Kagerou's Festival [Typeset]

Sep 24th, 2016
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  1. Kagerou's Festival Translation
  3. >A Summer Festival...
  4. >It's starting out soon, huh.
  5. >Mm!
  6. >I heard that it was being held in the Naval District. The Senpai are also going to be helping out and opening stalls!
  7. >To be honest, I don't really like big crowds.
  8. >[Ah,] I-I heard there'd be fireworks too!
  9. >Come on, go, go! | It's too lonely if it's just me, I want someone to go with me!
  10. >[Here, have this back.]
  11. >You could get a lot of people to go with you. | Doesn't Kuroshio love this kind of thing?
  12. >[Well,] Recently she's always been together with Oyashio a lot. | Everyone else has probably already figured out who they want to go with.
  14. >Go and ask, then, they might bring you along too.
  15. >I- | It's not like that!
  16. >I want | I want to go with someone I like
  17. >I want to go | with Shiranui!
  18. >Is it not okay...?
  20. >Don't hold me so tight.
  21. >Sorry...
  22. >This festival...
  23. >When is it? | I'll make time for it.
  24. >Next saturday.
  25. >[Shiranui----- <3]
  26. >I'm so happy!! I'm so looking forward to it!
  27. >Yukata
  28. >I need to buy one. | What a cute fellow.
  30. >Admiral
  31. >Eh....You want to buy a black one? [you don't want to get something cuter?]
  32. >'d look a little weird.
  33. >[Of course--]
  34. >[Please.]
  35. >Shiranui, you're cute in anything. | Here, try this out.
  36. >Look--Pink suits you way better, isn't it cute?
  37. >I- | It's not a bad match.
  38. >[excellent.]
  39. >If you like it, just say it...well, it's cute.
  42. >[I was the one who planned it out--!!]
  43. >Admiral, don't you have a lot more work to do?
  44. >NOOO--! I want to go to the festival with nuinui--!
  45. >No.
  47. >Ohhhh--!
  48. >No matter how you look at it, it looks even more legit than I thought.
  49. >It's not bad to do this kind of thing once in a while.
  50. >Mm, that's true.
  52. >What is it?
  53. >Ahh--!
  54. >This Yukata really suits Shiranui.
  55. >I was thinking | that it was really cute.
  56. >T-
  57. >Thanks.
  58. >Speaking fo which,
  59. >Were you the one who picked this?
  60. >Commander?
  61. >It's because i have no faith in my own tastes...
  62. >Well, it doesn't matter | I 've wanted to choose clothes for Shiranui at times too...
  63. >Commander's tastes aren't bad either...
  64. >Ehh--
  66. >Will you help me pick?
  67. >Eh, yeah, if Shiranui doesn't mind.
  68. >Then I'll be counting on you next time.
  69. >Could it be that she only asked the admiral after...
  70. >Kagerou-- Shiranui--!
  71. >Sorry for interrupting, y'all want to take a stroll?
  72. >Good evening, Nee-sans. Oyashio wanted to walk around as well.
  73. >Of course. | [speaking of which] You guys found food already, huh.
  74. >If Kagerou nee-san doesn't mind, try some out.
  75. >It's thanks to Kuroshio's haggling that we got it so cheap.
  76. >[Ay Ryuujou-- hook me up, fam, family discount--]
  77. >[This shit isn't even expensive to begin with...]
  78. >[As expected of Kuroshio-san!]
  79. >Haggling at snack stands...
  80. >I'm impressed.
  82. >Still, it's nice to see you guys together again. Looks like you're enjoying yourselves.
  83. >It's like a dream to be able to enjoy festivals with everyone.
  84. >On the day you showed up at hte Naval District Kuroshio was so happy she was crying!
  85. >Say wha--?!
  86. >Kuro- | Kuroshio, is that true?
  87. >[Mm,] Mm--
  88. >To be able to give you such joy
  89. >I, Oyashio
  90. >Feel honored!
  92. >Kage--rou--...
  93. >Kuroshio was so cute then <3
  94. >Mind yo' own business!
  95. >Shall we go get something to eat? | Shiranui, what do you want?
  96. >THere are a lot of stores, so I'm a little troubled.
  97. >Ah,
  98. >Candied apples...
  99. >Sheeeit dass' cute--
  100. >[I-] I just happened to see it, it's not like I especially want it...
  101. >[Come and get your candied apples Kuma!]
  102. >No need to be shy. It's a rare festival, eat what you want to eat.
  103. >It's not that I'm shy.
  104. >[Help me out already kUma]
  105. >[It's too hot, I don't wanna move, nyaa]
  106. >I haven't had one of those in a while, split one with me wil lya?
  107. >Well, if Kagerou wants it...let's get it.
  108. >Shiranui's too cute when she's like this--
  110. >[Lick~]
  111. >Hm~
  112. >Well, it does taste good, but are candied apples normally this sweet?
  113. >Shiranui, try it out.
  114. >T-
  115. >Thank you.
  116. >Why's she so red...
  118. >This is an indirect kiss! And through a candied apple as well... this is beyond forbidden!
  119. >Sorry, Shiranui, I'll buy you another one!
  120. >It's fine
  121. >Shiranui
  122. >Will eat this.
  123. >I want to dieeeeeee!
  124. >Go for it.
  125. >But y'all motherfuckers do this all the time.
  127. >Kuroshio, kuroshio, let's eat a candied apple together too!
  128. >I'll pass. [Like hell I'm jealous of those two]
  129. >Ah, that's
  130. >Nowaki!
  131. >Good evening, Shiranui nee-san. You guys have come out tonight as well?
  132. >Nowaki, are you here alone? It looks like you're looking for someone...
  133. >Mm,
  134. >I agreed to meet Maikaze, but I didn't see her at the rendezvous [so now i'm looking around for her.]
  135. >If it's Maikaze...well, it could just be that she's straight up late.
  136. >Nowacchi!
  138. >Sorry! I thought I was just going to take a break but then I fell asleep!
  139. >See?
  140. >[S-] so sorry, I was the one who suggested the time.
  141. >It wasn't that long, don't worry about it.
  142. >Ah | um
  143. >Yukata! | This one really fits Nowacchi! You're like some kinda goddess!
  144. >Eh, | U-um...
  145. >Nah, nah, she's legit; girl you look real classic in that.
  146. >Even Kuroshio...
  147. >Right--<3
  148. >Mai-
  149. >Maikaze's also | really cute
  150. >Mm--but first let's fix up your yukata again.
  151. >Eh?
  153. >How to put it on...
  154. >[to be honest Houshou-san helped me put mine on...]
  155. >I don't really know how to do it either, to be honest...
  156. >Maikaze!
  157. >Want me to help?
  158. >Mm
  159. >There we go, [so cute!]
  160. >Hagikaze, thankies--!
  161. >Jealous af
  163. >But, we should seize our chances now more than ever!
  164. >Next up we'll be able to enjoy our Festival à deux!
  165. >Arashi-- | Nowacchi--
  166. >Why don't the four of us walk around together?
  167. >There are people dancing over htere, let's go dance too--! [Ahh- ohh--!]
  168. >That dance might be a little different from what you're thinking of, you know? [hmhm]
  169. >Nowachi
  171. >Let's go!
  172. >Mm
  173. >Holding hands at a festival--they look like lovers!
  174. >Those two are doin' a hell of a lot more than lookin' like lovers if y'all know what I mean...
  175. >[Ha--] Hagi! | | Why don't we try holding hands too! [or something like that]
  176. >Eh? Why?
  177. >Mm--!
  178. >But...
  180. >Once night falls, I get a little scared. | when it gets a little darker, I hope you don't mind holding my hand.
  181. >I get it! Well, you know, I'm not too used to it too | But it's not just limited to today! You can always rely on me any time!
  182. >Arashi's as reliable as always! | Thank you.
  183. >Well, we're off--! [Byebye!]
  184. >The 4th Destroyer Division sure is close.
  185. >We're a hundred times closer!
  186. >Ah, Oyashio, what's up?
  187. >Sorry, I'm not too used to wooden sandals, so my feet are a littel sore.
  188. >Nah it's cool, it's almost fireworks time anyway, let's take a break somewhere~
  189. >Well then, enjoy your rest~ We're going to go stroll around a little more!
  191. >So pretty--
  192. >Kagerou
  193. >Hm?
  194. >Thank you | for bringing me to this festival.
  196. >Hm~? Was it more fun than you thought?
  197. >It's not bad.
  198. >You know, I want some repayment too, you know?
  199. >Is it going with you next year as well?
  200. >Of course!
  201. >Wew
  203. >And that's what happened!
  204. >To be able to watch fireworks with Shiranui in a Yukata in such a romantic location, I'm so lucky!
  205. >Ehh--
  206. >Commander! Thank you for coming up with this festival!
  207. >[Ah,] Is the commander busy with work? How diligent~ | Ah~ I sure look forwards to next year~
  209. >I won't let you.
  211. >Uuu, damn...
  212. >It broke again.
  213. >Oy, can this actually scoop goldfish?
  214. >Well, it's not like you'll do anything with the goldfish anyway.
  215. >That's not true--!
  216. >Yukikaze will definitely take good care of the goldiefish!
  217. >Most of the kiddies who say this have their goldfish die on them by day two.
  219. >You stupid four-eyes!
  220. >So annoying--
  221. >Really, it breaks the moment you try to scoop it out.
  222. >Eh | what are you guys playing?
  223. >Amatsukaze~ Help me scoop goldfish~
  224. >Why me...
  225. >Pppllleeeeaassssseee
  226. >As payment, I'll give you these Rensouhou-kun masks~
  227. >It-
  228. >It can't be helped, then.
  230. >What, | Isn't this actually pretty easy?
  231. >Amatsukaze's a~ma~zingsukaze~
  232. >As expected of Amatsukaze!
  233. >[I] is that so.
  234. >Well then, I'll keep sailing on these good winds! | Leave it to me!
  235. >Ohhh--!
  236. >So many goldfish!
  238. >Uh.
  239. >What are you planning on doing with all these goldfish....
  240. >Yukikaze~ have it.
  241. >Shiranui-nee....
  242. >No thanks.
  243. >Look, I told you...
  244. >Amatsukaze...
  245. >I don't want it!! [really--!]
  247. >[Thank you for reading all teh way up to here! Although the whole Kagerou-class was written here, quite a few of them couldn't show up. I'm really sorry...I'll definitely show them next time!]
  248. >Is it our turn on the next page?
  249. >It's already the back cover!
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