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  1. The Witcher Organization is a branch of the European Demon hunters that started during the age where fantasy was still prevalent throughout Europe. Situated in Poland they dealt with not only demons but other members of the Phantasmal Species as well. They became a necessary group of expert monster hunters that protected people, almost always for a price.
  3. The first organization lasted until the 10th century but fell into disarray. This was followed by the creation of several smaller groups. The witcher schools are the organizations which train and equip witchers, the itinerant monster slayers. While schools differ in mindset and details of training, most of them teach equally professional hunters. Headquartered in seclude locations, each one is built on the blood, sweat, and tears of countless children who stood within them, honing their technique and skill.
  5. They continued to operate and flourish until a certain time came around that all Demon Hunter families faced. When the need to kill demons and other members of Phantasmal Species kind declined rapidly. Monsters were no longer approaching on human territory it was now humans who invaded their own. Jobs were no longer about defending a town but exterminating non humans from places they wish to expand human settlements to. They slowly began to stop taking jobs unless it involved slaying of Dead Apostles but even then the Holy Church was more often than not the go to for that business.
  7. Towards the coming of the 20th century most of the organization has been wiped out. The few that remain taught for tradition sakes. However a small resurgence in their need came about due to again actions of the humans they were sworn to protect. Magi who would control members of the Phantasmal kind to attack others, as well as kidnapp and hold people against their will became targets. Cases involving the supernatural such as wraiths in towns.
  9. Though a shadow of their former selves the few that remain are proud members of the organization. Though it is likely that this will be the last organization of Witchers they still intend to carry out their jobs.
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