District 9 Form

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  1. 《 WHO? 》
  2. username : @J15UNG5PLU5H13
  3. password : Basically all but if I really must choose, it's My Pace.
  5. birthname : Lee Jaehwa (이재화)
  6. other names : Rachel Lee
  7. nicknames :
  8. » Jae; Family. They call her this because it's easier than Jaehwa or Rachel. She was born with this nickname and only her family calls her this.
  9. » Rachie; Best Friends. Basically all of her best friends call her this because it's an adorable name to suit her.
  10. » Jaehwangie; L/I. She's the only one she allows to call her that. If anyone else calls her that, she'll death glare them and something worse may come after if they don't stop. He also thinks it's a very cute nickname for her.
  11. » Cheesy Queen; All friends. She's definitely the cheesiest person you'll ever meet. She squeals over slight things and is constantly daydreaming.
  12. birthdate : 09/15/00
  13. birthplace : Sydney, Australia
  14. hometown : Sydney, Australia + Seoul, South Korea
  15. nationality : Korean-Australian
  17. zodiac sign : Virgo
  18. blood type : O
  19. height : 163cm
  20. weight : 48kg
  22. 《 Awaken 》
  23. personality :
  24. » Cute; Without even trying, she can be your cutest little bean. She's extremely soft and knows nothing about "dirty things". Her aegyo will make you melt and her habits of easily blushing while smiling shyly are the cutest. One look at her, she'll steal your uwus and make you want to pinch her cheeks.
  26. » Cheesy; She's like, REALLY CHEESY. She isn't called "Cheesy Queen" for no reason. Watching dramas and reading fluffy romances, she is your ultimate cheesy fan girl. Even the slightest thing so will make her squeal and melt.
  28. » Introverted; She's always extremely quiet and shy when you first meet her. When's you spend more time with her and she feels like you are someone Sheba can trust and spend time with, she'll open up to more than just her cute and easily-flustered self.
  30. » 4D; I don't even think 4D will verify her. She is extremely weird and bubbly that you can't help but smile around her. She has bad jokes and puns all around as well as LOUD screaming. She is the person to go to if you want to have some fun and laugh.
  32. » Determined; Despite all this fun and happiness, she can be very determined too. It's quite hard to change her mind and she'll work hard to achieve her goal no matter how hard it is. She may be seen as any innocent and cheerful girl that is extremely feminine and fragile but really, she's stronger than she seems, physically and mentally.
  34. » Emotional; Shes actually quite an emotional and sensitive girl. She cries easily, whether it's tears of joy or sorrow. Not many people know though, as she's scared to be labeled as weak and be targeted for it.
  36. » Scary; Don't get on her bad side, because she's seriously scary. She can go from the softest fluffball to a deadly serious girl who can murder you with one wrong move.
  38. background : She was born with a twin Brother who was 3 minutes younger than her. She spent almost all of her time with him. The two were very close but they still spent time with their younger sister and adoptive Brother. She grew up helping her Mother take care of the 3 of them while their busy Father was at work. They grew up as curious children who all had interests that they loved to explore together. Jaehwa loved Visual Arts, Her twin Performing Arts, her adoptive Brother technology and her Sister literature. When she's turned 15, she moved to Seoul, South Korea with her brothers only as their little Sister was still too little to go overseas. They were to finish their studies there. After a few years, something happened and the next thing you know, Jaehwa found herself in District 9 with 8 other girls.
  40. trivias :
  41. » She is fluent in English and French, but she still struggles a tiny bit in Korean. Despite that, she still wants to learn Chinese and Japanese.
  43. » She is always homesick so she calls her family's at home with her brothers at least twice a week.
  45. » She sings to herself to calm herself down or while she zones out sometimes. She doesn't so it in front of the others though. She is too insecure.
  47. » Roses are her Favourite flower for way too many reasons. She takes 3 minutes to state them all.
  49. » She has Vasovagal Syncope, where her blood pressure drops due to emotional stress, anxiety, fatigue or Low sugar levels and she faints.
  51. » She's scared of heights and will feel dizzy when she's too high up. She always needs someone with her when she's up high.
  53. » She DETESTS arguements or fights. She'll do anything to stop them, especially if it's people she's cares about lot. And I mean anything.
  55. » She believes that's angels exist after having what she's thought was an encounter when she was 14.
  57. » She always has a "happy place" to go to so that she can be alone and let go of everything; sing, cry, zone out, you name it. From Australia to Korea, she's always been able to find somewhere to call her "happy place".
  59. » Her Favourite food is Kimbap and her Favourite drink is Tea. She is allergic to nuts though.
  61. face claim : Heejin (Loona)
  62. backup : @gini_s2_
  64. love interest : Han Jisung
  65. backup : Hwang Hyunjin
  67. slot : My Pace
  68. backup : Mirror
  70. 《 NOT! 》
  71. love interest's personality : He's a walking ball of a sunshine who is full of positivity to encourage and brighten the day of everyone. Despite being really cheesy, He's also very caring and sweet towards everyone who's in his good books. He's also really, REALLY cute and full of aegyo. He knows when to be serious though, and when's he is, it isn't wise to mess around him. He might snap at you, especially if you mess with people he cares about a lot.
  73. how he is at your first meeting? : He was curious about me. He didn't keep quiet though. He came up to talk to me quite a few times and thought my shy smiles, soft laughter and pink cheeks were adorable. He was the first to develop feelings.
  75. how you are at your first meeting? : I wasn't really quiet and shy when I first met him. Of course I was curious about him, but unlike him I kept it to myself. I was really shy when he came to talk to me but as it became regular conversations, I eased a bit better.
  77. him in the middle? : He was really happy that I was more open and comfortable him now and that's we were actually close friends. Of course we had small arguements, everyone does. We would leave each other alone but it can never last more than a day, because we'll start talking to each other again like nothing happened.
  79. you in the middle? : I opened up to him more, knowing that I could trust him. We did have some small arguements which did leave quite a GAP between us but it wasn't that big. We still got along well and I developed a crush on him.
  81. him at the end : He confessed to me. We also managed to find out what would cause an arguement between us and we'd avoid them. We became close to than before and would spend plenty of time on each other. Of course we still hung out with our friends and made sure they didn't feel like 3rd wheelers.
  83. you at the end : I accepted his feelings and told him that I had feeling so for him too. We were closer than ever. We manage to get rid of our small arguements and now we can get along with none at all. I trust him more than anyone else and we treat each other with the most love and care possible.
  85. suggested scenes with him :
  86. — He caught her crying alone in her "happy place" and went up to comfort her.
  87. — They argue sometimes but they can't last more than 24 hour so before running back to each other.
  88. — They came up with an idea to help escape the district together and they shared it with the rest.
  89. — They play truth or dare and QUESTION dares her to kiss L/I.
  91. suggested scenes with friends :
  92. — She tells all of them of her cheesy daydreams she has of them and their L/I.
  93. — MIRROR found her having a VVS Attack and had to call the rest to help her before she passes out.
  94. — After quite a Long time with them, when they aren't all sitting down together, she tell she them all how thankful she is for  them  and how how much she appreciates them all. Through the conversation, she's trying hard not to cry but she fails and they all hug her for comfort.
  96. (Sorry I'm not very good with Requested Scenes!!)
  99. anything else? : Nothing, but if you need to clarify anything, just ask me!! ^_^
  101. ✦and you're done!
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