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  2. This is not to stop someone from getting taken off the whitelist(Dom Konqave#2698) because I respect the admins choice to make the calls they believe they need to. But, this is to show people what happened 3/20/2019 and how the supra's are acting by mixing what I am assuming is friendship with the admins and the ability to abuse rules they know they will not be called out upon breaking.
  4. A group called the supra's forced friends and I into multiple RP events during a long 3 hours. It starts off at a hospital where yes we pulled guns when should not have but that was noted after the event and both parties left equally with no subsequent issues. [1] You can see John (Joee #0666 on discord) has no fear for life and punches a man with a gun. I understood why he did that though due to us also breaking a rules does not make it right on either side but I can understand it. Minutes after everything is ended, people died and the situation is over. [2] They randomly show up and know where we are when there could have been no way besides twitch but I will give them the benefit of the doubt that they did not metagame. Time goes by and we go to MRPD to see what is happening and after minutes of being there the supra's show up.[3] They call us bitches and walk around make noise trying to pull something out of us. (Admin sitting in the background not RPing just watching them bait.[4] This is where it takes a bad turn. A guy I met in the city (the guy in the black hoodie is sparked by them doing this) I am trying to lighten the mood and stop and create funny normal RP but they continue to circle say shark bait, all while an admin is walking behind us (the girl). I saw this happening the whole time and honestly should have left but this was the third time they came to us and forced RP on us like this.[5] Admin is still walking around never attempted to RP just sat waiting for someone to trip. BOOM it all happens and shit hits the fan TS time everyone. [6] Finally says something "That is against Govt. rule" which I know is not right, but I just meet the guy and he is new and I am helping him learn RP everyone needs to start somewhere and these guys are not helping anyone(supra's). Admins come out of the shrubs the seconds he says that and breaks the taillight. Right as he is kicked off the server the one laughs and says "well well well".
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