PS3 Team Red Power/Blue Disk Revealed Step one

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  1. First Step :
  3. The Team Behind the last few days announcement on PS3, BlueDisk and Co (CFW 4.21 and CFW 4.25 soon)
  4. is them (i put only the really know dev that call themselves good boy)
  5. RED POWER AKA RED RIBBON AKA LET'S TAKE SOME MONEY (get ready to plan B->BlueDisk)
  7.  evilsperm (master and commander) suck dicker of Glevand
  8.  defyboy
  9.  naehrwert
  10.  an0nym0us
  11.  euss
  12.  crashserious
  13.  rms
  14.  kakaroto
  15.  mall0ry
  16.  oct0xor
  19. New announcement will reveal a full tutorial including files to make this possible, the fuckers is fucked
  20. Welcome to my world FreeBSD (don't touch open source to make money)
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