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Urbit/Landscape FAQ

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Mar 23rd, 2021
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  1. Urbit/Landscape FAQ:
  3. Q: Why do some of my posts in response to another user show up timestamped before that user’s original message?
  4. A: It's the time traveling issues, basically the time of messages is sender time given the way ames works sometimes some messages will be timestamped later than your own, cuasing your message to appear earlier in the timeline.
  6. Q: My base hash is not the same as Tlon’s, should I update?
  7. A: In general, yes. In some cases, however, your host hash may differ due to code unique to your host, while otherwise being up to date. You can sync to any other ship you like with the command, |ota ~marzod %kids, where you replace “~marzod” with the host you would like to sync from.
  9. Q: Is there a group for transhumanism?
  10. A: ~mistyd-tanwyx/furry-therianthropy-and-transhumanism
  11. Q: Is there one w/o furries?
  12. A: Check the Urbit Index: ~bollug-worlus/urbit-index
  14. Q: Where can I find groups?
  15. A: Urbit Index is a great place to start: ~bollug-worlus/urbit-index
  17. Q: Why isn't my markdown working?
  18. A: Landscape supports limited markdown.
  20. Q: Is there a way to turn off dark mode?
  21. A: There is a setting in preferences/settings now. You can set it manually or have it read from your OS settings.
  23. Q: There’s no Linux group on Urbit!?
  24. A: There is now: ~padwet/penguins
  26. Q: How do you @ people in a chat channel?
  27. A: Simply write their Urbit @p into chat – be sure there is no punctuation at the end; e.g. ~sibhul-soctul, w/punctuation ~sibhul-socutul !
  29. Q: What are the dot posts for?
  30. A: Just a test to see if ship is communicating with other ships.
  32. Q: Is there a way to turn off dark mode:
  33. A: There is a setting in preferences/settings now. You can set it manually or have it read from your OS settings.
  35. Q: Is there a guide anywhere on how to handle DNS if you host your ship at home? I'm not sure how to handle my ISP's DHCP changing my IP address.
  36. A: Traditionally one might use a dynamic DNS service. Tailscale is the more common recent solution.
  38. Q: Do galaxies have planets?
  39. A: Yes, they do.
  41. Q: How do I post one of those fancy group links?
  42. A: Simply post the path to the group on its own line to landscape chat.
  44. Q: How do I post an image.
  45. A: Paste the url to the image (with the appropriate extension, e.g. .jpg, .png) into a chat line by itself.
  47. Q: Images are showing up for others but not me, what can I do?
  48. A: Check that your adblocking software is not blocking images.
  50. Q: Is there any information on the relationship between Urbit custody and Etherum gas prices.
  51. A: You can find a chain of discussion concerning what to do about gas prices here:
  52. Attached here is an article on what Phillip Monk calls "naive rollups" which are I think the prevailing solution:
  53. Here's a recent dev call on scaling Azimuth:
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