Feb 25th, 2021 (edited)
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A Word in German
by Derek Godin

Is there a word in German for "the longing
to experience something for the first time
again, with a beginner's mind, a disregard
for embarrassment in potentia, no fussing over
wins and losses, where the sense of rapture
bloomed from feeling the walls and sensing
which would bend and bow, where you wondered
how it could have escaped your hawk's eye
this whole time, how it could ever be this
good and not worry about whether it could be
this good again, the gut's infinite present,
a remedy for bleariness, a shield against
bereavement and worry, an assertion of
the open node on the long, long chain, a
new feather sprouting where once was spore
and bone, a wonderment you can snack on and
never be full, the only real currency your
heart trades in, taken everywhere, exchange
rate fair, always, more valuable than a thousand
treasure chests smelted in artificial fire?"
I'm sure I'd split my tongue saying it.

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