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  1. General Rules:
  3. -   Powergaming is not allowed! US can't reveal a civilian to be a Taliban without correct evidence. The only way a civilian can be revealed as a Taliban is through: Seeing the person with any weapon beside medkit, using a weapon checker and finding a weapon, the civilian revealing themselves through roleplay (not answering questions correctly)
  4. -   FailRoleplay: If there is something you can't do in real life, you can't do it on the server (use common sense)
  5. -   Civilians being accidentally killed in crossfire is not a punishable offence, it's up to the civilian to make sure they are not near any taliban otherwise they may be killed.
  6. -   Metagaming is not allowed! You can't use the information above a player's head in character such as their name and regiment as that information was gained through out of character method. In character people do not have name tags above their head (beside KOS skull above head)
  7. -   During wartime you can KOS the opposite faction (including civilians) and you may raid whenever/with whoever
  8. -   Do not harass/discriminate/threaten against any other player out of character (OOC).
  9. -   Do not attempt to avoid punishment. Appeal on the forums
  10. -   Do not share personal information about another player.
  11. -   Do not kill/harm team-mates. (any member of the same faction)
  12. -   Report game-play bugs & exploits instead of abusing them. Head glitching specifically is not allowed, and will be punished if done intentionally. (you're not at all visible to another player)
  13. -   FearRP applies. When your life is threatened, you must follow demands made to you, provided they are within reasonable bounds (ie. You may refuse to kill yourself). FearRP applies whenever a gun is aimed at you, you do not have a gun drawn, and players involved are within yelling distance.
  14. -   FearRP applies until 4 seconds after the aggressor has turned away, behind physical cover or out of line of sight
  15. -   New life rule (NLR) is used on the server. Meaning once you have died, you will not remember the events of your death.
  16. -   You must follow orders from a higher up in your faction.
  17. -   Both factions are required to stand still when at briefings/debriefings. Moving, taunting, and talking will result in demotion.
  18. -   Disrespecting anyone is not permitted and is eligible for demotion.
  19. -   US are allowed to arrest any civilian that is heavily interfering with Military operations, default Jail time is 5 minutes. The US soldier will take the arrested civilian to the jail and hand the civilian over to the Security Operations if available.
  20. -   Shooting into towers and people on walls is not allowed unless raiding or they are shooting at you
  21. -   Anyone with a skull above their head can be killed on sight (They are wanted)
  22. -   US are allowed to kill civilians within 20 metres of a random event and the Forward Operations objective
  23. -   US need to give a minimum of a 5 second warning for civilians to leave an area
  25. US Rules:
  27. -   All unarmed non-US players are considered civilians, and may not be killed unless stated otherwise.
  28. -   If a non-US player has a gun drawn/spotted they be killed (considered Taliban).
  29. -   US can instruct civilians to leave any area but must give a 5 second warning (do not actively follow the civilian). If the civilian returns/fails to follow instructions, the US soldier may detain or kill the civilian.
  30. -   All unknown/unarmed persons are to be assumed as a civilian until there is sufficient evidence of being a member of the Taliban.
  31. -   Personnel permitted to train are SSGT+. Persons with the rank SGT must be supervised.
  32. -   Refusing to train at the appropriate rank is eligible for a demotion.
  33. -   Civilians contesting a random event can be killed on sight (KOS).
  35. Taliban Army Rules:
  37. -   If an armed US spots you while you are acting as a civilian, you must be out of sight for 4 seconds or more before pulling out a weapon.
  38. -   When given a command by an armed US, if you do not comply with their requests, you can be killed.
  41. (Rules that are used in combat situations)
  43. -   US can instruct civilians to leave any area but must give 5 seconds (do not actively follow the civilian). If the civilian returns to the US soldier they may be killed.
  44. -   Civilians found within the base are KOS unless they’re being escorted by someone.
  45. -   A member of the US Army is permitted to open fire on a medic if they witnesses them reviving a confirmed member of the taliban.
  46. -   Jihad Swep is a visible weapon, therefore is KOS.
  47. -   Any member of the opposite faction seen holding handcuffs or melee weapons may be KOS’d.
  48. -   All US may be KOS'd by Taliban except Negotiator (During events everyone is KOS unless stated otherwise).
  49. -   Remember a non-US player without a weapon is a civilian and can't be killed/detained unless they don't leave/follow instructions after 10 seconds or are confirmed to be Taliban.
  51. Raiding Rules:
  53. -   A Chief/Officer+ must be organising the raid.
  54. -   The faction must call everyone to debrief to organise the raid.
  55. -   MINIMUM 4 players including the Chief/Officer+ organising the raid
  56. -   A faction can only raid every 30 minutes.
  57. -   If you die you can’t rejoin the same raid unless by a tactical insertion.
  58. -   Once everyone in the raid dies the raid is considered over.
  59. -   As the faction is about to enter the enemy base the person organising must type /gc RAID.
  60. -   A raid can not last any longer than 10 minutes.
  62. Vehicle Rules:
  64. - Do not shoot friendly vehicles.
  65. - Do not shoot civilian vehicles unless they enter a KOS area and/or they have weapons
  66. - Only spawn vehicles inside your base never spawn them out in the war-zone.
  67. - Taliban vehicles should only be the Ford Crown, Nissan Utility Truck and M35 Woodback.
  68. - US Vehicles should only be Hummer & Hummer variants, M35 Canvas and Security Jeep.
  70. Helicopter Rules:
  72. -    SAS can only have 1 helicopter spawned at a time across the entire regiment and this helicopter can only be spawned at the US base helipad
  73. -    Al-Shabaab can only have 1 helicopter spawned at a time across the entire regiment and this helicopter can only be spawned at the Taliban base helipad
  74. -    Across all US Officers only one helicopter can be spawned at a time and it must be at the F.O.B helipad (This does not include Al-Shabaab and SAS).
  75. -    Any Officer + are allowed to spawn a helicopter (This includes Spetsnaz, Taliban are not allowed to)
  76. -    In total there can only be 3 helicopters spawned at a time (1 from non SAS US officers, 1 from SAS and 1 from Al-Shabaab MAXIMUM)
  77. -    You are not allowed to despawn the helicopter unless it is unable to fly or someone won't get out(do not delete hijacked helicopters)
  78. -    Anyone in the US are allowed to fly the Helicopter under the instruction of the person who spawned it (Officer+)
  79. -    Taliban are able to hijack the helicopters
  80. -    Helicopters can be used during raids
  81. -    There will be no Helicopters during events unless permitted by the hosting event master (The above rules can be changed during events by the hosting event master)
  85. All rules are interpreted, and punishments given at staff discretion.
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