20 Questions About.....TobyJoey #2.

May 22nd, 2016
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  1. Bad joke: 2 dogs name Toby and Joey wanna do another interview, and.....huh?
  3. What? Not a joke? What do you mean Toby and Joey aren't dogs?
  5. Ohhhhhh, you mean an actual.....and his name is TobyJoey. Heh. I knew that. Let's see what teenage Prototyper TobyJoey's been up to since we last spoke to them--er, him:
  8. Community Q's:
  10. Q1. ...so...snake-man........i ask the question..why? [Omega Zero]
  11. T.J.: "Why asssk sssuch a sssilly quessstion, Zero? I dunno, at the time I switched from Ring Man to a new robot master, some of my favorites were taken (Gemini, Quick, Top, Fire, Crash). I just picked Snake Man as my next available favorite."
  13. Q2. have you ever played the Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch lately?...been quite updated i tell you what. [Omega Zero]
  14. T.J.: "I tried the game once, and let me tell you, I was reminded of something that day I have repeatedly taught myself: I suck at FPSes. For some reason, I just seem to lack the reflexes or instincts most players use. Not to mention I couldn't hit beached whale from ten feet away."
  16. Q3. do you have a youtube channel? [Omega Zero]
  17. T.J.: "I do, but I mainly do it for YouTube comments. I do occasionally goof off and upload the occasional video, though (occasionally means at complete random)."
  19. Q4. What type of games do you like to play? Any favorites? [MegaBossMan]
  20. T.J. "I tend to be pretty basic. Either 2D or 3D platforms, RPGs, Adventure games, and the occasional Sandbox game hold me over."
  22. Q5. Are there any user-created projects or events in the Prototype community you've been enjoying lately? Things like BCA, Mike's tournament, etc.... [MegaBossMan]
  23. T.J.: "This is going to sound like a cop out answer, but I enjoy all of them to a certain extent. From the comprehensive sprite comic to the simple tourney, some amount of effort is being given into the community, and I find that highly respectable ... BCA is totally my favorite, though."
  25. Q6. How do you feel about all the bio work you've done for Prototype? [MegaBossMan]
  26. T.J.: "It felt and continues to feel great to contribute some work into the Prototype, like I mentioned with the last question. I wish I had done some better work on them without your help (looking at you, Slash Man), but I get a kick when I look at a bio on this website I made. I finally did something with my life!"
  28. Q7. If you could throw a rock at anyone without any hard feelings, who would you throw it at? [MegaBossMan]
  29. T.J.: "Hm, if it truly is no hard feelings, probably Shadownnico. I miss you. Please come home."
  31. Q8. Favorite BN Characters? [MusicalKitty]
  32. T.J.: "In no particular order, Mr. Match, Higsby, FlashMan.exe, DrillMan.exe, Roll.exe, Tora, and KingMan.exe."
  34. Q9. What Robot Master Bio did you REALLY want to work on, but Bawss did it instead?
  35. T.J.: "I am not sure how well I can answer this, because I feel like if I pestered him enough, Boss would let me redo or put in an alternate bio, I would have loved to have worked on either Mercury or Galaxy Man. I have really enjoyed the ones I have worked on, though!"
  37. Q10. Would you enjoy being in Megabound?
  38. T.J.: "I think I would get a few chuckles out of that, and it would be quite humbling to be included in a fan story, but it would not be something I would die for. If you have the story and characters all planned out, I would never want to intrude."
  41. Mike's Q's:
  43. Q11. You did RM bios for Prototype? Which ones?
  44. T.J.: "Strike Man, Slash Man, Tornado Man, and Grenade Man. These are actually slightly less than half of them, but I don't want to give away any future characters, just in case there are one or two people out there who want to be surprised by RPG World."
  46. Q12. ...planning on making any more right now?
  47. T.J.: "Boss has got a few for me, but I am lazy and have bad luck when it comes to computer crashes, so I still have some work to do."
  49. Q13. If it were up to you, the next person you'd have me interview, even if they've already been done, before, is.....?
  50. T.J.: "I think I could go for an update interview with either MegaBossMan or TheDoc (many users provide good candidates, however.)"
  52. Q14. Is there an MM game that you've always wanted to play, but haven't, yet?
  53. T.J.: "Probably either Mega Man X8 or any of the Battle Network games all the way through; I have only ever done bits and pieces of that series."
  55. Q15. Since our last interview, you've been REALLY busy with [high] school. What's your best and worst subjects?
  56. T.J.: "My best is probably Physics. I have always had a knack for math, and the real world applications of it interest me. My worst is probably History. Don't get me wrong; I enjoy learning things about the world and about wars, but the problem is, I want to learn things about countries that are not named North America. I think I have learned about the Revolutionary War about 6 times at this point, so I don't think I need to learn about it a 7th."
  58. Q16. Could you answer this question using precisely 42 words?
  59. T.J.: "I don’t know. Maybe, but I would have to count these words as I go along. What is the significance of it being forty-two words anyway? I mean, it is the answer to everything in the universe, but does that apply here?"
  61. Q17. What's your ALL-TIME favorite and most hated VG's [and why]?
  62. T.J.: "Let’s start with the negative and end with the positives. I wouldn’t say I get overly upset about any specific games, but I can say I strongly disliked New Super Mario Bros 2. I won’t make the overdone joke about “New” being in the title, but this game to its core describes the issue some have with new Mario games: everything is old, there are no new ideas. There are of course little gimmicks along the way, but nothing to make this game stand out from any other Mario game. As a side note, can we please get some more Mario World or Mario 64 inspiration over the beaten horse named Mario 3? My favorite may be a little controversial, but keep in mind this is almost entirely subjective. My favorite game is probably Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Does the gameplay hold up? About a third of it. Is the story great? It plays like fan fiction. Is it a glitchy broken mess? Not to the point most internet gaming personalities would have you believe, but they are present. The reason why this game is so close to me is simply for its nostalgia factor, but rather than being nostalgia for the game, it is memories of my old friend. She and I use to go together like peanut butter and jelly, we would spend as much time as possible either out in the yard, digging for bugs, or building forts in bedrooms. The one topic we could always come to was Sonic Adventure 2 Battle; she owned and kept the copy at her house. We may have never ventured much further than City Escape in the beginning (that is a royal we, the truth is I could never go beyond City Escape), but throughout our Elementary School days, I grew into the game and caught up with her. Raising Chao, finding emeralds, raising more Chaos, she and I explored every inch that game had to offer. I sometimes try to come back to this game, and I can have some fun with the fast paced levels, but I can never truly recreate the heavenly atmosphere of playing this game with a close friend for minutes upon hours. I haven’t seen her in a while, mostly due to personal events happening in both of our lives. However, whenever my mind begins to wander to some of the most carefree happy days of my life, I begin to think of her, and as a result, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle."
  64. Q18. What's YOUR opinion of Prototype's Star Force system, currently?
  65. T.J.: "Mikey, no! I already have an essay response buried in here. At the moment of this writing, I think the offense/defense split of starforce is smart. In the current prototype, this split allows for equal fights with ghost players, but still gives you a sense of speed in offline battles. However, if the next big mission organization of the Prototype is to be more challenging, I think a new balance ought to be reached. Battles with computers are just a bit TOO fast and battles with ghost data are just a bit TOO slow now. This is partially due to outside factors, such as Rain Flush’s nerf (although I seriously question if we need to kick Rain Flush any further down when Flash Stopper exists), but the overall speed is good, but not perfect in my opinion. One other issue I have with starforce is how certain core types receive many more benefits than other core types. In player battles, this balances out due to the Offense/Defense cancelling each other out when both players are at full starforce, but in other missions, what reason do I have to use the pure Freeze core Frost Breath over something like Bright Burst which has a significantly larger boost."
  67. Q19. Could you tell me something I DEFINITELY DON'T know about you?
  68. T.J.: "My favorite literary story (whether based on novels, movies, ect.) is probably Les Misreables. Also, dogs are vastly superior to cats. YEAH, I SAID IT. WANNA GO, MUSICAL? :p"
  70. Q20. Has your "top %age" Rattata evolved into a Raticate, yet? :P
  71. T.J.: "No, but I have been checking out Rattata’s moves and devising some strategies. He is a super cool Rattata! He is raring to go, just like always. Just the other day I saw a wild Caterpie. I thought about going for it, but I decided to work with my one-and-only right to the extreme end."
  74. Hah. Read the 1st interview if you don't get that joke. Or the one in the intro for that matter. :P
  75. http://pastebin.com/S30HDeGY
  77. Special thanks to TobyJoey for his extreme patience while I dealt with what I had to deal with. Additional thanks go to MegaBossMan, MusicalKitty and Omega Zero for their great suggestions, as well.
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