Magia Record -- Yozuru MSS Ep. 1

Oct 14th, 2020
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  1. Magia Record
  2. Sasame Yozuru
  3. Mahou Shoujo Story #1
  4. "Surveillee: Yozuru"
  5. (release 1.0, translated by Sforzando, edits by Shirayuri)
  7. Mifuyu: Three traveling Coordinators appeared suddenly in Kamihama,
  8. Mifuyu: calling themselves "Puella Care".
  9. Mifuyu: They proclaim themselves neutral, but I have my doubts...
  11. After all, they too have come at Kyuubei's behest...
  12. Kyuubei seeks to foment war between Magial Girls here in Kamihama
  13. Should Puella Care's neutrality prove false, they may pose us a threat
  15. Mifuyu: (So, this is it...)
  16. Mifuyu: (Puella Care's hideout...)
  17. Miyufu: (I doubt today's investigations --)
  18. Mifuyu: (-- will yield the whole truth about them...)
  19. Mifuyu: (But I *do* hope I can learn enough about them as people to know --)
  20. Mifuyu: (-- whether they pose a threat.)
  21. Mifuyu: (Well then. Shall we take a look inside...?)
  22. Yozuru: *humming*
  23. Mifuyu: (Isn't that... Sasame Yozuru...?)
  24. Mifuyu: (Humming while cleaning?)
  25. Mifuyu: (She seems to be the only one inside the trailer.)
  27. Sasame Yozuru.
  28. My impression of her is...
  29. That she's the most normal of the three.
  30. Lovely and well-mannered, so to speak.
  31. Mifuyu: (I see her as devoted to her duties and her fate.)
  32. Mifuyu: (And unlikely to act abruptly...)
  33. Mifuyu: (Surveilling her movements seems like a good source of information.)
  34. Miyufu: (...Whats this? More activity in the trailer?)
  35. Yozuru: I see, I see...
  36. Yozuru: .....
  37. Mifuyu: (Is that... a notebook...?)
  38. Mifuyu: (By the look of the cover... a memo pad of some kind...?)
  39. Mifuyu: (...She's staring at it so intently...)
  40. Mifuyu: --?!
  41. Mifuyu: (She just started grinning while staring at the book!!)
  42. Mifuyu: (What made her expression flip from serious to smiling like that...?)
  43. Mifuyu: (What on earth is written in that book...?)
  44. Mifuyu: (From what Nemu told me...)
  45. Mifuyu: ( times like this, most people try to calm down...)
  46. Mifuyu: (...and not overthink things.)
  47. Mifuyu: (She called it 'normalcy bias' --)
  48. Mifuyu: (in other words, averting one's eyes from reality.)
  49. Mifuyu: (A cautious person must plan for the worst-case scenario...)
  50. Mifuyu: (In the worst case... In the VERY worst case, that book may contain...)
  51. Mifuyu: (the plans to wipe us out...!)
  52. Mifuyu: (That's it!!)
  53. Mifuyu: (I can't entirely rule it out.)
  54. Mifuyu: Ah!
  55. Yozuru: .....
  56. Mifuyu: She's heading somewhere with the book in hand...!
  57. Mifuyu: I-I better follow her...!
  58. Mifuyu: Before it's too late to prevent a disaster!
  59. ---
  60. Yozuru: .....
  61. Mifuyu: (She's certainly walking a lot...)
  62. Mifuyu: (No sign of anything suspicious so far...)
  63. Mifuyu: (Ah, there she goes inside a shop.)
  64. Mifuyu: (Wait! That shop is...!)
  65. Mifuyu: Tsuruno-san's family restaurant!
  66. Tsuruno's Dad: Welcome!
  67. Tsuruno's Dad: The usual, I take it?
  68. Yozuru: If you please.
  69. Mifuyu: (Ah, she's getting a meal... Come to think of it, it is breakfast time after all.)
  70. Mifuyu: (It seems she's come often enough to be recognized on sight.)
  71. Mifuyu: (I wonder if she knows this restaurant belongs to Tsuruno-san's family?)
  72. Mifuyu: (...If so, is this an enemy surveillance...?!)
  73. Tsuruno's Dad: Here you go, fresh from the stove.
  74. Yozuru: Thank you for the meal.
  75. Yozuru: *slurp slurp*
  76. Yozuru: .....
  77. Mifuyu: (Not a word while she eats...)
  78. Yozuru: That was wonderful.
  79. Tsuruno's Dad: Okay, here's the bill.
  80. Tsuruno's Dad: We always appreciate your business.
  81. Yozuru: Oh! The pleasure's all mine...
  82. Yozuru: I don't like crowds very much...
  83. Yozuru: So when I asked one of the magi--- friends I met here in Kamihama,
  84. Yozuru: they mentioned this shop.
  85. Yozuru: And it worked out wonderfully.
  86. Tsuruno's Dad: It's worked out because... it's not crowded here...
  87. Tsuruno's Dad: ...Oh... oh dear... oh noooo...!
  88. Yozuru: Huh...?!
  89. Yozuru: Why are you crying...?!
  90. Tsuruno's Dad: Nooo.... Waaaah...!!
  91. Yozuru: Something's not right...!
  92. Yozuru: My notes recommend giving honest compliments....
  93. *flip flip*
  94. Yozuru: Yeah, that’s exactly what it says here...!
  95. Mifuyu: .....
  96. Miyufu: (Why does their banter feel so off-kilter...?)
  97. Mifuyu: (She did dig out that book...)
  98. Mifuyu: (...but under circumstances unrelated to Magical Girls...)
  99. Mifuyu: (Is it an attempt to cause Tsuruno-san's father grief?)
  100. Mifuyu: (No, she's too flustered for that...)
  101. Mifuyu: .....
  102. Mifuyu: (Drat. So many things I can't understand..)
  103. Mifuyu: (Out of the Puella Care trio, I figured Yozuru would be relatively easy to get a handle on.)
  104. Mifuyu: (But now I'm not so sure...)
  105. Mifuyu: (I can't read her movements at all...)
  106. Mifuyu: (No other choice but to keep tailing her.)
  107. ---
  108. Yozuru: .....
  109. Mifuyu: (Well, she apologized with all her might for making Tsuruno-san's father cry.)
  110. Mifuyu: (And then there's that book -- her movements are even more unpredictable than I thought.)
  111. Mifuyu: (At this rate, this may becomes a long battle….)
  112. Mifuyu: (Oh, now she's heading towards the shopping district.)
  113. Mifuyu: (Is she simply running errands? Or...)
  114. (man): Yozuru-chaaan! Welcome!
  115. (man): Wanna try one of these?
  116. Yozuru: Good morning. I'd love to.
  117. (boy): Yozuru-chan! We got some good beans in today!
  118. Yozuru: May I take a look?
  119. Mifuyu: (It’s a thoroughly ordinary shopping trip...)
  120. Mifuyu: (And nothing particularly inscrutible going on...)
  121. Mifuyu: (Not to mention, she's getting that treatment despite only arriving in Kamihama recently...)
  122. Mifuyu: (It seems she's already on good terms with the vendors here.)
  123. Mifuyu: (I suppose that reflects well on her disposition.)
  124. Mifuyu: (Unless... she can use magic to manipulate people's emotional responses, that is...)
  125. Mifuyu: (No, Coordination ability isn’t that kind of magic...)
  126. Mifuyu: (So, does that mean she’s...)
  127. Mifuyu: (...Oh?)
  128. (girl): Yozuru-oneechan!
  129. Yozuru: You are... that pharmacist's daughter, yes?
  130. (girl) Play piano for me!
  131. Yozuru: On the street piano over there? Certainly.
  132. Yozuru: Here I go.
  133. Yozuru: What do you think?
  134. (girl) Cool!!
  135. *clap clap clap*
  136. "You go, girl!"
  137. "My, so enchanting!"
  138. "Maybe I should have my daughter start piano lessons too?"
  139. Yozuru: I know full well this performance isn't that grand.
  140. Yozuru: But if everyone is enjoying it, that's all that matters.
  141. Mifuyu: (I see she's a skilled pianist too.)
  142. Mifuyu: (That's clearly the performance of someone who's been playing since they were little.)
  143. Mifuyu: (Maybe her upbringing was higher class than I thought...?)
  144. Mifuyu: (Whoops, she left while I was lost in thought.)
  145. Mifuyu: (Wait, isn't that the...?)
  146. Yozuru: Thanks for waiting me to come
  147. Livia: Oh, we ain't been waitin'. Just got here ourselves.
  148. Mifuyu: (The other two Puella Care members.)
  149. Mifuyu: (Were they planning to meet here?)
  150. Sudachi: *Mumble muffleffle!*
  151. Yozuru: Really? That's wonderful.
  152. Sudachi: *Mff..*
  153. Yozuru: Hmm? Is something wrong?
  154. Sudachi: *Mmfhfmm!*
  155. Yozuru: What?!
  156. Mifuyu: --?!
  157. Yozuru: I believe you are... Miss Azusa Mifuyu...?
  158. Mifuyu: .....
  159. Mifuyu: (M-my cover's blown...!)
  160. ---
  161. Sudachi: *Mmfhfmm!*
  162. Mifuyu: (I guess that was... "You're being followed".)
  163. Mifuyu: (Is that what she told Yozuru-san?)
  164. Miyufu: (I suppose there's still time to show them an illusion and flee...)
  165. Mifuyu: (No, that won't do, will it?)
  166. Mifuyu: (That would spoil my original goal, which is investigating them.)
  167. Mifuyu: (And I still haven't figured out her unpredictable movements from before...)
  168. Mifuyu: (...And I have to admit, I was already feeling the limit of tailing and surveillance...)
  169. Mifuyu: (Perhaps I’d be good to stay and try the more direct approach...)
  170. Sudachi: *Mumble mumble muffle!!*
  171. Yozuru: Umm... were you, by chance, tailing me...?
  172. Yozuru: You were glaring at me all this time!...
  173. Yozuru: ...or so, as Sudachi says...
  174. Yozuru: May I... inquire as to your intentions...?
  175. Mifuyu: .....
  176. Mifuyu: Forgive me for tailing you.
  177. Mifuyu: My deepest apologies.
  178. Mifuyu: The truth, Yozuru-san, is...
  179. Mifuyu: ...I wished to speak with you all, and took the liberty of following you.
  180. Yozuru: ...To talk, with us?
  181. Yozuru: If so, you needed only say the word...
  182. Yozuru: Perhaps I gave the impression of being difficult to engage in conversation...?
  183. Yozuru: I am trying my hardest not to...
  184. Mifuyu: T-that wasn't it it at all. Please don't worry.
  185. Mifuyu: However...
  186. Mifuyu: .....
  187. Livia: .....
  188. Livia: Whoopsie, Sudachi. I almost forgot.
  189. Sudachi: Mm?
  190. Livia: Still got stuff doin', don't we?
  191. Yozuru: Huh?
  192. Sudachi: *Mffm?*
  193. Livia: Yeah yeah, remembered now?
  194. Yozuru: No, she absolutely said "We did?" just now.
  195. Livia: Anyways. Yozuru, we leave her in your capable hands.
  196. Yozuru: ...Huh?
  197. Livia: .....
  198. Yozuru: .....
  199. Yozuru: U-understood...
  200. Mifuyu: (...! That verbal pause just now...)
  201. Mifuyu: (She probably used telepathy to tell her something...!)
  202. Mifuyu: (Some secret arrangement... tactical orders...? Fine, bring it on.)
  203. Livia: Countin' on ya, sweetie!
  204. Yozuru: ...O-okay, let us be going. I'll lead the way...
  205. Mifuyu: I appreciate it.
  206. ---
  207. Yozuru: Please be assured -- I am neutral, whatever may happen.
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