Sunset on a Bluff [lewd/cute] (SS/Anon)

Feb 16th, 2015
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  1. > ...
  2. "Sunset, this is the little girls section. I feel distinctly uncomfortable."
  3. > "Don't worry, as long as I'm here no one will think you are a pedophile. Now what do you think would look the cutest on Twilight's dog?"
  4. "Her...dog?"
  5. > "Yeah, that little lesbian is trying to seduce Rarity. She asked me for help, and I couldn't say no to such a cute little puppy."
  6. "You do realize that Spike...is a male dog?"
  7. > "You sure? Her voice is really high and girly."
  8. "Yeah, I got an eyeful one time."
  9. > "Ew. Well, if we're not getting...him, gosh that's so weird, ah, cute underwear, is there anything you want here?"
  10. "What?"
  11. > She starts walking towards the adult underwear area of the mall
  12. > You follow closely behind
  13. > "Like, want me to get you a sexy pair of panties and a bra, so you can ironically cross dress or maybe just jack off into them?"
  14. > Sunset is always like this
  15. > Trying to be a bro
  16. > Can't she tell you'd rather have a sis?
  17. > You can never paint your nails right
  18. "N-no, I'm good."
  19. > "Already got some then? Niiiiice. You gotta let me see them sometime, I wanna know what gets your jimmies rustled."
  20. > Some people should not be allowed around memes
  21. "Anyways, let's just get out of here. You hungry? I'm hungry."
  22. > Hamburger for you, hotdog for her
  23. > She gives you a wink
  24. > "Guess who I am!"
  25. > She fellates the hotdog, bun and all
  26. > "I just can't stop sucking all of these cocks!"
  27. > Boner, now is not the time
  28. > You know what she's getting at
  29. > It was a dark day when she saw you browsing 4chan on your phone
  30. > Still, you feel obligated to get it wrong
  31. "Rarity?"
  32. > "Nope! Try again!"
  33. > She rubs the hotdog against her cheek
  34. > "Cocks are all I think about!"
  35. > You glance around, but only the Japanese guy at the sushi counter seems to have noticed
  36. "Pernka Po?"
  37. > She giggles
  38. > "I love how you get her name wrong, every time! So funny! No, I'm OP!"
  39. > You feel a dread building in your soul
  40. > "Because OP is a faggot!"
  41. > Yup, there it is
  42. > Nothing is sacred
  43. > You didn't think anything could be sacred on 4chan, but then Sunset has a special way about her
  44. > It'd make you angry, but your boner overrule you every time
  45. "What an impression."
  46. > "Yup!"
  47. > She takes a bite and almost immediately moans
  48. > Damn
  49. > You try to distract yourself with your hamburger
  50. > It's okay, for being mall food
  51. > Your eyes are glued to her face
  53. > Be Sunset Shimmer
  54. > You had thought that all your sadistic tendencies, your love of power and control would be wiped away in the friendship beam
  55. > You have learned that is not the case
  56. > You love the way Anon squirms when you give him a boner
  57. > The emotional pain when you ham-fistedly force memes into everyday conversation
  58. > Sometimes you call him right before you get in a shower
  59. > "Anon, I'm totally going to pee in the shower."
  60. > "Anon, what sound does the beta rooster make? Cuck."
  61. > If you're really lucky, you can hear his frustrated scream right before he hangs up
  62. > It wasn't a sex thing before, when you were queen of the school
  63. > Now though, you just imagine Anon squirming, or suffering through another bad joke
  64. > Shower time is always fun
  65. > Now what were you doing?
  66. > Oh yeah
  67. > You hold out the hotdog towards Anon
  68. "Want a bite? It's reeeaaaallly good."
  70. > Be Anon
  71. > She made an offer you can't refuse
  72. > You lean forward and take a bite, your tongue caressing the teethmarks she left behind
  73. > Are you being weird about this?
  74. > You are being weird about this
  75. > Still, gotta act casual
  76. > You chew, nodding slightly
  77. > "Looks like someone else likes to fill their mouths with wieners."
  78. > You swallow
  79. "Says the girl who ordered the hotdog."
  80. > She shrugs
  81. > "I'm a girl, I'm allowed to like cocks."
  82. "Whatever."
  83. > You back to eating, Sunset following suit
  84. > About halfway through, you realize something
  85. > You rotate the hamburger, switching to the uneaten side
  86. > You lower your head and start licking the mustard from between the meat and the bun
  87. > She falters mid-bite
  88. > "What are you doing?"
  89. "Eating out."
  90. > Two can play at the pun game
  91. > She glances around nervously
  92. > "Come on, stop that! It's weird."
  93. "You're blushing. Jealous of the hamburger?"
  94. > This is surprisingly fun
  95. > "Seriously, stop, the Japanese guy is watching."
  96. > You look up, and meet his eyes
  97. > You nod at him
  98. > He nods back
  99. "Naw, we're cool. Now if you excuse me, my tongue is scheduled for some deep sea diving."
  100. > You pleasure that hamburger with long, deep tongue strokes
  101. > Finally she just snatches it out of your hands
  102. > "You can have my hotdog, I am confiscating your lunch."
  103. > She takes a bite out of your burger
  104. "You do realize my tongue has been all up inside there, right?"
  105. > Her blush deepens
  106. "Deep inside, covering the meat with my saliva."
  107. > "Shut up."
  108. > You take a bite out of her hotdog
  109. "Do you have a ladyboner thinking about my tongue now?"
  110. > Haha, there are no brakes on the teasing train!
  111. > She won't meet your eyes
  112. > Sunset shifts a little in her seat
  113. > Wait
  114. "You really do have a ladyboner?"
  115. > Her face turns beet red
  116. > "Sh-shut up!"
  117. > You lean back in your chair, mind blown
  118. > It all makes sense now
  119. "You're actually shy? That's it, isn't it? You wanted to model lingerie, but you lost the nerve and made up some lie about thinking Spike was a girl!"
  120. > She puts the hamburger down and glares at you
  121. > "That's not it at all! I was just..."
  122. > She pauses
  123. "It's alright, Sunset, really. I like you. If you want to be my girlfriend, I'm totally on board."
  124. > She buries her face in her hands
  125. > She's pretty cute when she's embarrassed
  127. > You are Sunset Shimmer and everything has gone wrong
  128. > You are the one who is supposed to be making all the innuendo!
  129. > He's not supposed to be erotically removing condiments from sandwiches
  130. > Oh god, he went down on a hamburger
  131. > And now you have some of that hamburger in your stomach
  132. > You might be grossed out if you weren't so turned on
  133. > There has to be a way to salvage this
  134. > What's the bro thing to do?
  135. "N-no homo."
  136. > He laughs
  137. > "Unless you are secretly a man, you just implied yes hetero."
  138. > Abort! Abort!
  139. "I just remembered, I have to go do something, it's been nice eating you!"
  140. > Wait
  141. "Eating with you! No, ugh, goodbye!"
  142. > You grab your purse and powerwalk away
  144. > Your name is Anon, and today was a good day
  145. > Perhaps you'll call her tomorrow morning, right before you take a shower
  147. > Your name is Sunset Shimmer, and everything is under control
  148. > After sleeping on it, you realize that nothing has really changed
  149. > Anon is Anon, and a boy, so you have the advantage
  150. > You stand naked in your bathroom, phone in your hand
  151. > Is your heart supposed to be beating so fast?
  152. > Was this how it always was, and you just didn't notice?
  153. > You push the thought from your mind
  154. > With a decisive twitch, you hit Anon's number
  155. > "Hello?"
  156. > You smile involuntarily at the sound of his voice
  157. > You can do this
  158. "Hi Anon! I just wanted you to know how much I value our friendship."
  159. > Yes, this is how it goes
  160. > "That's nice of you. I value our relationship too."
  161. > Yes, friend zone established
  162. "So, Anon. My parents aren't home, "
  163. > Which isn't a lie, they just happen to be ponies in another dimension
  164. > You can hear his breath quicken at the news
  165. > You get a little shiver of pleasure at the thought
  166. "And I need a big, strong man to mow the lawn."
  167. > Perfect, the old bait-and-switch
  168. > "You know, I'm onto you now."
  169. > Your blood runs cold, yet oddly you find your arousal growing
  170. > "You just want my sweaty, hot bod all to yourself. I'll be right over."
  171. "No! I mean, "
  172. > What was the point of this call anyhow?
  173. > He laughs and hangs up
  174. > Crap
  175. "I just wanted your tortured psyche."
  176. > You set the phone by the sink, no longer feeling up for a quick shower
  177. > Everything is just muddled inside
  178. > Still, you should do something, you are naked
  179. > You turn on the bath faucet, waiting for the hot water to get going
  180. > You eye the column of water thundering into your tub
  181. > That just might be what you need to clear your head
  182. > You lower yourself into the shallow water
  183. > It takes a little sliding, but you rest your legs up on the wall on either side of the faucet
  184. > Water cascades inside you, filling you up with firm but gentle pressure
  185. > You lay back, losing yourself in the sensation
  186. > Unbidden, images of Anon come to your mind
  187. > Skin glistening with sweat, muscles rippling
  188. > H-hard to believe he thinks you're shy
  189. > You shove the images away
  190. > The insistent pounding of the water makes it hard to concentrate
  191. > The thought comes, ' He'd be gentle. '
  192. > You can just imagine him kissing your cheek, your nose
  193. > Your hands on his chest
  194. > He pecks your lips, but your tongue surges into his mouth
  195. > He pulls back in surprise and you hold your breath
  196. > He grins
  197. > The next kiss has you tingling all over, toes curling in-
  198. > Wait
  199. > Are you really fantasizing about Anon?
  200. > You come to yourself with your hands positioned rather intimately, your hips bucking against the waterfall
  201. > You are so close
  202. > Fuck it
  203. > Anon buries himself deep within you, whispering your name in worship
  204. > You hook your ankles behind his back, your every curve pressed up against his firm masculinity
  205. > Your heart pounds, his fevered breath ghosting across your ear
  206. > "Sunset."
  207. > It's a distant sound, muffled by your building climax and the limits of your imagination
  208. > "Sunset!"
  209. > Your body is wracked with waves of pleasure, a tributary flow to the torrent in your womanhood
  210. > "Sunset!"
  211. > Wait, that's not your imagination
  212. > You hear the front door open
  213. > "Sunset, are you alright?"
  214. "Uh, yes, I'm fine!"
  215. > Crap crap crap
  216. > You turn off the faucet and stagger out of the tub
  217. > "Oh, okay. Sorry for breaking in."
  218. "It's-it's fine."
  219. > You grab a towel and gain a semblance of modesty
  220. > You step out of the bathroom, and
  221. > "Oh."
  222. > You turn slowly to find Anon, standing at the end of the hall, eyes wide
  223. > You point a stern finger at him, your other hand tightly pressing the towel above your bust
  224. "Don't even think about kissing me!"
  225. > He holds up his hands defensively
  226. > "Gonna be honest here. I'm not doing a lot of thinking right now, and it certainly isn't about kissing. Well, it wasn't."
  227. > Your eyes focus on his pants
  228. > Yep, that's a boner
  229. > You wonder how bi-
  230. "Stop it! Get out of my head!"
  231. > "Okay?"
  232. > You storm off to your bedroom to get some clothes and maybe some dignity
  234. > Well Anon, this is not how you expected your yard work/booty call to go
  235. > So while Sunset presumably puts on clothes, you go sit on the couch
  236. > When she does come out, she's in jeans, maybe a shirt, but definitely a fluffy, white winter coat
  237. > Odd
  238. > First things first though, establishing why she asked you over
  239. "So, do you really need me to mow the lawn, or did you want me to mow your lawn, or what?"
  240. > She sits on the other end of the couch and puts her face in her hands
  241. > "I don't know, okay?"
  242. > Hmmm, this is a little serious
  243. "Alright, how about what -were- you hoping for, back when you called me?"
  244. > Sunset takes a deep breath and lowers her hands
  245. > "Honestly? I wanted you to have a case of the blueballs again."
  246. > Huh
  247. "And where does your bathing figure into this? And why is only the back of your head wet?"
  248. > She gingerly touches her hair, sensing the difference
  249. > She looks you square in the eyes, daring you to doubt her next answer
  250. > "It's a girl thing."
  251. > Unfortunately for her, she's been your "bro" for a while, so you know a fair bit about girl things
  252. "Cramps, huh?"
  253. > "No! I mean, yeah, cramps. It started yesterday, that's why I had to go so suddenly."
  254. "Isn't your period usually about two weeks from now?"
  255. > Her face colors
  256. > "How do you know about that?"
  257. > You roll your eyes
  258. "It's when you demand 'brocolates' and have me make you cinnabro tea. Now what's really going on?"
  259. > She just sits there, fidgeting with the coat sleeves
  260. > You wait a bit, watching her face
  261. "Maybe wearing a winter coat in the middle of the summer isn't a great idea."
  262. > Sunset glares at you
  263. > "I'm fine!"
  264. > You raise your eyebrows at that
  265. > You do have a theory, but it's a bit of a long shot
  266. "Is it that you thought you were a lesbian, but then you realized you are also attracted to me?"
  267. > She stares at you blankly
  269. > You stare at him blankly
  270. > That is the most absurd, ridiculous,
  271. > Halfway reasonable? Surprisingly useful explanation
  273. > Sunset Shimmer smiles, a beautiful smile
  274. > "That's it exactly."
  275. > Nailed it
  276. "I get it. You don't want to go too fast with your suddenly hetero feelings. How about we spend today like we normally do, with Super Smash Brothers catfights?"
  277. > She grins at that
  278. > "Promise you'll be gentle?"
  279. "Get real. I'm going to nail you so hard with Samus."
  280. > "You can try, but you'll be lucky if I let you get a shot off."
  282. > It's the sixth match, and you are killing Anon with the Wii Fit Trainer
  283. > It's not going to be like it was before, he isn't oblivious now
  284. > Still, he thinks you want to take it slow, and there is so much you can do with that
  285. > It's a useful lie, and you need to try it out, to see if you can still manipulate him
  286. > Samus claps from her lowly position in the final rankings
  287. "Hey, you will be gentle, right?"
  288. > He gives you a smile and nudges your shoulder with his
  289. > "I'll be what you want me to be."
  290. > You unzip your winter coat, catching the way his eyes drift to your bosom
  291. "Good."
  292. > You still have him wrapped around your finger, just as his girlfriend rather than his bro
  293. > You can live with that.
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