Chris Priestman & OnlySlightly

RobinGale May 19th, 2015 826 Never
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  1. Subject: Chris Priestman & OnlySlightly
  2. Sources: KillScreen Daily, Patreon.
  3. Date Compiled: May 19th, 2015.
  4. Credits: @A_PLANT_'s medium article on various journalist kickstarters / patreons for reference. The rest, original research.
  5.                                 ************************************************************
  7. OnlySlightly has been supporting Chris Priestman for 465 days, since 02.08.14
  9. Articles with Potential Conflicts of Interest.
  10. 02.14.14: Happy Valentine's Day, here's a game where you make out with a bear (KillScreen)
  12. Summary:
  13. OnlySlightly became a patron to Chris Priestman on 02.08.14 and a week later coverage of The Lickening was written by Chris Priestman for KillScreen Daily without disclosure that a recent patreon relationship had been established. I do not know if the fact that it was established so soon before the article was made means no money was exchanged, but the fact that patreon relationship existed at all before the article was added is enough to list as a potential conflict of interest.
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