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  1. Necromancer
  3. There are some who fight with steel and some who fight with fire. But it is the rare individual who fights with the already dead…Necromancers are possessers of forbidden knowledge and ancient lore that allows them to conjure the spirits of the slain and damned to do their bidding. Bound to the Necromancer, these Shades do their master’s bidding – for good or ill.
  5. Role: Defender
  6. Necromancers use their Shades to fight their enemies face to face. Unflinching and frighteningly skilled, these undying warriors make perfect guardians – facing the most dangerous monsters without fear of death.
  8. HP / Healing surges = as Cleric
  9. Weapon profs: all simple weapons
  10. Implements: staffs, rods, wands
  11. Armour profs: cloth, leather, hide?
  14. Call Shade
  15. Conjuration
  16. Minor action, range 10
  18. You call forth a Shade in an unoccupied square within range. This ancient warrior can be attacked but has no HP and cannot be killed. It can flank and is immune to area attacks. Its defences are equal to your own with +2 bonus to AC. Whenever it takes damage, the Necromancer takes an equal ammount of damage.
  20. Shade Opportunity Attack
  21. Opportunity Attack, shade power, implement power, melee 1
  22. Trigger: when an enemy adjacent to your Shade moves without shifting and/or whenever a marked enemy makes an attack that doesn’t include the marker?
  23. On a hit, deal X damage.
  25. Chilling Foe - necromancer marking power
  26. Free action once per round, implement power, shade power, close burst 1
  27. Target: enemies
  28. Effect: the targets are marked  until the end of your next turn. In addition, your Shade can also use its opportunity attack when an adjacent target it has marked shifts.
  30. Dread Protector - necromancer class feature
  31. Whenever you mark an enemy, you may choose to have the mark originate from your shade instead.
  34. Forbidden Magic (choice of class features)
  36. -   Knight of the Black
  37. Possessed of unnatural vigor, your ancient spells ward your mortal form from harm. You gain Toughness as a bonus feat and while you are within range 5 of your shade any damage you would take from your Shade is reduced by half con-mod + 1/2/3 depending on tier.
  39. -   Master of Shadows
  40. Gifted with a supernatural control of undeath, your minions respond effortlessly to your commands. Your Shade gains a bonus to damage rolls on opportunity attacks = to your cha mod (add a feat to help OA attacks too). Additionally, you also gain sudden summons as a bonus feat.
  42. Power effects
  43. Encounter powers that help defend as immediates
  44. Encounter powers that act as 'mini summons'
  45. Daily powers that boost the shade
  46. Daily powers that summon more
  47. Attacks that weaken
  48. Attacks that drain life
  49. Insubstantial powers
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