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ff7 remake spoilers

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Apr 6th, 2020
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  1. since you didnt mind spoilers, here goes a basic rundown from memory. this was originally sent as a pm to someone but a lot of people have asked for it so here it is
  3. !IF YOU WANT ONLY THE ENDING I CAN EDIT IT SO ITS SPECIFIC! (big plot changes will have this type of style btw)
  5. The game is really good and overall pretty faithful except these parts. goes tits up in the last hour or two of the game
  7. -new characters added to enhance some story parts which overall is pretty good and expected
  9. there are ghost like creatures that are "Whispers of fate". these beings aim to keep things in line with destiny. they come into the game every now and then to ensure certain fates happen and that characters dont do stuff they didnt do in the original. long story short, they are trying to keep the original FF7 timeline intact
  10. -There are scenes shown through visions presumably through sephiroths influence. They reference things such as aeriths future death among many things that never were hinted at in the original
  12. -This is pretty big but may seem small. Remember this. There is a dog that is the shinra mascot called stamp. he looks like this (
  14. -Wedge doesnt die and lasts at least until the shinra tower whereas he was supposed to be dead in the crushing of sector 7. The whispers may have killed him after this but the fact that he even made it to the tower is odd.
  16. -Jessie fate unknown but probably dead still
  18. -Hojo tries to reveal parts of the plot in the Shinra tower way before you learn it in the original but the Whispers take him away to hide this from the party
  20. -Sephiroth kills barret. Whispers of fate heal barret because he isnt supposed to die. its like he was never stabbed. this is in shinra tower after sephiroth kills president shinra which the party witnesses instead of having the sword in him as the party stumbles on him. do not like this change at all. destroys sephiroths mystique a little.
  22. -The ending that everyone is going crazy about: Sephiroth is aware of the original timeline and the nature of the whispers (little bit of an assumption about the original timeline but i will explain why) The party sees parts of the future such as Nanaki/Red XIII running from destroyed midgar at the end of FF7. (Not sure where this exactly was but its near the end). Whispers of fate surround midgar as the party makes their escape. !THROUGH THESE WHISPERS WE SEE AN ALMOST 1:1 RECREATION OF ZACKS FINAL STAND SCENE FROM CRISIS CORE! Sephiroth enters a portal and Aerith creates one after him to follow him in. They fight 3 different whispers of fate mixed in with a fusion of the 3 as whisper bahamut and also some big ass whisper of fate. The party kills the whispers (possibly causing the keepers of fate to vanish meaning plot changes are possible including alternate timelines). When this is done there is a final battle with sephiroth. This battle is straight up advent children in appearance and sephiroth even gets his wing. Most of this can be viewed here assuming SE doesnt take it down:
  24. After final battle stuff:
  26. Sephiroth takes cloud to the edge of creation and has a talk with him about 'Destiny' Two major quotes from him are "That which lies does not yet exist" and "Lend me your strength; Let us defy destiny...together"
  28. -Biggs straight up survives the whole thing. He was thought to have died and there was even a scene where it kinda passes him off as gone out but he actually makes it.
  30. -!ZACK SURVIVES THE FIGHT THAT KILLS HIM IN CRISIS CORE! before this is revealed, a different version of stamp on a chip packet is shown ( meaning there is probably an alternate timeline. reason for this is that Zack dies in the original in late September and Cloud ends up meeting tifa in sector 7 by october 5. original stamp gets revealed at least by december 9 as this is when cloud falls into the church. the dog probably wasnt redesigned in a short time frame and also it couldnt have possibly aged enough to change that drastically. The chip packet flying is not a coincidence. everything in nomura games that seem insignificant have a greater meaning. after the chip packet flies away zack says something like "was that all of them". he places his sword on his back showing that the fight is over. there were whispers of fate surrounding midgar (my assumption is they were keeping him from letting him even get to midgar). but after cloud takes out the whispers in the present (assuming its still the same time frames and all) then the whispers surrounding midgar disappear for zack (potentially allowing zack to actually make it to midgar).
  32. -Biggs straight up survives the whole thing. He was thought to have died and there was even a scene where it kinda passes him off as gone out but he actually makes it.
  34. As the party walks away from midgar Aerith senses zack and cloud walking to midgar with zack carrying cloud with clouds arm around zacks neck. there is rain during this scene and this could mean that zack does die as the rain makes it sad. aerith even comments on how she prefers the steel sky of midgar as opposed to the normal sky due to the rain and seeing zacks vision. however, the alternate stamp is really throwing me for a loop. im pretty sure zacks fate is changed. this is hard for me to explain. watch the video i link and you can see for yourself i guess
  35. Here is everything from after and including sephiroths talk with cloud:
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