Western Union CC

May 10th, 2019
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  1. Beginning carders ask me: how quickly to get money from CC? Today I will tell you about 1 way how to do it.
  2. We will receive money from Western Union, using the purchased USA card.
  3. Buy CC USA in the MeccaDumps store. Register a new email, I use gmail. We will need a net IP for the cardholder state.
  4. You can use RDP (only home OS). Or use socks5.
  5. The main thing that the IP was clean and not on the blacklists. I check the IP at
  6. If IP is not in the blacklists, then go to the site
  7. Press register and fill out the registration form in accordance with the CC data.
  8. Specify the real phone number of the cardholder. Western union verifies it with its database, it will not be called, it's an automatic check.
  9. If you do not have a date birthday cardholder, then choose a birth date until 1980.
  10. After registration, a confirmation code is sent to the email. We enter it on the site, after that the activation of the account is completed.
  11. The first transfer will be test. Click send money select the amount not more than $ 20. Send this amount to any name in USA. If everything is done
  12. correctly, the payment was successfully sent.
  13. Then we send the payment to the country we need, our person or the exchange office. Send $ 100-300 no more.
  14. After 24 hours you can try to send 1 more translation. Do not delete the cookie. If the card works then everything will go well.
  15. In working with western union, a lot depends on the pure IP and quality CC. I recommend using USA FULLZ.
  16. Good luck in business! I'm sure you will succeed!
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