Anon - [Nameless] [Virgo/Sepia/massage/cuddly/silly/sfw]

Mar 24th, 2018
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  1. Full tags: Virgo, Sepia, massage, cuddly, slightly silly, slightly suggestive, sfw
  3. >“What the...”
  4. >You drop the bag you were holding and let it hit the floor as Sepia waves her hoof at you
  5. “Hi Virgo!”
  6. >You keep staring at her with an open mouth before you collect yourself.
  7. >“Hi Sepia, fancy seeing you here. Umm, why exactly are you here?”
  8. >Sepia starts making her way towards you skipping happily
  9. “I was wondering how I could repay you about the help you gave me last week, and then Caramel told me I could do it by surprising you when you came home from your trip. She told me that would make you happy!”
  10. >Sepia walks past you smiling and closes your front door that you left open
  11. >“I see... so I take it the outfit was her idea as well?”
  12. >You glance at Sepia who’s back is turned towards you
  13. “Yeah. Do you like it? I like all the pretty little details it has”
  14. >Sepia wiggles her behind a bit and you gulp
  15. >How that moth can not see that a lacy outfit that has a heart shaped opening, one lined with fluffy fur, on the area which should be covering a certain critical area, as not an embarrassing lewd outfit is a mystery you will never know
  16. >“Yeah, it’s very nice”
  17. >No need to lie to the poor oblivious gal
  18. “Good, I was not sure if you would like pretty outfits, with being a stallion”
  19. >You push your bag against the wall and start to make your way to your living room
  20. >“Don’t worry, stallions like pretty outfits, even more than you can imagine”
  21. >You slouch on your couch, tired from all the walking and flying you had to do in the past few days
  22. >Sepia herself lands on the couch as well and joins your company
  23. “So a lot of stallions like to dress up like Moon Dust and Gemini?”
  24. >You are about to correct her but then remember you don’t have the stamina to try and explain it to her
  25. >“Yeah”
  26. >You glance at Sepia who goes silent, as if she’s thinking about something
  27. “You want me to take this off so you can wear it?”
  28. >Sepia points at the lacy fetish garment she’s wearing
  29. >“Nah I’m good, besides it looks better on you”
  30. >Sepia thanks you with the slightest hint of an embarrassed blush on her face
  31. >You let out a yawn and stretch your hooves a little
  32. >your joints crack a bit at the much needed stretching and your slouch becomes an even more relaxed one as you sigh in comfort
  33. >Suddenly Sepia pipes up
  34. “Oh right, Caramel told me I should also try giving you a massage”
  35. >You raise an eyebrow
  36. >“Did she tell you to do anything else than that?”
  37. >Sepia shakes her head
  38. “No. Do you not like massages?”
  39. >You shake your head
  40. >“No, a massage will do fine.”
  41. >You just don’t want to end up with blue balls the size of Luna’s moon once again like these things always seem to end with this one
  42. >And even if Sepia is a real sight for sore eyes in that getup, you are feeling absolutely pooped so the faster she feels content she’s paid you back the faster you can get some sleep
  43. “If you’ll lie on your front I can get started. I’m no expert though, but I’ll do my best”
  44. >Sepia nods with confidence as you settle down for your much-needed massage
  45. >As you close your eyes you suddenly remember something that makes your eyes shoot right open
  46. >Sepia’s been getting massaging lessons from Caramel, what if she’s taught her something that’ll bite you on the a-
  47. >as Sepia hooves make contact with your body you tense up, but then relax
  48. >it’s just a normal massage
  49. >You can’t help but to smile goofily as Sepias awkward massage makes you feel very relaxed and pleasant
  50. >She let’s out a few sounds and words of uncertainty every now and then as she massages you, pausing to ask if she’s doing it right
  51. >you have to admit she’s not as good as Caramel, but for a beginner she’s quite good
  52. >you could easily see her helping at Caramels massage parlor with this skill level
  53. “Does it feel good?”
  54. >you let out a soft hum of an answer
  55. >“Yes~”
  56. >You have your eyes closed but you are sure Sepia is giving you a happy smile for doing it right
  57. >If only she was not so oblivious...
  58. >though you have to admit, thanks to it she’s got a friendship with you that differs from the one you have on all the other mares
  59. >well, maybe Squeak as well, but then again she’s more of a... Squeak, instead of your usual mare
  60. >You feel like putty on your sofa as Sepia keeps massaging you
  61. “Alright, time for the finishing touch”
  62. >You barely register Sepia’s words, that is until you feel something warm and soft settle on your back and starting to gently grind her whole body against yours
  63. >It feels pleasant, very pleasant
  64. >You tend to forget how petite she actually is, and this sort of full body contact reminds you of that pretty well
  65. >Not to mention her tufts feel so good
  66. >As you start to feel some natural reaction to this you sigh
  67. >“Caramel taught you this?”
  68. >Sepia keeps rubbing herself against you gently as she answers
  69. “Yeah, she told me this would make you really happy”
  70. >Her warm breath tickles your neck along with her feelers
  71. >“Yes, she’s right, it does make me really happy”
  72. >Maybe a bit too happy
  73. >Feeling regretful you have to end such a pleasant thing, you speak up again
  74. >“That was such a good massage Sepia that I think I’m going to go to sleep pretty soon”
  75. >Sepia stops and climbs off of you
  76. “So it made you feel really good?”
  77. >You nod
  78. >Sepia gives you a happy smile
  79. “Good, I was afraid I would not be unable to repay all the help you gave last week... glad to hear I could pull it off after all!”
  80. >feeling your happiness subside you sit back up and wave your hoof
  81. >“You would not have needed to repay me anyway, that’s what friends are for”
  82. >Sepia laughs a bit and looks at the floor in slight embarrassment
  83. “I still wanted to repay you anyway...”
  84. >You give Sepia one of your trademark smirks
  85. >“If you would have asked me I could have come up with a lot of ways for you to repay me~”
  86. >Sepia lifts her gaze back up and nods
  87. “I was thinking of doing that, but for some reason Goldie told me to not do it and ask somepony else”
  88. >You laugh a bit at how Golden Corral’s plan did not go so well since Sepia ended up asking Caramel for advice
  89. >“I would hang about with you a lot more if I was not this tired, since I just love~ the company of smoking hot mares”
  90. >You are about to continue but Sepia looks at herself a few times and then back at you and tilts her head
  91. “I’m smoking?”
  92. >You shake your head
  93. >“Just a figure of speech. But I think I need to go to sleep now, I was already feeling tired and that lovely massage you gave me sealed the deal”
  94. >Sepia’s face brightens up a lot
  95. “You really liked the massage? I wasn’t sure I was doing it right...”
  96. >You nod and grin
  97. >“Yes, it was really good, in fact if you ever need to practice those massaging skills of yours, I’m your guy. You can rummage your hooves all over my body~”
  98. >Sepia seems delighted at this, completely missing the innuendo as per usual
  99. “I should get going then so you can go to sleep”
  100. >You wave Sepia goodbye and she starts heading towards your door, giving you yet another glance at that outfit showing off a lot of things
  101. >As you stare at her swaying little butt you suddenly open your mouth
  102. >“Sepia wait”
  103. >Sepia stops and turns towards you as you hop off the couch
  104. >you walk past her and grab a traveling cloak and then throw it on her, covering her body up
  105. >“There, it’s a bit chilly out this evening”
  106. >Sepia looks at the cloak and then gives you a little smile
  107. “Thanks Virgo”
  108. >you smirk and suddenly deliver a firm yet gentle slap on Sepia behind, making her hop forward in surprise while letting out a soft surprised squeak
  109. >“No need to thank me. Now get going before it’s too dark out there”
  110. >Sepia nods and then leaves after saying goodbye and wishing you sweet dreams
  111. >You’re sure that there’ll be hell to pay tomorrow for that little slap, but that’s alright
  112. >You’re not a bad guy but not a saint either
  113. >You smile happily at the cute little hop of surprise Sepia did as your hoof connected with her perky petite butt and head towards your bedroom with the sensation of her warm body on top of you still fresh in your mind
  114. >finally, sleep
  116. Mentioned: Caramel, Golden Corral
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