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Jan 28th, 2022
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  1. --2.2--
  2. Overhauled smoke SFX
  3. Overhauled fire SFX
  4. Overhauled lightning SFX
  5. Overhauled explosion SFX
  6. Overhauled plasma/BFG SFX
  7. Added Spawn Events
  8. - Can randomly occur upon starting a map at Game Level 40+
  9. - Changes what enemies spawn inside the map, for example, the Dark Forces event has heavy emphasis on dark themed enemies
  10. - 5 events total so far:
  11. - Dark Forces (emphasis on Dark enemies)
  12. - Cybernetics (emphasis on cybernetic enemies, if applicable for the enemy class)
  13. - Abyssal Invasion (very difficult event with emphasis on dark themed enemies)
  14. - Hard Mode (removes the first spawn from each enemy class, much like CF's hard spawners)
  15. - Vanilla Mode (vanilla enemy replacements only)
  16. Overhauled code for pretty much everything
  17. Weapon spawners are now slightly more progression based
  18. Dropped armor now retains any extra armor points you had (dropping a Skirmish armor with 330 will give 330 back upon picking it up)
  19. Added Bulwark Rune (Indestructible armor)
  20. Added Persistance Rune (Unbreakable durability weapons)
  21. You can now use 2 runes per map
  22. Changed the Hades Elemental's Hades Spheres
  23. Buffed Chaos Monolith's enemy spawning
  24. Slightly changed the Magma Demon and Blood Fiend's attacks
  25. Changed Rune sounds
  26. Changed explosion sound effects
  27. Changed sounds for most weapons
  28. Changed Electric damage type to Plasma
  29. Tweaked stats on Cacodemon variants' projectiles
  30. Changed bullet tracers to look a bit better
  31. Fixed multiple Roasterocks spawning on multiplayer (hopefully)
  32. Fixed "Armor Destroyed!" message randomly popping up after manually destroying your armor
  33. No more Cybernetic shield VM aborts please
  34. Removed Blood Scepter
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