Chapter 1 - Stage 5-B

Nov 25th, 2020
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  1. Opening
  3. Johanna: Just in time.
  4. There is something I want to propose my Lord.
  5. Do you have time now?
  7. Yes.
  9. Johanna: As you know, a few days ago...
  10. There was a big fight between the iron-bugs and the AGSs.
  11. Thanks to that, Ive got some useful information.
  12. The AGS robot that was destroyed in that battle...
  13. It seems we can use some parts as weapons, but they are scattered here and there.
  14. What about sweeping away the remaining iron-bugs on the battlefield so we can recover those parts?
  15. Im sure those will be useful to you.
  17. Ending
  19. Constantia: Thank you for directing the battle.
  20. Lets collect the parts around that area.
  21. Im glad...
  22. We can get food and energy in the sea, but there is a limit in how much parts can be reused.
  23. You have to form squads to recover parts as soon as possible, okay?
  24. Before the iron-bugs appear again.
  25. Then Master, lets continue collecting the parts.
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