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  1. Soleil/Femui C: PCF1
  2. Kamui: W-Wait a second, Soleil! What do you think you’re doing!?
  3. Soleil: What do you mean… I was changing my clothes.
  4. Kamui: Nonono, please take a look around you. Everyone’s here… Just look, you’re surrounded by men…
  5. Soleil: ……….. So?
  6. Kamui: S-S-So… won’t they, you know, see you?
  7. Soleil: ……… … Is that bad?
  8. Kamui: I-It’s not necessarily a bad thing for them, but… normally… it’s embarrassing to be seen changing clothes…
  9. Soleil: I see… what a bother.
  10. Kamui: Eeh?
  11. Soleil: I don’t care about that at all. I just get changed when I want to. I strip when I want to strip. That’s who I am. Even if I lived caring about whose eyes were on me, I have no control over it anyway, right? That would just be a wasteful way to spend my life.
  12. Kamui: I-Is that how it is?
  13. Soleil: Why don’t you try it once, too, Kamui? It might not be as embarrassing as you expect?
  14. Kamui: No… I think I’m good…
  15. Soleil: Really? That’s too bad…
  17. Soleil/Femui B: PCF1
  18. Kamui: Soleil…
  19. Soleil: Ah, Kamui. What’s up? Did you want to strip after all?
  20. Kamui: T-That’s not it… it’s just, I kind of… accidentally saw you…
  21. Soleil: Saw what? My naked body?
  22. Kamui: N-No! It was more shocking than that… no, maybe not quite as much as seeing you naked… Anyway, I saw it!
  23. Soleil: Now, now. Calm down and tell me properly.
  24. Kamui: …….. The thing I saw was… the outline of you and a village girl talking…
  25. Soleil: Yeah, what’s wrong with that?
  26. Kamui: It’s because what you were saying… was just so incredibly… embarrassing…
  27. Soleil: ………. Just what kind of embarrassing thing could I have said to that girl? I have no memory of it at all…
  28. Kamui: You said things like… “You’re looking cute again today,” or, “You’re lovably adorable,” and as you said them you got closer… You whispered in her ear, “Your shy and troubled reactions are too much for me to bear”… The final line was, “If I had the chance, I’d drown you in my love…”…
  29. Soleil: Oh yeah, now I remember! You meant that time, huh.
  30. Kamui: Just what the hell was up with that!? I got embarrassed and I was only listening in! This is definitely embarrassing right? It’s embarrassing now that I’ve pointed it out to you right? Please say yes!
  31. Soleil: ………. … Nope, not a bit.
  32. Kamui: Eeeeh?
  33. Soleil: Just think about it clearly for a moment. No matter who’s looking at her, a cute girl is cute, right? I was only trying to convey those feelings honestly to her. Kamui, are you telling me you’d keep your feelings to yourself even if you thought she was cute? Now that’s just embarrassing for you. You’re wasting your life.
  34. Kamui: I-I get it… No, no, no, I don’t get it at all!
  35. Soleil: In that case, shouldn’t you try it out for yourself?
  36. Kamui: Huh?
  37. Soleil: C’mon, try to woo me. I’ll even rate your performance. Since it’s your first time hitting on a girl, I’m getting kind of excited.
  38. Kamui: N-No… I think I’ll hold off on that…
  40. Soleil/Femui A: PCF1
  41. Soleil: I think I turn around like this here. Alright, one, two! Uwah! … Owowow, I fell. Dad did it so easily! I really have no talent at all…! Damn…
  42. Kamui: ……..
  43. Soleil: ? W-W-Wha… Kamui!? Since when have you been there?
  44. Kamui: I’ve been here… for awhile now…
  45. Soleil: So… my dance practice…
  46. Kamui: Yep, I saw. Is that a bad thing?
  47. Soleil: You must think I suck… that it’s unbelievable how talentless I am!
  48. Kamui: No, I didn’t think that at all. You’re probably much better than I am.
  49. Soleil: R-Really? But still, don’t say anything about this to the others…
  50. Kamui: Huh… this is the first time I’ve seen you blush, Soleil.
  51. Soleil: Ugh!
  52. Kamui: Could it be you’re embarrassed? Are you worried about what people will think? Isn’t that a ‘waste of your life’?
  53. Soleil: U-Ugh… ……… … I admit defeat. This is… incredibly… embarrassing for me. So, don’t look at me so much…
  54. Kamui: Fufufu. I’m kind of relieved… so Soleil also has things that embarrass her. I feel like I’ve somehow gotten a little closer to you. What would you say… I’ve come to think of you as cute, like I was waiting for something that would give me a good impression of you.
  55. Soleil: You were waiting until you got a good impression? Is that for real?
  56. Kamui: Yes, it’s true.
  57. Soleil: Fufu. Then I guess this was a happy ending.
  58. Kamui: …. A happy ending?
  59. Soleil: Truth is, I wanted you to flirt with me.
  60. Kamui: Eh?
  61. Soleil: But I thought your heart wouldn’t beat for me, unless I cooled down about something.
  62. Kamui: Eeeh!? Wanting me to flirt with you… you don’t mean… you planned for me to say something embarrassing!?
  63. Soleil: Hm, I don’t know if it was really embarrassing or not, but you definitely flirted with me just now, didn’t you?
  64. Kamui: N-N-No way!! If that’s true, I’m telling everyone about your dance!
  65. Soleil: Eeeh!? Y-You can’t! That’s off-limits!
  66. Kamui: Fufufu. I’ve got the upper hand here.
  67. Soleil: Uuuu… On the contrary, I’ll practice a lot, and someday I’ll show you my courtship dance of love…!
  68. Kamui: … E-Enough. Please get rid of that way of thinking already…
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