Time Quest Souvenirs

Nov 14th, 2014
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  1. Collection throughout the ages
  3. Nero:
  4. -Engineering Book on Robotics/Dome repair (1500 AE)
  5. -Supplies from Celestia (417 AE)
  6. -New chariot (417 AE)
  7. -Garfield's Jeweled Sword (Single): A sword spectacled in many gems and gold along the hilt and blade. If hit on a critical, the enemy is blinded by its brilliance and suffers -2 modifier to all rolls for its next turn (417 AE)
  8. --Recently transferred the magical effect to his own khopesh, increasing it to a Masterwork Weapon
  9. -Gaven's Shield (+1 to wounds, recharge 3 automatic instant allows you to take all damage for another party member for the round, only incurs one wound if combined attacks cause helplessness)
  10. --Recently transferred the magical effects to his shield
  11. -Luke's street Clothes (1017 AE)
  12. !-World Atlas (1500 AE, DESTROYED by King Garfield)
  13. !-Painted Chariot (417 AE, Destroyed by Nero)
  14. !-History Book (1500 AE, pre-temporal shift, given to Celestia)
  17. Ug:
  18. -Downloaded database of C-545 corrupt Overseer (1500 AE)
  19. -Gray Sports Almanac: A collection of Hoofball games from 990 to 1040 (1500 AE)
  20. -dozens of packets of cigarettes (1043 AE Nightmare Era)
  21. -Rough schematics from Glitch on the Time Machine's design (1500 AE)
  22. -Set of royal baron Griffon armor (417 AE, +1 to hits)
  23. -Goose's rapier (417 AE, Single Weapon)
  24. -Minstrel hat (417 AE)
  25. -Fancy Suit (1017 AE, destroyed by Torbernitu, another by Obsidious, third one still okay)
  26. -Office space for Equestria State Building and contacts in Manehatten (1017 AE)
  27. -Appuljoke (1017 AE)
  28. -Cornelius's Omnitool (1017 AE, basis for Device upgrade!)
  29. -Crystal Spatula (1017 AE, Great weapon)
  30. -Blackwood Club (1017 AE, Masterwork Great weapon: Whenever this club strikes anything, it is so dense that it cracks their defense a bit. The next blow will land on -1 DC, stacks as long as it consecutively hits.)
  31. -A box full of Torbernitu's poisonous horns (1017 AE)
  32. -Schematics and diagrams for Frozen Ug (1017 AE)
  33. !-Club (destroyed by Torbernitu)
  34. !-Shrunken supply of Griffon treasury from Gildevast (417 AE, given to Celestia for safekeeping/investments)
  36. Honey:
  37. -Unibeam (1500 AE, +1 Single Weapon, Damaged in self-destruction of Crumple (-1 nullfies +1 bonus))
  38. -Lunar Honor Guard Armor (+1 to hits, 1043 AE Nightmare Era, Destroyed in self-destruction of Crumple, only pieces remain)
  39. -Shadowbolt uniform (1043 AE Nightmare Era)
  40. -Gonzo's Growing Flail(417 AE, Great Weapon, crit-range 8+. Recharge 4, Automatic Instant: The Mace can grow to the size of a wrecking ball with a tap, and when thrown with Cleave the critfail range is the usual number divided by half rounded up (EG: 9 or 10 foes would be 5- instead of 10-))
  41. -Gregory's Dual Spear: Dual Weapon (417 AE, Dual Weapon, Recharge 3, Instant: for any skill with a recharge you make this turn, roll against DC 6. Reduce the recharge for the ability by the number of points over.)
  42. -Endless Honey Pot (417 AE, shrunken gift from Celestia)
  43. -Breezie Turbine (1017 AE, the mysterious machine broken down into armor for Crumple the Raging. Provides +1 wound and the Huge racial)
  44. !-Crumple Cart (1017 AE, upgraded to Crumple the Raging
  45. !-Large chunks of flawed gems taken off of Crystal Soldiers (1043 AE Nightmare Era, used in creation of the Jammer Boards for Expansion Era)
  46. !-Meteorite (1043 Nightmare Era, used to create the Moon's Pearl Catalyst)
  49. Onyxia:
  50. -Blankets (1500 AE)
  51. -Comprehensive understanding of electrical engineering and robotics (1500 AE)
  52. -Blue silk dress (417 AE, formerly Sterling's)
  53. -Masterwork Gunlance (417 AE, given to Sir Pound and returned following his arrival. Currently in Steel's possession)
  54. -Jammer Board (417 AE, magical implement made in Temper's forge with Honey and Temper. Is capable of casting a Wrath with no recharge but cause less damage (benefit of attack negation still occurs))
  55. -Pie-Love Mask (1017 AE, forged by Onyxia to prevent Chitus' pheromones. Can repeal ANY sort of mind-control so long as its worn)
  57. Eo-naxx:
  58. -CloudTech WonderShock (Current capabilities unknown, ultimate purpose to produce weather effects without Pegasus racial)
  59. --Critical fail: Provides Lightning elemental effects for three rounds while dealing wound to target
  60. -Forays into the Arcane Tapestries of Chaos and Harmony by Twilight Sparkle (1500 AE)
  61. -Nightmaricon (1043 AE Nightmare Era)
  62. -Bag of Holding (1043 Nightmare Era)
  63. --Advanced Firework Mechanics book (1043)
  64. --Weirdly colored mushrooms (1043)
  65. --Steel's claymore sword (417)
  66. -Moon's Pearl catalyst in new staff made by Onyxia (417 AE, Moon's Pearl makes spells last one extra turn or double damage dealt via spells if it is nighttime)
  67. -Healer Petal's Brush (417 AE)
  68. -Remains of the Alicorn Amuelt (1017 AE)
  69. -Monster Leather Cloak (1017 AE, provides damage reduction of 2. Adds -1 to any physical movement roll such as flying, can be taken on/off with an automatic action)
  70. !-Obsidious' dress (1017 AE)
  71. !-Cloak of the Black Steed (417 AE, returned to him to defend himself in the Everfree Forest)
  72. !-Sword of the Black Steed (417 AE)
  74. Luke:
  75. -Laser Rifle (Ranged weapon, +1 damage to ranged, 1500 AE)
  76. -Collection of alcohol from Gildevast's stocks and Canterlot's mead halls (417 AE)
  77. -Diamond Tiara toy (1500 AE)
  78. -Jean the Cat (1017 AE)
  79. -->5/5 hits, Claws counts as a Dual Weapon
  80. -->Catlike Reflexes: automatically passes all spot checks, autocrits on jump, climb and other traversing checks
  81. -->Distraction: Automatic instant when a character is helpless: the character that just went down cannot be attacked again until Jean is helpless as well. Can only apply to one enemy at a time
  82. -->Maul: passive, a target downed by Jean is further grabbed by his claws and chewed on, target must roll a DC 8 to escape (Jean cannot take any other action during this)
  83. -Father's suit and tie (1017 AE)
  84. !-Collection of alcohol dispersed over amphitheater (1043 AE Nightmare Era, presumably drunken)
  85. !-Small cup of Arsenic (1500 AE, used to poison King Garfield)
  86. -!Duke the dog (417 AE, Left behind when he left)
  87. -->5/5 hits, Bite counts as a Single Weapon (+1)
  88. -->Odor Sleuth: may roll to track any scent he can find to its origin
  89. -->Distraction: Automatic instant when a character is helpless: the character that just went down cannot be attacked again until Duke is helpless as well. Can only apply to one enemy at a time
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