Pirates IRC SEP'17 Changelog

Sep 28th, 2017
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  1. Pirates IRC -
  2. September 2017 Changelog
  5. 30Sep
  6. Changes:
  7. Parlay time adjustments
  9. 29Sep
  10. Changes:
  11. Weapons upgraded in the market will now match the player's level.
  12. Weapon market upgrades now have a 5% chance to be one level higher than the current player's level
  13. Players below the level to buy items from the market are now exempt to sell and faction limits
  14. Increased market sell limit to 4
  15. Cap'n requests will now be cleared when the game resets
  16. Fixes:
  17. Ship fire event messages corrected
  18. Captains level 4 and below will no longer be subjected to throttling (bad random events)
  20. 28Sep
  21. Fixes:
  22. In some instances, new crewmembers were not given a homeport
  23. Could not troll a player when the player had been trolled over the daily limit during revenge
  25. 27Sep
  26. Changes:
  27. Added new game instance (ship), The Boisterous Ketch, on @ #chat
  28. Fixes:
  29. New ships that have not begun the game yet will no longer receive global messages such as port faction changes
  31. 26Sep
  32. Fixes:
  33. Failed mutiny console errors
  35. 24Sep
  36. Changes:
  37. Captcha updates
  39. 23Sep
  40. Fixes:
  41. Reset all captain favor and fixed favor system
  43. 22Sep
  44. Fixes:
  45. HiLo mini-game winners were not credited winnings in some instances
  46. HiLo mini-game does not timeout when the bot started a round the game
  48. 21Sep
  49. Changes:
  50. Cap'n favor during sharing has been nerfed
  51. Cap'n now unable to use the ship's store or market during mutinies
  52. Increased mutiny cooldown
  53. Increased failed mutiny punishments
  55. Fixes:
  56. !P HATE and !P LOVE now work correctly
  57. Cap'n favor can no longer be above 100% (was shown as 100% even if it was over)
  59. 19Sep
  60. Fixes:
  61. Pirates who ban other players can now be punished more severely (varies by instance)
  62. If pirate bot does not join the pirate channel within a period of time, it will reconnect to the network
  63. Cap'ns are no longer penalized from not being onboard after being kicked
  64. No more than 10 lottery tickets can be purchased at a time
  66. Changes:
  67. 'capn command' and 'captain command' are registering as two separate commands
  68. corrected !P Power defensive output for pirates who are level 3+ in defense skill
  69. when a mutiny is started n' the capn' starts a party to counter it, no cooldown was started fer new mutinies
  70. fixed markets not working in independent ports
  71. !p sponsor did not return how to use the cmd
  72. pirates wearin' manacles could still lockpick
  73. fixed msg: So, ye don't like bein' a wench, huh? Well then, I 'ave a doc wit' some skills that can change ye t' a wench
  74. fixed msg: Ye shoot Sharktopus n' it now has % health!
  75. fixed msg: [P] changes factions to the Spanish aft' French abandon the city!
  76. fixed capn special cmd msg: [P] Sorry Cap'n, but it be too soon fer tis... -34730secs
  77. msgs of sailing times to ports that do not exist
  78. corrected: [P] We already be at <PORT>
  79. ship status being docked or moored when it was actually anchored
  80. Changed msg from gam ble to scuttlebutt: Ye have reached level 4 in the charisma skill! Start another skill or start learnin' the next level o' charisma.
  81. scuttlebutt will now msg the outcome
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