Sep 10th, 2018
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  1. { it's not easy }
  2. password:: peachy
  3. username:: DreamyTeapot
  4. full name:: Song Vaelyn [pronounced 'song baelin']
  5. foreign names:: -
  6. birthdate[dd/mm/yy]::8 February 2000
  7. age:: 18
  9. { quite many secrets }
  10. ethnicity:: Korean
  11. nationality:: Korean
  12. height:: 160cm
  13. weight:: 47kg
  14. sexuality:: Straight
  15. slot:: The Cat
  16. backup slot:: The Rabbit
  18. { because i'm special }
  19. trivia::
  20. - She blanks out on every sentence she says, it's a habit
  21. - She stutters a bit despite being fully Korean
  22. - She fears and hates the sea and dogs, because of her past
  23. - She's allergic to pork and alcohol and hates the smell of both
  24. - She dislikes pizza, unlike normal people do
  25. - She sometimes sleeps with her eyes open, which made people think that she's daydreaming when she's literally sleeping
  26. - She loves taking photos of the others sleeping, which is normal for them because they're used to it
  27. - She has a pretty deep voice, which is an opposite of her beagle personality
  28. - She loves pranking the others, especially the older ones
  29. - She has an older brother who is 3 years older than her
  30. personality::
  32. — Humorous
  33. Song Vaelyn can be very hilarious. She just looks funny whatever she does, literally. And she does everything just to make people smile. Yes, she sometimes just forgets about her image.
  35. — Thick-skinned
  36. Just say anything you want, she wouldn't care. Throw some nasty words at her, get your wig ready for her blank and non-amused look and her eyes that just stare into your soul. And she's good at comebacks too, so just keep your opinions about her to yourself.
  38. — Bright
  39. Despite her background, she is a very bright person when you start getting to know her. She can be very cheerful often. Not many people know that she has this perfonality because of her blank and cold look.
  41. — Quiet
  42. And of course, the second reason why most people don't realize her beagleness, is because she doesn't like to open up sometimes. Even with her close friends. But she still can be a loud muffin at times.
  44. — Hyper
  45. And then, the last but not least personality that proves her beagleness. She just can't stay still. She often just fall asleep and wake up under her bed. She does many weird and random acts that made people think that she's crazy.
  47. background::
  49. { because i'm that pretty girl }
  50. faceclaim:: PRISTIN - Rena [1998]
  51. backup faceclaim:: LOONA - Hyunjin [2000]
  52. extra::
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