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Nov 28th, 2015
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  1. What is your first name for your RP character?  :
  3. Zeeq
  5. What is your last name for your RP character? :
  6. Baros
  8. What's your Steam /Arma3 ProfileID?:
  11. Have you linked your Steam profile to your forum account? (required):
  12. Yes
  14. Is your in-game name, forum name and teamspeak name the same?:
  17. What is your full DoB, and age?:
  18. DoB: 06/16/1999
  19. Age: 16
  21. Have you set your forum profile DoB? If not you will be postponed:
  22. Yes
  24. Where are you from? :
  25. New York, United States
  27. Do you both speak and understand fluent English?:
  28. Yes
  30. In at least 125 words, explain why we should allow you to join Critical Gaming's Life mod:
  31. I feel I should be allowed on the CG Life mod because I have great roleplay experience from past (non-whitelisted) servers in Arma life. I think I would be a great addition to the CG server by bringing great experiences to the server and so that my friends and I that are currently part of CG can interact with each other via the server. I should be allowed because I have both read and understood the rules fully and feel that I am 100% ready to follow them at all times and keep them in mind throughout my experience with CG. I will also be using the rules to make sure that I report any players that happened to be breaking to make the sure that the server will remain in 100% role play if I encounter such characters. 
  33. In at least 150 words, tell us why you want to join Critical Gaming's Life mod:
  36. Give us a background of your RP character in at least 200 words: 
  37. My name is Zeeq Baros. I came here from a long ways away, the East coast to be exact. I moved here to make new friends and start a new journey. Back home in New York I used to be a drug dealer and have experienced some tough times within the 'business' as if it was one. I've come to Lakeside to start a new journey. Rather it is bad or good - I am not really sure what kind of direction I am going towards with coming here but I feel confident and comfortable I can easily make a great living off of this town as I already have a few friends there that have been a resident of Lakeside for quite some time now. I am very anxious to start my journey in Lakeside and meeting some new people / cultures that I myself have never spoken to or seen before. My brother Tyler Baros is still in New York and has hopes of someday coming and joining me in the wonderful town. So far I have seen a lot of attractions and places to keep the residents busy here. Just hope that I don't get myself killed in this town like it was back home.
  39. Do you have any previous experience in ArmA Roleplay?:
  40. Yes, I have been part of multiple non-whitelisted server(s) before. 
  42. Are you part of any other RP communities?:
  43. No I am not. 
  45. Have you read and understood our rules?:
  46. Yes
  48. How did you find out about us?:
  49. My friend, Chester Washburn.
  51. Do you understand that contacting trial staff or moderators to look at, review, or overturn your application will result an immediate denial and two week cool down?:
  53. Yes
  56. Please paste the link to the rules here:
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