Sum over 2

misingnoglic Feb 26th, 2013 48 Never
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  1. from random import randrange
  3. Sum=0
  4. count=0
  5. L=[] #list that will contain the counts
  7. while True: #infinite loop
  8.     while Sum<2:
  9.         Sum+=randrange(0,2) #picks a random number from 0 and 1
  10.         count+=1 #counts every time it does this until the sum is more than 2
  11.     L+=[count] #adds the count to the list
  12.     print(sum(L)/len(L)) #prints the average of all the numbers of the list
  13.     Sum=0 #
  14.     count=0 #resets the sum and count to create more counts
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