Walnut - Execution

Mar 8th, 2014
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  1. >The look in Caramels eyes were very unbecoming of a gentlemare, & uncomfortable as Unknown sat at a park bench.
  2. >Scooting away from her, Unknown was greeted by a random Actias who appeared out of nowhere scaring him a bit.
  3. >Keeping his cool Caramel started scooting towards him until her fluff was up against his body along with Actias doing the same.
  4. >Blushing Unknown had no fucking idea what was going on until Caramel leaned into him saying in a sultry voice "Hey Unknown I've been thinking about something for awhile. Despite you & Hexferry's close relationship as trusted partners you two aren't really intimate are you? And as a keep to himself unless truly needed stallion you have needs don't you that involve pleasure of the flesh?".
  5. >Stunned & Confused Unknown couldn't believe Caramel just asked him that question. Then feeling Actias wrap her hooves around him pulling him into her fluff where he could barely breathe in saying "There's no need to be shy about answering Unknown. I think my Order will think it will be acceptable if Caramel & I help guide you through this quest of exploring the flesh."
  6. >Trying to break free from Actias hold Unknown was completely lost at what was happening, & him not giving his consent to "explore their flesh"..
  8. >Feeling his right hoof being moved by Caramel that went down Actias hips into her privates Unknown's nose went try, & blood started flow down into Actias fluff.
  9. >Panicking at him technically being gently raped Unknown tried his best to remove his hoof from Actias private parts, but was halted by Actias squirming her hindlegs left & right with his hoof there.
  10. >Feeling something wet with Actias letting out low pants Unknowns heart started to stop before heard the sound of a big bouncy ball roll by the bench He, Caramel, & Actias sat at.
  11. >Finally breaking free from Actias hold Unknown accidentally knocked the ball that was a Dodge ball back the way it came with somepony stopping it.
  12. >Looking at Actias & Caramels face they both a held an expression of fear. Then hearing a familiar angry squeak you looked the direction the Dodge ball came from, & somepony stopping it to see Hexferry.
  13. >Freezing up at the sight of Hexferry just staring you with her face red with anger looking at you & Actias.
  14. >Staring back Actias you still had your hoof in between her legs, & looking at Hexferry he tried to explain to her what just fucking happened, but she didn't give a fuck as she raised up the dodge ball & threw it at him saying she was going to execute him with Caramel & Actias running off.
  15. >Unknown later went to the hospital to get three cast for his hooves, and to have facial reconstruction surgery.
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