Love of Football movie

Nov 24th, 2014
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  1. Comment left on blog entry, January 2007
  3. Make this blood buster movie ever green?
  4. Hi,
  6. My name is S***** L***, I'm seventeen and I'm from Nigeria. I wrote a blood buster movie titled Love Of Football which involves Football, Vampires and Nigeria actors and actresses. Are you interested?
  8. Before now I wanted to know if Mr.Wesley Snipes will be interested in working on the movie but for the pasted seventeen months I have been searching for is contact which I did not find. And I don't think he will be interested bcos of his tax problem.
  10. I wanted to know if Mr.Snipes will be interested in my movie bcos he was in Nigeria last 2 years i.e. 2005 and he said he wanna work with Nigeians actors and actresses to take Nollywood to greater height.
  12. Are you interested in working on this blood buster movie? this movie can also be ever green if you're willing to work with Ngerians actors and actresses. This is not Mr.Bones, it's an action movie. And this movie will bring you a lot of awards and it will be loved by every Football fans all over the world. And we both know this type of movie that are about Football are not common and this time it Football and Vampires. Lets talk business.
  14. 1.Are you interesed?
  16. 2.Movie details=It's about a boy who never dreamt of playing Football but bcos of what happened to his country he decided to play Football. How did Vampires came into Football. Get that later.
  18. 3.I'm a kid I don't have the money for the budget. Are you ready to rise the fund? And how much are you seeking?
  20. 4.I'm a kid i don't think I have the quality in handing a movie budget are you gonna handle it?
  22. 5.Are youn gonna look for an actor remember I said I wanted to know if MrSnipes will be interested in being the main actor. So are you gonna look for an actor that will be capable to work as the main actor in the movie.
  24. 6.I think this should be answered after you read the script. Will the movie be shot in Hollywood/Nollywood or just Hollywood. And you may answer the question now so I can remove the Nigeian aspect from the movie script.
  26. 7.I just have the script and summary of (L.O.F)Love Of Football.
  28. I'm not a scammer if you think I am search about me on Yahoo search, Google and so on. If I'm a scammer I would not tell you I'm and Nigerian. I'm telling you this bcos I want the movie to be made and I don't wanna destory my good name. If you are interested please in your reply I want you to send me your picture so I know who you are better and I will send mine later. Thank you so much.
  30. L***.
  32. ------
  34. Email reply, February 2007
  36. Hi Mr.Jeff,
  38. Thank's, I've gotten the stickers and I taken two pictures which I will forward to your box tomorrow. I told my mum about you and she was so happy that someone like you love my movie and is willing to give me $60.
  40. She said not everybody can do that. And she said I should thank you and tell you that in everything you do you're gonna achieve your aim. Amen.
  42. You're the first white guy to give me some thing. Thank you so much Mr.Jeff I'm sure gonna remember you for the rest of my life. I appreciate it. Please Mr.Jeff help me send the money tomorrow throught western union after you get the pictures.
  44. Western Union To
  46. Name: B***** S*****
  47. City: A*******
  48. Zip code: 2*****
  49. State: Ogun State
  50. Country: Nigeria
  52. I will be expecting the details on how to get the money tomorrow and if it's more than that all thank's to you. I in gat nothing but for you. Thank you.
  54. Amorororororoszy.
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