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  1. step One: Mega or no mega
  2. if Yes: metagross, mawile, pinsir
  3. metagross: DD or all-out offense coverage
  4. mawile: e-speed
  5. pinsir: e-speed
  7. if no, go back to step one
  9. Step 2: Ground check
  10. If flying: landorus-T, celesteela, skarmory, mantine
  11. If grass:  tangrowth, tapu bulu
  12. If levitate: cresselia, lati@s, rotom-W
  14. Step 3 Fire check
  15. If water: Tapu fini, suicune, milotic, vaporeon, rotom-w, toxapex, mantine
  16. If dragon: garchomp, lati@s, zygarde, goodra
  18. Step 4 Dark check
  19. If fairy: tapu fini, magearna, clefable,
  20. If dark: tyranitar, umbreon, muk-alola,
  21. If fighting: buzzwole, verizion, cobalion, keldeo, chesnaught,
  23. Step 5 ghost check
  24. If dark: hoopa-u, tyranitar, umbreon, mandibuzz, muk-alola,
  25. If normal: porygon-2/z, chansey, meloetta,
  27. Step 6 sweeper
  28. kartana, serperior, pheremosa, cloyster, zygarde,
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