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Mar 18th, 2021
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  1. MP CHANGELIST 16th March
  3. (Contents since 10th March)
  5. NEW
  7. Added a "stopPower" var for firearms:
  8. - Instead of using critChance, now uses stopPower to determine if a player should be knocked by a shot or not.
  9. - Should avoid players being knocked done in a loop by a simple pistol with poor aiming.
  11. Optimization of speed of zombie appearances in FOV cone, which might previously have been impacted by framerate.
  13. MP/SYNC
  15. - Disable TimeDebugger on the client
  16. - Deleted synch block, replaced type of the IsoGridSquare.isoGridSquareCache from ArrayDeque to ConcurrentLinkedQueue and delete IsoGridSquare.isoGridSquareSet.
  17. - Fixed PlayerUpdate packet in the FakeClient class.
  19. - Sync remote player's strength/fitness & weight.
  20. - Lowered chance of knocking down players in pvP when shoving.
  21. - Shoving another player's now take in the calcul target's strength/weight (the heavier he is, the harder it is to knock him down)
  23. - FakeClientManager reconnect logic is added
  27. - Lowered amount of water in a bleach bottle.
  28. - Increased recoil of pistols/revolver.
  29. - Increased speed of getting up from knocked down by PvP attack a bit.
  30. - Lower chance to hit with ranged weapon in PvP if target is moving/running/sprinting.
  31. - Increased chance of creating crawler when hitting zombies with cars.
  32. - Nerfed firearms in PvP.
  36. - Fixed car twitch/bounce
  37. - Fixed stun lock in PvP
  38. - Fixed getting locked in walking when getting shoved.
  39. - Fixed PvP always hitting the upper torso.
  40. - Fixed shove being driven by Staggerback and not PlayerHitReactionPvP
  41. - Fixed splashing blood when no damage was done in PvP.
  42. - Fixed sometimes PvP hit was registered for playerA, but playerB wouldn't see it.
  43. - Fixed being locked when getting hit while sitting on ground.
  44. - Fixed sending shove command when now PvP is all handled by HitPacket.
  45. - Fixed sending too much hitpacket when melee attack.
  46. - Fixed not highlighting players when aiming at them in PvP.
  47. - Fixed not being able to move if hit in PvP when Idle.
  48. - Fixed some weapons being hidden problems (might not all be fixed).
  49. - Fixed some problems in PvP calculate crit chance. (remote player's shouldn't calculate crit chance, we're sending him if he's crit or not)
  50. - Fixed some furniture (not all!) not being thumpable by zombies.
  51. - Fixed unhidden "Hat" related hair type
  52. - Fixed an issue the client taking a LONG time to join to the server.
  53. - Fixed campfire anim stuff not being synced.
  54. - Fixed NullPointerExceptions in IsoGridSquare.getSquaresForThread and IsoGridSquare.getNew functions.
  55. - Fixed client generating "Delay processing packet of type 218 while loading game" message. Updates of player's position will not be sent to the client if he is not fully connected.
  59. - When enabled, objects and characters' alpha fade is slowed down by 1/8. Useful for debugging alpha fade issues.
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