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happy day with Yuuka 4

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Nov 14th, 2020
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  1. 5 years have passed since Yuuka gave birth to your first child, and you must admit - raising children is a challenging task. Raising 5 children, with only a single year in age difference, is more difficult. Raising half-youkai children with nightmarish destructive capabilities and powers beyond comprehension is near impossible. But you enjoyed every second of it. Seeing Yuuka spend time with your children showed her beautiful character in ways that made you fall in love with her all over again. Of course, with a near army of maids, things should have been simple, but Yuuka insisted on taking full responsibility for their development. She showed remarkable serenity and patience in dealing with them, no matter what ridiculous situations they got themselves into or fairies they accidentally murdered. She was stern but fair, strict but loving, incredibly persuasive even to the small and simple mind of a child. Of course they had their bad behavior - refusing to eat their vegetables, resisting their homeschooled education, fighting with their siblings over toys. But with just a few soft words from Yuuka, it all stopped. She parented by stressing principles, values, leading by example. It is said children often learn how to fight by watching their parents argue with each other, but on the opposite hand - they could learn great love by watching their parents be kind and respectful to each other. And Yuuka never stopped her ceaseless spoiling of you, though you were both very careful to limit contact to kissing and hugging in their presence. In between the heavy task of raising 5 girls in a massive mansion, you also began the labor of learning magic. Mugenkan was a veritable treasure trove of arcane knowledge, though Yuuka herself had little interest in these magical tomes herself - preferring to keep them more as spoils of war. The greatest of all these tomes was the Grimoire of Alice, the key to the "Ultimate Magic", plundered by Yuuka in one of her most legendary exploits. An avid reader, the study of magic came naturally to you. Though you did not study out of mere curiosity, but out of pressing needs. The most important was life extension. Yuuka tried to avoid the topic as much as possible, but it was the clear elephant in the room at all times. Your human lifetime was nothing more than a blink of an eye for someone like Yuuka, and her fear of losing you remained, even though the chances of you dying young was unlikely in this dream world. Some humans spend their entire lives researching magic and creating their own spells, only to come up short. Others, such as the doll maker, were able to learn magic while they were still quite young, easily overcoming the small barrier that was mortality. All too serendipitously, you now held the personal spell book of that very woman in your own hands. You made excellent progress, managing to replicate the process Alice used towards abandoning the need for physical sustenance. Slowly you began to transform into something of a magician youkai yourself, though you couldn't yet manage the more difficult repertoire of spells in the grimoire. But the primary goal was accomplished, you have not aged in the past 5 years. Looking exactly the same year after year was somewhat eerie, but discarding your humanity was a small price to pay for eternal love.
  2. Hehe, don't worry about that darling, get some rest. Yuuka says as she hugs you from behind, smothering you with her body. You have put me at ease already, why torture yourself by studying further?
  3. You tell Yuuka that you would like to become stronger, to help protect the family, and to be less of a burden.
  4. Aha, so it's about that is admirable. You are no burden to me, but I see the sense, yes. But if you want to become strong, staying cooped in this library will only get you so far. What you need is experience! Come with me to the courtyard.
  5. In the middle of the night, you prepare yourself to spar with an ancient youkai of phenomenal power. Who also happens to be your wife. Regardless of how little damage any of your spell flinging will actually accomplish, the whole thing still feels somewhat off. Chasing around each other in the sky, Yuuka fights gracefully, weaving mesmerizing floral patterns into the air. You push yourself to the physical and mental limit to summon the greatest firepower you can muster, but it's to no effect. Exhausted, your clothing come apart at the seams, Yuuka calls it a night.
  6. Now that's how you do it! I'm so proud of you dear. Please don't compare yourself to me, what you have accomplished in such a short time frame is truly remarkable. In just a few hundred years or so, you could be one of Gensokyo's finest magicians!
  7. Hundred years? Perhaps the true requirement to becoming a powerful youkai was to lose your sanity first, you joke. Yuuka laughs heartily, unable to refute that bit.
  8. Let's take a bath now. The children are all asleep right now...we should have a little time to ourselves.
  9. At the far side of the courtyard was a luxurious swimming pool, surrounded by lush flora, like a scene from paradise itself. It's good to rest your muscles after working out hard like that, Yuuka says. Come in for a spell...
  10. Yuuka strips down completely naked and slowly enters the still water. Illuminated by the moonlight, her body looked irresistible, coming in and out of view tantalizingly. She swims through the water gracefully, her wet green hair - now hip length - floating at her side like long green snakes. Mmmmm, nice and warm...stop looking at me like that and come in already...
  11. As you enter the pool, Yuuka swims up by your side, wrapping her arms around you. Under the water, she begins to rub against you, the softness of her skin and the warmth of the water lulling you into a trance. Hehe, it seems we've both been a little stressed out lately, Yuuka muses. I kind of miss when we used to fuck all day you know...but the more I'm away from your touch, the more I crave it, and the sweeter it is when we do get some alone time...
  12. Yuuka grabs your erect member, sliding it inside herself slowly. Yes, let's stay like this for a good long while dear...kiss me like it's that first time again...ahhhh
  13. Pushing her weight closer to you, you lean in for a kiss. Her soft delicate lips still retaining their maidenly lusciousness, age having so little an effect on the woman. A flower in full bloom, yours to view and nobody else's. You kiss her neck, her shoulders, Yuuka's moans and sighs pure music to your ears. Massaging your chest with her huge breasts, wrapping her legs around you, she clings to you with desperate longing. Carrying her out of the water, you toss and turn in the grass with Yuuka, savoring her soaking wet body sliding up and down on your cock. The way Yuuka's long hair blended into the color of the grass felt like you were in the womb of mother nature herself. Raptured in bliss, Yuuka lying on her back, closing her eyes, arms splayed on her sides, breasts jiggling with each powerful thrust. Ahhhnnn, mhmmmm, Yuuka moaned as her tits were fondled roughly, enjoying the feeling of being deeply desired. Haaaaah, Haaaaah. Far past the ability to form sentences, Yuuka seemed as though she could wait no longer. Pumping with blinding speed, bringing your body closer to hers, you held your semen in with all your force. Becoming a youkai had a nice benefit of increasing your own sexual prowess as well, massive loads of cum an enjoyable byproduct. Just a little longer, until it all rushed out in a massive wave. Filling her womb with your searing hot load to the maximum, feeling a delicious warmth overcome you. Yuuka screamed through the night air, her sharp nails digging into your back, mixing fierce pleasure with howling pain. Finally, your bodies both went limp, and all you could do was gaze into each other's teary eyes and laugh. Aha, I'll never get tired of you darling...I want you forever. Is that ok, dear? You answer that question with another kiss, nuzzling your cheeks against hers.
  14. After checking on the youngest children, you climb into bed with Yuuka. The scent of her body is especially freshened by the waters, and her hair now silkier than the sheets. Falling asleep aside your wife once again in the dream world, you hold her a bit closer to your heart.
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