2nd Campaign & Factory City Story Missions

Sep 19th, 2018
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  1. ■■■■■Contents■■■■■
  2. -New Prince & Welcome Back Campaign 2nd Phase Begins.
  3. -New Story Mission 'Factory City' (工業都市) Released from Sept 20th Onward.
  4. -Revival Mission 'Sacred Spear of the Godslayer' ( 神殺しの聖槍 ) Begins (Sept 24th~30th).
  6. ■■■■■Welcome Back Campaign 2nd Phase:
  7. -Story and Daily Mission Drop 1.5x and AW Orb Drop 2x (Until Sept 27th).
  8. +AW Orb Guest Units Introduced.
  9. +All Daily Mission Unlocked on Sat-Sun (22~23).
  10. -Rarity Silver Female/Male Base Synth XP 3x/1.5x (Until Sept 27th).
  11. -Rainbow Fairy (Total: 7) and 300k Gold Login Present (Total: 2.1 Million).
  13. ■■■■■Exchange Quests:
  14. Mage Estelle: demons
  15. Thief Sabaru: enemy movement speed buffed
  16. P.Warrior Lucia: HP degenerates [deadly poison]
  17. Oni Itsuki: regular
  18. Raikou Ramii: demons
  19. Rogue Sayo:
  20. C.Armour Friede:
  22. ■■■■■Shop:
  23. -4th Anniversary Pack Resold in Shop (SC, Rainbow Crystal, and Unit Exchange Ticket) Until September 27th.
  24. +Cannot be Purchased by Those that Already Bought Pack.
  25. -Chibi Exchange Ticket: 60 SC & Chibi Exchange Ticket for 3000 DMM Points (1 Pack per Person; Contents of Ticket Include August Pool).
  27. ■■■■■Pick-up Summoning:
  28. Plat: Archer Victoria, Bandit Lyra, Avenger Ristis, D.Summoner Livre, D.Fighter D'Arc
  29. Black: M.Armour Grace, M.Fencer Ingrid, Archer Ursula, M.Slayer Societe
  31. ■■■■■Fame:
  32. Chibi Mehlis & Chibi Alice Added
  34. ■■■■■Limited Fame (Weekly):
  35. Clear 1 Daily Mission
  36. Clear 3 Daily Mission
  37. Clear 5 Daily Mission
  38. Clear 10 Daily Mission
  40. ■■■■■Other:
  41. -Life Linker Class AW
  42. -Thief AW Implemented
  44. ■■■■■Life Linker Awakening■■■■■
  45. ■Mat: Angel, P.Warrior, Healer;
  46. ■Orb: Arch Angel and Priest
  48. Link Master (リンクマスター): delivers ranged magical attack; 30% of damage received by units within range split to all units (not including token).
  50. Salus (サルース):
  51. Extend Drink (エクステンドリンク): (25s; range 1.6x [272]; all ally HP regen [20hp/30fps]; AS: 174; WT: 30; CT: 50)
  52. Wide Drink (ワイドリンク): (30s; attack 1.5x; range 1.8x []; all ally HP regen []; changes to 'エクステンドリンク' afterwards; AS: ; WT: ; CT: )
  53. (神鎖の抱擁): just as a deployment member, Life Linker class range +10
  55. ■■■■■Thief Second Awakening■■■■■
  57. ■Arsène (アルセーヌ): just as a deployment member, non-unit drop percentages increased to +7% and enemy attack & HP increased to 1.4x; defeated enemies rarely [] drop gold []. [Range+50]
  58. ■Leda
  60. ■Trickster (トリックスター): just as a deployment member, non-unit drop percentages increased to +5% and enemy attack & HP increased to 1.2x; defeated enemies rarely [] drop. [Range+30; Cost+2]
  61. ■Anita
  62. ■Mimic Strength: HP2000; AT1800; DF600
  64. ■■■■■Premium Summoning■■■■■
  65. Plat Life Linker Lumedia
  67. Lumedia (ルメディア)
  68. Vital Link (バイタルリンク) (30s; range 1.6x []; all unit Max HP 1.3x; AS: ; WT: 25; CT: 50)
  69. Heal Link (ヒールリンク) (30s; attack and range 1.4x []; all unit Max HP 1.4x; delivers magical attack to 1 enemy and heals 1 ally; AS: ; WT: 27; CT: 55)
  70. Guardian Spirit ( 看護の精神 ): while skill active, class perk damage split amount increased; while deployed, healer, priest warrior, and life linker class attack +%.
  72. ■■■■■New Story Missions 'Factory City' (工業都市)■■■■■
  73. Silver Thief Picky (ピッキー)
  75. Picky (ピッキー):
  76. (見切り): (30s; draws enemy ranged attacks to self; evasion 80%; AS: ; WT: ?; CT: 30) *Same Skill as Chizuru and Tigre
  77. Machine Killer (マシーンキラー): 1.5x attack against machines
  79. ■Chapter 9: Capital of Steal (鋼の都)
  80. ■Available Once Player Clears '魔神討滅戦'.
  81. ■Noteworthy Enemies
  83. ■Modified Monster <Element: Varies>
  84. Monsters slightly different from their usual kin that live around the Capital of Steel. Has slightly higher abilities than their kin and their HP regenerates.
  86. ■Security Bot <Race: Machine>
  87. Has a defence that nullifies attacks below a certain attack strength; defence extremely high; delivers ranged attacks; delivers damage to nearby allies in an explosion when defeated
  89. ■Large-scale Security Bot <Race: Machine>
  90. Has a strong defence that nullifies attacks below a certain attack strength; defence extremely high; delivers ranged attacks that deal unusually devastating splash damage; delivers damage to nearby allies in a large explosion when defeated
  92. Sea Route to the Capital of Steel (79) (鋼の都への海路):
  93. B.Pirate Mauro (), B.Archer Ars (), B.Mage Semmel (), Completion: S.Pirate Giovanni
  94. ■School of mysterious merfolk with purple scales regen HP quickly [].
  96. Capital of Mysterious Light (80) (怪光の都):
  97. B.Heavy Russel (x2), B.Bandit Bergen (x2), B.Mage Semmel (x2), Completion: S.Thief Picky
  98. ■Goblins & Ogres regen HP quickly [].
  100. Colossal Security Bot that was Stolen (81) (奪われた巨大防衛機械):
  101. B.Mage Roy (x2), B.Soldier Hector (), B.Mage Semmel (x3), Completion: S.Rogue Cecily
  102. ■Security Bots Nullify Attacks Below 1.5k; Large-Scale Security Bot Nullifies Attacks Below 3k
  104. ■■■■■'Great Thief and the Hidden Treasure of the Pyrami' ( 大怪盗とピラミッドの秘宝 )■■■■■
  106. Sabaru (サバル):
  107. Paralysis Dagger (パラライシスダガー): (25s; attack 2x; can paralyse enemies in [] blows; AS: 27; WT: 1; CT: 40)
  108. Fatal Dagger (フェイタルダガー): (2s; attack 3x; can paralyse an enemy in a single strike; attacks only once; token #+1; AS: 62; WT: 5; CT: 40)
  109. Golden Mimic ( ゴールデンミミック ): trap-type token that gains gold 100% when it defeats enemies; all units gain slightly extra gold through 'Gold Get!'.
  111. ■■■■■Revival "Sacred Spear of the Godslayer" ( 神殺しの聖槍 )■■■■■
  113. Nephthy ( ネフティ ):
  114. (槍連撃): (20s; attack and defence 1.2x; attack speed quickened, and intervals between attacks shortened; AS: 39; WT: 15; CT: 30)
  115. (太陽の槍撃): (30s; attack and defence 1.5x; attack speed quickened, and intervals between attacks shortened; self: status ailment immunity; AS: 39; WT: 22.5; CT: 45)
  116. (熱砂の連携戦術): while skill is active, all ally desert kingdom units' attack and defence +15%.
  118. ■■■■■
  119. ■■■■■Story Mission Translations■■■■■
  121. ■■■■■Sea Route to the Capital of Steel (79) (鋼の都への海路):
  122. Anna: "Prince, it looks like land is coming into view. It was a peaceful voyage with nary a monster attack."
  123. Semmel: "It's thanks to you halting Leviathan's activities that the influence of Makai has weakened. It seems monster activity in its entirety is experiencing a downward trend."
  124. Velotte: "There weren't even signs of any monsters on any considerable scale, it was as if we owned the seas. It's been so long since I was last able to have a safe voyage~♪"
  125. Totono: "Not just the sea route, it's a great help being able to use the land routes that have been blocked off. Looks like my market's going to extend further thanks to this."
  126. Soma: "That said, while I'm excited to be sailing to lands I've never seen before, it's a little scary, isn't it...?"
  127. Giovanni: "That's 'cause the only sea routes you've seen till now were the ones within and near the Kingdom's territory. I reckon feelings of apprehension are to be expected."
  128. Anna: "Where we're headed is the Steel Capital, we wouldn't be able reach it unless we use a sea route like this. So please be a little more patient."
  129. Reve: "Capital of Steel... Indeed, I heard there's an advanced country that developed its industries. Before the monsters' revival, it was a city-state that shared intimate ties with the Kingdom."
  130. Anna: "Yes. A very long time has passed since we lost contact with the Steel Capital. The primary goal of this voyage is to check on their situation."
  131. Velotte: "The Capital of Steel should be coming into view soon, but... Eh, isn't there something glimmering in the water...?"
  132. (fishes that slept with their math problems appear)
  133. Giovanni: "Those are... Sahagin...? No, there's something off 'bout 'em. Doesn't it look like they're glowing with an eerie light?"
  134. Pales: "Let's quickly repel them before they board the ship! Eei!!"
  135. Giovanni: "Wha...! The wounds they received are startin' to mend on their own...!?"
  136. Cecily: "So they'll regenerate if we don't finish them off quickly, eh? Attacks that deal critical wounds, either through concentrated firepower or a single blow, may prove effective."
  137. Anna: "Prince, let's be on our toes as we repel them. There's no way we can enter into port with these monsters in tow!"
  138. [Mutant Sahagin and Gillmen will regenerate HP. Recovery effect will disappear after a certain amount of time has passed.]
  139. (end)
  140. Velotte: "Fuu, somehow managed to clear them away."
  141. Giovanni: "They're clearly something other than your typical Sahagin. I've never seen such eerie fellows till now."
  142. Katie: "Land is also near, yet for these kind of monsters to appear... Did something unusual happen in the Capital of Steel...?"
  143. Anna: "We can't ignore the possibility... Prince, let's proceed to land without lowering our guard."
  145. ■■■■■Capital of Mysterious Light (80) (怪光の都):
  146. Julian: "Oi, oi. Isn't this suspicious to you? There isn't anyone in either the port nor the city."
  147. Anna: "Also, there's all this green liquid spilling from the waterways... Do you suppose it has something to do with the monsters' power?"
  148. Lean: "We should ask the residents. I hope they're all safe somewh——"
  149. ??? (Picky): "——Pl, please stay awaaay...!!"
  150. ???: "Uugh, guess this's it for me... Encountering the mutants while alone..."
  151. Anna: "Was that a voice just now...!?"
  152. Soma: "Oh no, the girl over there's being attacked! Also, by the number of footsteps, it sounds like she's being pursued by many enemies!"
  153. Anna: "Prince, let's quickly rescue that girl!"
  154. [Mutant Goblins will regenerate HP. Recovery effect will disappear once a certain amount of time passes.]
  155. [Mutant Ogre will regenerate HP. Recovery effect will disappear once a certain amount of time passes.]
  156. (end)
  157. ???: "Haa... Haa... Y, you saved meee. Thank you ever so much..."
  158. Lean: "I'm glad you're safe. Are you a resident of this city?"
  159. Picky: "Y, yes. I'm called Picky. Ah, umm, I'm sorry if I'm mistaken. But could you be those from the Kingdom...?"
  160. Anna: "Oya...? So you know of us?"
  161. Picky: "I did... Is what I should say; I heard about you from before the monsters revival, but then I saw you at the port, so..."
  162. Anna: "From when we still shared diplomatic relations... What in the world happened in this city since then?"
  163. Picky: "... Right, I'll explain the details. I'll guide you to a safe place, so please walk with me for now."
  165. ■■■■■Picky Introduction:
  166. "I'm REEAALLY grateful for your help earlier!"
  167. "Anyways, please let me explain what happened in this city, OK?"
  168. "It begin the day the monsters revived. This city received a large-scale attack from the monsters..."
  169. "Even our security bots were no match for the monsters and their overwhelming numbers, and everyone else and I had to flee by the skin of our teeth into the waterways or underground..."
  170. "We're now in a situation where our hands are full searching for security, provisions, and survivors."
  171. "On top of that, recently, it seems the monsters have been taking the survivors and confining them to the 'Development District'."
  172. "Including my father who was a technology researcher, it seems he was captured during their first attack..."
  173. "As for the fighting force of the Steel Capital, since we relied on the security bots, the people who can fight like me are only a handful in number, so rescuing them hasn't been going well."
  174. "Also, after that, the monsters were tainted by the green chemicals coming from our water source, and the situation in the Steel Capital has been getting progressively worse."
  175. "The monsters mutated due to the worsening pollution, and the number of 'mutants' has increased explosively."
  176. "... Ahh, by 'mutants', I don't mean any race in particular, OK?"
  177. "We in the Steel Capital have been calling any of the monsters that mutated by that general name."
  178. "Umm, I know this is an impossible request. But please, will you rescue everyone that's been kidnapped?"
  179. "...... Ehh? Naturally, you say...? *Sob*, Th, thank you so much...!"
  180. "Well then, Master Prince, once preparations are in order, let's head to the 'Research District' at once. Of course, please leave the guiding to me!"
  182. ■■■■■Colossal Security Bot that was Stolen (81) (奪われた巨大防衛機械):
  183. Picky: "The 'Development District' is further up this path. Please watch your step."
  184. Ricca: "It's true, no one's living here anymore. The city has fallen silent——eh, over there, I hear what sounds like a running machine...?"
  185. Picky: "Ehh? There shouldn't be anyone in this district. The security bots should've all been deactivated as well..."
  186. Ricca: "Nope, it's them all right. They're starting to head this way!"
  187. (goblin mechanic and security bot appears)
  188. Picky: "That's...! No way, they've even taken the control room. There's no mistake, that's the Steel Capital's security bot...!"
  189. Julian: "Oops, now we should prioritise dealing with 'em. We have no time to be surprised."
  190. Picky: "... You're right. Yes! Everyone, the security bot activated its invisible barrier that'll protect against any attack that doesn't surpass the barrier's output."
  191. Lean: "What? Then what should we do?"
  192. Picky: "The barrier itself cannot be maintained indefinitely. Once a certain amount of time passes, I believe it will drop before long, but..."
  193. Julian: "Why the long face? ... Do you mean we'll be beaten if we wait till its barrier drops?"
  194. Mortimer: "Heh, in that case, let's deliver heavy blows so its barrier hasn't a chance of blocking 'em, Prince!"
  195. Prince: "......!"
  196. Picky: "W, would such a thing be possible!? ... No, we have no choice but to try...!"
  197. Picky: "Everyone, the security bot has been set to self-destruct in the event it's broken. Please watch out for its self-destruct when you deliver the final blow!"
  198. [Security Bot won't receive any attacks below 1500 attack power. When it's defeated, it'll also deliver damage around itself.]
  199. (Colossal Security Bot appears)
  200. Picky: "Oh, even the large-scale security bot! Everyone, once you defeat that thing, please fall back immediately!"
  201. Anna: "A large-scale security bot, you say...!? Being that it's large-scale, it's reasonable to assume that means its self-destruct is also...!"
  202. Picky: "Right! The blast cannot be compared to the small-scale bots! Once it's defeated, please retreat everyone around it immediately!"
  203. [Large-Scale Security Bot won't receive any attacks below 3000 attack power. When it's defeated, it'll also deliver great damage around itself.]
  204. (end)
  205. Anna: "......... It looks like we were able to narrowly blow past them..."
  206. Julian: "But not even those powerful security bots were able to protect these guys from the monsters' invasion..."
  207. Anna: "Compared to the horde of monsters that attacked the Kingdom, a large army must've attacked the Capital of Steel..."
  208. Picky: "Just the security bots alone would've been instrumental to our defences once we recapture the Steel Capital, yet..."
  209. Picky: "What should we do...? Winning with only a handful of people against mutated monsters as our opponents is..."
  210. Julian: "It's too early to get depressed. Even without the security bots, you have us instead. ——right, Prince?"
  211. Prince: "......... (Nod)."
  212. Picky: "Uugh... *Sob*, thank you so much..."
  213. Picky: "Now's not the time to be bawling. Let's reorganise our positions and head to the 'Development District' for the sake of rescuing everyone that's been kidnapped...!"
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