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  1. Region/Characters/Story Info
  2. Parudeya (confirmed as Paldea) [パルデヤ] Region. Has 3 cities and 9 towns.
  3. -The region is considerably larger than all of Hisui combined if you consider the oceans and islands that surround it.
  4. -Gyms can be done in any order, but the teams/levels don't change.
  5. -Gym Leader types: Bug, Grass, Water, Ice (confirmed as Grusha), Electric, Normal, Ghost, Psychic.
  6. -They also have jobs such as: streamer (Electric), snowboarder (Grusha), rapper, supermodel (Psychic)
  7. -Gym Leaders have "important secrets".
  8. -Each gym can be cleared twice in the main game.
  9. -The water-type Gym is located at the town on water.
  10. -The Normal-type gym is not located on a mountain.
  11. --Elite Four returns.
  12. Types used by E4 does not overlap those of Gym Leaders: Dragon, Flying, Ground, and Steel.
  13. -They were shown in the recent trailer (Aug 3).
  14. One of them is a kid.
  15. -One of them is a relative of one of the Gym leaders.
  16. -The Gym Leaders and Elite Four will use Pokemon not of their type specialty, but will utilize Terastalization.
  17. -Rival (confirmed as Penny) is a red-haired female whose personality is not like Hop. She only uses Eevee and her -evolutions. Her ace is Sylveon.
  18. -Nemona uses Pawmi and Lycanroc.
  19. -Arven is related to Professor Sada and Turo (Khu).
  20. -The female teacher wearing black shown with a Hariyama (Aug 3) also uses a Medicham. She oes not have an important role though.
  21. -The main villain was shown in the recent trailer (Aug 3).
  22. -There is more than one Champion, whose gender also depends on the game's version. Apparently already shown in the trailers.
  23. -Prof. Sada & Turo ONLY appears on their respective versions.
  24. -There are classes, interviews and exams in the game.
  25. -The racing flags signify "enemies/opponents".
  26. -SV's story is "tear jerkingly good".
  27. -SV has multiple endings. There are a total of 3 routes (confirmed). Finishing all 3 leads to the true ending.
  28. -The rift at the center of Paldea can be explored post-game.
  30. Gameplay Info
  31. -Wild Pokemon levels do not scale.
  32. -Clothing options are only limited to pants and shorts (no skirts), all tops are school uniforms, and facial -customization is still in. Hairstyles are also limited.
  33. -There is a crystal mirror maze area that may cause inappropriate behavior among players. Hence, the removal of skirts.
  34. -The camera is controllable during battle.
  35. -Mass outbreaks return.
  36. -Alpha Pokemon are present, but under a different name and are tied to the story.
  37. -Overworld Pokemon size variation returns.
  38. -Shiny Pokemon can be seen on the overworld.
  39. -There is a Pokemon catching mechanic that doesn't involve battles.
  40. -Picnics are the new camping mechanic.
  41. -Eggs are obtained through this feature.
  42. -Incubators are used to hatch the eggs.
  43. -It takes around 1-2 hours for eggs to hatch.
  44. -It is unknown if it refers to in-game hours or real-time clock. Also unknown if step count still affects hatching.
  45. -You can wash your Pokemon during picnics, which heals their HP and raises friendship.
  46. -You can make sandwiches.
  47. -Pokemon can only follow you outdoors.
  48. -The move tutor feature is similar to PLA, and is accessible via the in-game menu (pressing X).
  49. -There is a "Time Warping" feature that only applies to Pokemon.
  50. -There is an Auction feature with NPCs. You can only buy from them though.
  51. -Rotom's catalog can only be obtained through auctions.
  52. -There is an NPC who will trade Pokemon from a previous game.
  53. -There is a quest where you need to collect 10 pieces of a certain item by defeating Bronzor/Sinistea (based on version), which allows you to obtain an evolution item for evolving the Fire Warrior/Blade Pokemon.
  54. -There is DLC.
  55. -There are raid battles. (confirmed as Tera Raid Battles)
  56. -There are no racing minigames (unclear).
  57. -You do not visit Kalos post-game.
  58. -Missing/removed/changed features:
  59. -No daycare centers (see Picnics above)
  60. -No ranked battles (for now).
  61. -No new types, but will introduce new type combinations.
  62. -No new evolutionary stones.
  63. -No National Dex.
  64. -No difficulty settings.
  65. -No returning characters.
  66. -No Mega Evolution.
  67. -No Z-Moves.
  68. -No bicycle.
  69. -No fishing.
  70. -No voice acting.
  71. -The ability "Download" has been removed.
  73. General Pokemon Info
  74. -The National Dex now surpasses 1,000 total Pokemon. The 1,000th Pokemon is nothing special.
  75. -Regional Pokedex has around 400 Pokemon.
  76. -There is a sidequest that Eevee fans will enjoy.
  77. -All previous starters, all fossil Pokemon, Unown, Jynx, Wailord, Metagross, Milotic, Golurk, Minior, Furfrou, Aipom, Toucannon, Woobat, Applin, Beedrill, Porygon, Sharpedo, Smeargle, Meltan, Absol, Abra, Plusle, Minun, Snubbull, Poliwag, Meowstic, Chandelure, Minior, Togedemaru, Furfrou, Gliscor, Chatot, Whimsicott, Shedinja, Metagross and Kommo-o are absent.
  78. Rotom, Garchomp, Sunflora, Goodra (and Hisuian Goodra), Rotom, Komala, Teddiursa, Weezing, Houndour, Skwovet, Mimikyu, Staraptor, Magikarp, Salamence, Crabominable, Snover, Sudowoodo, Teddiursa, Ditto, Klefki, Oricorio, Grimmsnarl are present.
  79. -Not all Hisuian forms are in the game.
  80. -Greninja, Giratina might be able to be transferred from Pokemon HOME.
  82. New Pokemon Info
  83. --There are 109 new Pokemon (according to Khu).
  84. There are a total of 45 Pokemon lines, 5 cross-gen evolutions, 16 Paradox Pokemon, and 4 regional variants. Line breakdown are as follows:
  85. -[8] 3-stage lines, including starters
  86. -[21] 2-stage lines + [1] 2-stage line with split evo
  87. -[9] Pokemon that do not evolve
  88. -[6] Legendary Pokemon
  89. Starter Pokemon:
  90. -Spirgatito's evo is "so-so" in terms of cuteness, has a broken hidden ability, and has a magician theme.
  91. -Its middle evolution uses a wand/yoyo-like item.
  92. -Final evo is classified as "Magician Pokemon". It knows a Grass-type move that use magic to heal itself and damage foes. -It also knows a Dark-type hex move that causes damage and burn/paralysis to foes, but needs a recharge on the next turn.
  93. -This evolution line is the only new cat Pokemon.
  94. -Fuecoco has a singer/rockstar theme.
  95. -It's middle evo has a flaming egg on its head.
  96. -The final evo has a flaming bird instead. Its signature move has something to do with sound. Apparently, it can also stands on two legs.
  97. -Quaxly's evolution has a carnival/peacock dancer theme.
  98. -Starters leg count as they evolve:
  99. -Sprigatito: 4 > 2 > 2
  100. -Fuecoco: 2 > 2 > 4/2(?)
  101. -Quaxly: 2 > 2 > 2
  102. New Pokemon:
  103. -Single-stage Pokemon:
  104. -flamingo (Flying/Fighting)
  105. -parakeet (Normal/Flying)
  106. -earthworm (Steel; 2.5m or 8.2ft long)
  107. -Klawf (Rock)
  108. -sushi (Water/Dragon)
  109. -sushi chef catfish/oyakata (Water)
  110. -crane-like big bird
  111. -lightweight "hake" fish (???/???; does not fly)
  112. -Motorbike (Dragon; said to be the origin of Koraidon/Miraidon) [Confirmed Cyclizar on Aug 21 trailer; Dragon/Normal]
  113. 2-stage Pokemon:
  114. -Lechonk + Lechonk2 (physical gender difference; F-Lechonk2 has lipstick, M-Lechonk also has some sort of makeup)
  115. -Cetitan1 + Cetitan (Ice)
  116. -Fidough + Fidough2 (Fairy; red and brown in color)
  117. -engine (Poison/Steel; has tires rather than legs)
  118. -dolphin (Water; evo has 2 forms: one is a bipedal superhero)
  119. -flower (Poison/Rock; the leaked pic is the 2nd stage)
  120. -chili pepper kappa (Grass/Fire)
  121. -coin/ningen (Ghost; difficult to obtain, similar to Spiritomb in PLA; varies in color)
  122. -plasma frog (Electric/Psychic)
  123. -scarab/dung beetle (Bug, then Bug/Psychic)
  124. -ostrich (Psychic)
  125. -mushroom (Grass/???; Tentacool-like)
  126. -pink eel (Water; Diglett-like)
  127. -waterfowl/petrel (Electric/Flying)
  128. -dark dog (Dark)
  129. -ghost dog (Ghost)
  130. -rodent/marsupial (has 'Parental Bond' ability; mice couple that evolves into a mice family)
  131. -spider (Bug)
  132. -grasshopper/Kamen Rider-inspired (Bug/Dark)
  133. -Aye-Aye-Grafarai-Normal/Poison
  134. -tumbleweed (Grass/Ghost; not Tangela-like)
  135. -knight split evo: Armarouge (Scarlet; Fire/Psychic) OR Ceruledge (Violet; Fire/Ghost)
  136. 3-stage Pokemon:
  137. -Pawmi + Pawmi2 + Pawmi3 (Electric/Fighting; has 1-PP move that revives Pokemon)
  138. --Smoliv + Smoliv2 + Smoliv3 (Grass/Normal; olive tree)
  139. hammer fairy (Fairy/Steel; one of E4's ace)
  140. -minecraft-like/blocky rock salt (Rock)
  141. -pseudo-legendary (Ice/Dragon)
  142. Legendary Pokemon:
  143. -Four Perils (they are part of the main story, may be antagonistic, are caught similar to Galarian Legendary Birds, and can be found anywhere)
  144. -Dinglu/deer (Dark/Ground)
  145. -Yuyu/fish (Dark/Fire)
  146. -Jianbao/leopard (Dark/Ice)
  147. -Jianwo/snail (Dark/Grass)
  148. -Koraidon/Miraidon
  149. -They are the only ride Pokemon. (confirmed)
  150. -They act similar to PLA ride Pokemon (flying, swimming, climbing, etc).
  151. -Its Battle Form is unlocked post-game.
  152. -The basic riding and low jump forms are obtained after unlocked free-roam (which takes around 2 in-game hours). -Swimming, flying, etc are obtained by progressing through the game.
  153. -You can trade (a second?) Miraidon and Koraidon with other players to register them in your Dex.
  154. -They each have an item exclusively for them.
  155. Other details:
  156. -One of the new Pokemon is a Ghost/Fairy
  157. -One of the Pokemon has an "insanely good" ability but bad type resistances.
  158. -There is a third mascot legendary, but it is most likely saved for the DLC.
  159. -The angry face on the Terastal crystals is related to it.
  160. -No new fossil Pokemon.
  162. New Forms/Evolutions Info
  163. -The only regional variants:
  164. -Paldean Wooper (Poison) (type confirmed as Poison/Ground)
  165. -Aside from its regular form, Tauros has 3 regional forms in the game. Its types can either be: Fire, Electric, Ice, -Grass, Water, Poison or Ghost. It also has a shared typing. It is not: Steel, Flying, Ghost, Dragon, Fairy or Normal.
  166. -Tauros (Normal)
  167. -Paldean Tauros [Black] (Fighting)
  168. -Paldean Tauros [Red] (Fighting/Fire)
  169. -Paldean Tauros [Blue] (Fighting/Water)
  170. -Pokemon with new evolutions:
  171. -Paldean Wooper2 (brown in color)
  172. -Girafarig2 (Psychic; name is also a palindrome)
  173. -Dunsparce2 (Normal; evolution doesn't fly and looks like a bigger Dunsparce)
  174. -Primeape3 (Fighting/Ghost; evolution method is interesting; has long fur and looks like a hermit; most difficult Pokemon to obtain)
  175. -Bisharp3 (Steel/Dark)
  176. -Paradox Pokemon (Ancient/Future forms) are considered different Pokemon, will have separate Pokedex entries and have -different names.
  177. -There are a total of 16 Paradox Pokemon:
  178. -Ancient Forms:
  179. -Donphan (Ground/Fighting)
  180. -Volcarona (Bug/Fighting)
  181. -Amoonguss (Grass/???)
  182. -Jigglypuff (???/Fairy)
  183. -Misdreavus (Ghost/Fairy)
  184. -Magneton
  185. -Salamence (Dark/Flying)
  186. -Suicune
  187. -Future Forms:
  188. -Donphan (Ground/Electric)
  189. -Volcarona (Fire/Poison)
  190. -Gallade (Fairy/Fighting)
  191. -Hariyama (Fighting/???)
  192. -Delibird (Ice/Water)
  193. -Hydreigon or Zweilous (Dark/Flying)
  194. -Tyranitar (Dark)
  195. -Virizion
  196. -Note that Gallade may also be Kirlia or Gardevoir. Hydreigon may also be Zweilous.
  197. -Type distribution (25/28): 5 Fighting, 4 Electric, 3 Fairy, 3 Dragon, 3 Dark, 2 Ground, 1 Ghost, 1 Grass, 1 Ice, 1 Bug, 1 Fire, 3 unknown types.
  198. -Ancient Suicune and Future Virizion were removed from the game's data, but may possibly return in the future.
  199. -They only change in name and appearance.
  200. -They are neither ancestors nor descendants of existing Pokemon.
  201. -All Paradox Pokemon are dual-typed.
  202. -They do not evolve, but are very strong in battle.
  203. -Ancient forms are Scarlet-exclusive. Future forms are Violet-exclusive.
  204. -These Pokemon are found on the endgame area, and you can encounter several of them unlike SM's Ultra Beasts.
  205. -There is a minotaur, but it's not a new Pokemon.
  206. -Hypno does not evolve but may get a new form.
  207. -Kaka posted a golden Sudowoodo on a skateboard. However, he also said that Sudowoodo doesn't get anything new.
  208. -Convergent Pokemon/RFakes aren't a thing. Khu admitted that he had mistaken the new eel Pokemon as a Diglett variant.
  209. -New Rotom forms were found in the data, but was removed.
  210. -No new forms for Magnemite, Lucario, Dodrio, Lugia, Ho-oh.
  211. -No new evolutions for Eevee, Golduck, Sunflora, Maractus.
  213. Gimmick Details (Crystallization) (confirmed as Terastal Phenomenon)
  214. -A special ball-like item (confmred as Tera orb) given by Nemona, that can be used once per battle.
  215. -Can be used on all Pokemon (including Paradox Pokemon), but reverts once recalled or fainted.
  216. -When used, it gives the Pokemon a crystalline aura and additional flourish (like the skull-and-bones).
  217. -It buffs a single type (which can be changed).
  218. -These forms are not registered in the Pokedex.
  220. Uncertain (from Kaka's Q&A)
  221. -If Quaxly's evo fights with its legs
  222. -If Kneading is Sprigatito's signature move
  223. -If Ursaring, Stantler, or Scyther can evolve into PLA evos
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