Hazbin Hotel drinks

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  1. /hhg/ - Hazbin Hotel General Thread #227
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  3. Charlie's drink:
  4. You will need :
  5. Golden sprinkles
  6. Peach syrup
  7. Vanilla ice cream
  8. Ice
  9. Milk
  10. Whipped cream
  11. In a large glass, add some golden sprinkles, pour a little peach syrup. In a blender, add some milk, vanilla and ice cubes. Pour the final mixture into the glass and using a straw, move the peach syrup a little more to the surface (in order to spread the peach flavor a little more). Add hipper cream on the surface and decorate it with pink fondant.
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  13. Vaggie 's drink :
  14. You will need :
  15. Instant horchata powder
  16. Ice
  17. Water
  18. Fondant
  19. In a cup of water, add some horchata powder. Then, pour some ice cubes inside a glass and add the horchata mixture over it. Decorate it with pink fondant.
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  21. Cherry Bomb 's drink:
  22. You will need:
  23. Red Bull
  24. Grenadine syrup
  25. Cherry syrup
  26. In a tall glass, add some cold Red Bull. Then, pour some grenadine syrup for a more reddish color. Ina small shot glass, pour some cherry syrup and throw the shot glass inside the previous mixture. Garnish it with cherries and you're all set.
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  28. Angel Dust 's drink 1 :
  29. You will need:
  30. Milk
  31. Strawberry syrup
  32. Irish creamer
  33. Strawberry milk
  34. Corn syrup (or other sticky substance)
  35. Cotton candy
  36. Take a glass and apply corn syrup on the corners,then stick some powdered sugar in there. Mix some strawberry syrup with a little milk for a a more pinkish color. You want to get the layers right. For the next layer, carefully pour some white irish creamer. For the last layer, pour in some simple strawberry milk. Decorate it with cotton candy on top.
  37. Angel Dust 's drink 2:
  38. You will need :
  39. Pink lemonade
  40. One egg
  41. Ice
  42. Cotton candy
  43. Stick some powdered sugar around the tips of a tall glass. Take the egg' s white and whip it vigorously until a foamy texture forms. Inside the glass, pour the pink lemonade and the ice. Then, add the foamy white on top and mix it up. Remember to garnish it with cotton candy.
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  45. Alastor 's drink :
  46. You will need :
  47. Strawberry syrup
  48. Black coffee
  49. Ice cubes
  50. Tonic water
  51. Pink fondant
  52. In a glass, add some strawberry syrup for gradience. Fill the glass with ice and pour in the black coffee but not to the top. Mix some of the strawberry syrup with some tonic water and add it to the top. Garnish it with pink fondant.
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  54. Nifty's drink :
  55. You will need:
  56. Bananas
  57. Strawberries
  58. Milk
  59. Ice
  60. Whipped cream
  61. Orange food coloring
  62. In a blender, add some banana slices with ice & milk. Mix it up. Afterwards, make a different mixture by adding milk, ice and strawberries.
  63. Add a little bit of orange food coloring in the Whipped cream.
  64. Put the strawberry mixture & the banana mixture in two separate bags & put them in a freezer for a while. Cut the bags at each end & pour the mix inside a tall glass. In the end, garnish it with the orange Whipped cream.
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  66. Husk's drink :
  67. You will need :
  68. Sparkling cider
  69. Frozen cherries
  70. Coke
  71. Ice
  72. In a glass, add ice and sparkling cider. On top, add the frozen cherries and the coke. Mix it up. Add red sprinkles for decor.
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  74. Sir Pentious ' drink
  75. You will need:
  76. Lemonade
  77. Iced tea
  78. Black food coloring
  79. Ice
  80. In a tall glass, add one half of lemonade & one half of iced tea with ice. Pour in some black food coloring for decor.
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