp sound which makes caused Twilight to giggle. Trixie on the other hand -um hoof, hardly reacted at all to the skunk. Instead of paying attention to the skunk, Trixie just sat still and looked at the ceiling as saliva ran down her mouth; she had given up on resisting the Derpinomicons magic and instead had learned to embrace its blessing.
  158. “You know, mommy Fluttershy has a lot of experience caretaking many creatures, for instance, did you know I used to baby Harry the bear’s brother? His name was Tonto, Tonto was um… unique and needed special care.” Fluttershy said with glee. “Changing his diapers was um… challenging to say the least.” Fluttershy said, her voice trailing off.
  160. Realizing she had got sidetracked, Fluttershy realized that it is lunch time. “Oh, I suppose you two are very hungry right now. I’m sure Tonto wouldn’t mind if I let you two borrowed his high chair. Let’s get some nom noms in you,” Fluttershy said with a smile as she pulled out two bibs with cute images of diapered animals on them from her saddlebag and directed the pair to her kitchen.
  162. Of the pair, Twilight was the more energetic and noisy one, She she would always happy waddle around with her diaper while giggling. Trixie on the other was torpid and silent, generally she would just sit still and gaze in random directions without any purpose, almost as if she didn’t have a single concern.
  164. As she finished securing the bibs around the pair, Fluttershy picked up an inert Trixie and sat her in Tonto’s high chair, Twilight crinkled closely behind her.
  166. “Now Trixie, don’t get too excited while I feed you” Fluttershy said quietly to Trixie, who still has an absent look in her face. Unknown to Fluttershy, almost as if it were alive, the Derpinomicon on its own slowly opened inside Fluttershy’s Saddlebag as she finished feeding Trixie the green gloop.
  168. “What a good little filly you are Trixie, eating all your foal food, now let’s feed Twilight,” Fluttershy said as she removed Trixie from the high chair and placed Twilight in her place. As this happened, the Derpinomicon glows menacingly as if ready to strike.
  170. Unlike the mostly inanimate Trixie, Twilight is quiet the messy eater and Twilight ended up getting her food everywhere.
  172. “Opps, looks like somepony is a messy eater” Fluttershy said slyly, as the Derpinomicon hovers out of Fluttershy’s saddlebag.
  174. “Yay! New foal fwend!” Twilight said in a foreboding voice, as she looked at the Derpinomicon.
  176. Fluttershy shocked she suddenly felt light headed, and she noticed that she was now diapered, and her diaper tapes read, “Fillershy”.
  178. “Fwuttershy gonna make big poopies in diapee likez us nows!?” Exclaimed Twilight.
  180. “Oh... my” gasps Fluttershy, as she is suddenly hit by a cramp, It seemed like Fluttershy’s day was about to get a lot more messy. Perhaps, the Derpinomicon wasn’t so good after all.
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