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Zeus - min specs

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May 15th, 2011
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  1. The server is the central point of control the botnet, it is engaged in collecting reports of bots and command bots. It is not recommended to use "Virtual Hosting" or "VDS", as with an increase in the botnet, the server will increase, and this kind of web hosting quickly exhaust its resources. You need a "Dedicated Server" (Ded), the recommended minimum configuration:
  3. * 2Gb RAM.
  4. * 2x 2GHz processor speed.
  5. * Separate hard drive for the database.
  7. For bot to work requires HTTP-server with PHP + Zend Optimizer attached, and MySQL-server.
  8. WARNING: For Windows-based servers is very important to change (create) the following registry value: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\MaxUserPort=dword:65534 (decimal).
  10. *
  12. HTTP-server:
  14. As an HTTP-server is recommended to use: for nix-system - Apache from version 2.2, for Windows-servers - IIS from version 6.0. It is recommended to keep the HTTP-server on port 80 or 443 (a positive effect on bot run, as providers/proxy can block access to some non-standard ports).
  16. Download Apache:
  17. IIS website:
  18. *
  20. PHP interpreter:
  22. The latest version of the control panel was developed on PHP 5.2.6. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use version, at least this version.
  24. It is important to make the following settings php.ini:
  25. o safe_mode = Off
  26. o magic_quotes_gpc = Off
  27. o magic_quotes_runtime = Off
  28. o memory_limit = 256M ;Or higher.
  29. o post_max_size = 100M ;Or higher.
  31. and also recommended that you change these settings:
  32. o display_errors = Off
  34. Also need to enable the Zend Optimizer (acceleration of the script, and run protected scripts). Recommended version from 3.3.
  36. Not recommended to connect PHP to the HTTP-server via CGI.
  38. Download PHP:
  39. Download Zend Optimizer:
  40. *
  42. MySQL-server:
  44. MySQL is required to store all data about the botnet. The recommended version is not below 5.1.30, well worth considering, that when ran the control panel in the older versions were detected some problems. All table control panel, go to format MyISAM, it is important to optimize speed of work with this format, based on the available server resources.
  46. Recommended the following changes to the settings MySQL-server (my OR my.ini):
  47. o max_connections=2000 #Or higher
  49. Download MySQL:
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