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  1. (9:32:30 PM) D LL: For being a goddess, Viridi, perhaps, was a bit shortsighted.  Directly attacking the only country that could feasibly retaliate was probably not the best idea for her long-terms strategy.  If queried about it later, she would, of course, insist that she had merely been trying to eliminate the biggest threat first before it could become an issue.  As things were, the successful defense against the meteor strike was quickly followed up with the obvious decision: the Reset Bombs had to go.
  2. (9:34:47 PM) D LL: So it was that barely a week later, the fleets of Zeon had once again taken to the skies to take the fight to Her Petulance - high, high in the air, the Reset Bomb Factory was accessible only through a hazardous, epic flight barred by monsters and creatures of every sort.
  3. (9:35:25 PM) D LL: But because no one wants to thread out another air battle, we return to the heroes as they successfully land upon the island that was the Reset Bomb Factories after destroying another good 50% of Viridi's troops.
  4. (9:35:38 PM) nekoincchan: (Permission for Palutena to laser a hole in that line - ah)
  5. (9:36:03 PM) D LL: (Go for it)
  6. (9:37:04 PM) FenrirBill: (It is cool to bring in a small squad of dudes like the battle last time?)
  7. (9:37:59 PM) nekoincchan: A voice echoes through the minds of those on the field. "Let's make this a bit easier, shall we? Oh, where is the name of that miracle..." A distinct pause, and the audible sound of papers shuffling, precedes a very large laser suddenly firing down towards the REset Bomb factory, aimed to punch a very, very large hole in Viridi's forces. "...  Okay, I seriously cannot find it. Oh well!"+
  8. (9:39:03 PM) FenrirBill: Garviel has brought another small strike team of blue armored warriors with them, though these seem somewhat differently outfitted, the man deferring directly to the white-armored Dictator bearing a chainsword and pistol-like bolter, and one of them carrying a large bazooka-like weapon, while another carries a flamethrower-esque device. 10 troopers in all, the other 7 simply carrying boltguns.
  9. (9:39:03 PM) hymnomancy left the room.
  10. (9:39:23 PM) hymnomancy entered the room.
  11. (9:40:29 PM) D LL: "And so, Palutena's cheating ways assures the heroes a quick and painful destruction god you are so annoying!"  A second voice echoes, much more loudly, throughout the heroes' minds. "And stop breaking all the walls!  They took a lot of effort to construct!"
  12. (9:40:52 PM) D LL: The Reset Bomb Factory is a sprawling mess of nature and technology intertwined.  The entrance into the building is just up ahead. +
  13. (9:41:28 PM) FenrirBill: "Weapons check!"  Garviel barks, stalking back and forth near his troopers.  "Everyone prepared for the boarding assault?"
  14. (9:42:41 PM) nekoincchan: Palutena: "If you haven't noticed, Viridi, you have anger management issues. Massive ones."
  15. (9:43:50 PM) Christopher: Athrun ignores the bickering goddesses. He activates the Phase Shift and gets ready for a fight.
  16. (9:45:46 PM) D LL: "Just to make it clear, you dweebs aren't getting anywhere near the Bomb.  It's well protected by my greatest commanders.  You might as well just turn back before you hurt yourselves."  The voice echoes again more clearly.  "But if you're so keen on getting yourselves killed, take the left path when you get inside."
  17. (9:46:14 PM) D LL: True to her words, the pathway divides into three when they enter - left, right, and center. +
  18. (9:46:45 PM) lazy_gamer5@msn.com: Well this was going to be rather fun, wasn't it? Of course he had brought along his own, small group of grenadiers along with him. Considering how much the goddess seems to prize her overkill bombs, he figured that he may as well return the favor with his own, slightly smaller, explosives.
  19. (9:47:51 PM) nekoincchan: Palutena: "Stick together - Viridi may have anger management issues, but she also has a lot of forces to put into defending this base."
  20. (9:48:21 PM) FenrirBill: "I shall never understand her...."  Garviel racks his bolter  "But I'll continue to try."
  21. (9:48:55 PM) D LL: Viridi: "I do NOT have ANGER MANAGEMENT ISSUES!  I let it loose in perfectly healthy and constructive ways."
  22. (9:49:29 PM) Christopher: Athrun: "I don't think mass murder falls into the purview of 'healthy and constructive.'"
  23. (9:50:06 PM) FenrirBill: "War is murder and cruelty.  We cannot refine it.   Better to try to convince her it wasn't needed in the first place."
  24. (9:50:13 PM) Nerdorama09: Char comes in at the back of the main group, after instructing the marines aboard the Rewloola to set up a defense.  Judging from their previous battle, the nature spirits Viridi was commanding would make short work of regulars, hence the lead group of hand-picked volunteers.
  25. (9:50:18 PM) D LL: Viridi: "You mean saving the world from those who would do it harm, right?"
  26. (9:50:51 PM) Nerdorama09: Char: "Let's stop worrying about a deity's philosophy for a moment and go right," Char says, picking a branch at random instead of listening to an untrustworthy enemy.
  27. (9:51:16 PM) FenrirBill: Loken gives Char a quiet look, and says, "This is your kingdom, I shall dispose my warriors and myself at your discretion."
  28. (9:51:28 PM) Nerdorama09: Char: "Everyone watch out for flanking movements; this place is a maze."
  29. (9:51:49 PM) Christopher: Athrun nods and follows his liege.
  30. (9:52:39 PM) nekoincchan: Palutena: "Viridi, what's been causing you so much stress as late, anyhow?"
  31. (9:53:30 PM) D LL: Char is quite right.  The place was utterly confusing.  Except as they continue down the right passageway, it narrows into a doorway that opens up into... a large, steamy room filled with hot sprin -- "I SAID GO LEFT.  Can't you follow basic instructions?!"
  32. (9:54:01 PM) nekoincchan: Palutena: "... Not bad, Viridi. I'll have to borrow that some time."
  33. (9:54:41 PM) Christopher: Athrun gazes at it in bewilderment. "Who puts a hot spring in a weapon-crafting facility?"
  34. (9:54:52 PM) Nerdorama09: Char: "Well, when you're a god, why not?"
  35. (9:54:58 PM) D LL: Viridi: "Oh shush.  ...My forces need some down time after they get through pummeling you. "
  36. (9:55:10 PM) FenrirBill: Loken and his men remaing stoically silent.
  37. (9:55:38 PM) lazy_gamer5@msn.com: Mitchell: "...So do you have any harem girls as well~?"
  38. (9:55:41 PM) nekoincchan: Palutena: "Why don't they just do the pummeling in the relaxing place? It seems practical to me."
  39. (9:56:03 PM) Christopher: Athrun: "Can we please stay on topic?"
  40. (9:56:06 PM) D LL: Viridi: "Just turn around or I'm installing a Reaper hot spring through that next door."
  41. (9:56:36 PM) nekoincchan: Palutena: "... Isn't it Hades who has those?"
  42. (9:56:46 PM) Nerdorama09: After *carefully* checking to make sure there's no other exits to the hot springs to anywhere interesting, Char turns around and heads back to the initial fork, leading the way stoically into the center passage
  43. (9:57:19 PM) D LL: Viridi: "I'll syphon out some of that poison you all just released into the earth to make it.  ...And what was that about stress again, Palutena?"
  44. (9:57:45 PM) nekoincchan: Palutena: "You need healthier outlets for it."
  45. (9:58:03 PM) Christopher: Athrun turns around. "If you can siphon pollutants out of the biosphere, then why didn't you just do that in the first place?"
  46. (9:58:29 PM) lazy_gamer5@msn.com: (splits for dinner)
  47. (9:58:32 PM) D LL: Char will find something much more to his comfort, most likely - A meandering, twisted maze composed of giant tree roots.  Naturally, there are enemies floating everywhere, but nothing too special.  A flower takes aim at the group and begins to fire a laser rather feebly.
  48. (9:59:29 PM) D LL: Viridi: "You really do take things more literally than the Yama.  You two need to get together sometime."
  49. (9:59:59 PM) D LL: Viridi: "And I see we still can't follow directions.  Whatever.  Go ahead into the waste processing facility."
  50. (10:00:12 PM) FenrirBill: "Cleanse and burn."  The blue armored soldier with the flamethrower comes forward, unleashing a burst of fire at the flower.
  51. (10:01:22 PM) Nerdorama09: Char: "Why is there a tree in the waste processing facility?" Char asks idly, aiming to pick off a few floating enemies with a rifle while the Astartes handle the closer enemy.+
  52. (10:01:34 PM) D LL: "...You're using a flamethrower in here?  Really?  Are you out of your mind?"  Viridi actually sounds slightly disturbed. +
  53. (10:01:56 PM) nekoincchan: Palutena: "I take no blame for this idea."
  54. (10:05:14 PM) D LL: "Don't worry.  Not even you're this idiotic.  Oh, and.  Incoming.  Please don't fight this one with a flamethrower."  As the group continues to make their way rather easily through the maze, something extremely large crashes in through the ceiling to land with a thud.
  55. (10:05:27 PM) D LL: "Meet the guard of the waste processing plant.  Cragalanche.  Take out the trash."
  56. (10:06:30 PM) D LL: Their foe is a monstrous, gigantic, walking stack of rocks.  With a low roar, the creature immediately lumbers towards the group.  Mostly to crush the flamethrower before it can set the whole plaze ablaze. +
  57. (10:06:52 PM) nekoincchan: Palutena: "... It's back is glowing. And red. Gee, I wonder what we are supposed to do here."
  58. (10:07:13 PM) D LL: Viridi: "SHUT UP, PALUTENA."
  59. (10:08:18 PM) nekoincchan: Palutena: "Well that isn't very nice."
  60. (10:08:18 PM) FenrirBill: "Scatter.  Surround and engage.  Pasanius, load the Krak missile."  The Astartes start retreating, spreading out to get away from Cragalance, except for Garviel, who stands and shoots for a few moments, trying to divert it.
  61. (10:09:39 PM) FenrirBill: +
  62. (10:12:18 PM) lazy_gamer5@msn.com: (back)
  63. (10:12:40 PM) D LL: (Athrun)
  64. (10:14:33 PM) Christopher: While Garviel's men try to grab the Cragalance's attention, Athrun swings around to the side, then leaps up into the air, the jump augmented by the armor, and activates a beam saber as he leaps for the weak spot.+
  65. (10:16:32 PM) D LL: Cragalanche ignores everything else as it stampedes towards the man with the flamethrower.  The defense of nature was its number one concern.  As the Astartes fan out, though, they will indeed notice the red spot on, er.  Cragalanche's rear.
  66. (10:17:01 PM) D LL: Athrun will find that his hit strikes dead on.  But Cragalanche doesn't so much as flinch as it continues to charge.
  67. (10:17:30 PM) D LL: It appears this isn't so much a weak spot as it is 'the only spot on this things' body that can be harmed at all'. +
  68. (10:17:35 PM) D LL: (Char)
  69. (10:25:10 PM) Nerdorama09: Char takes advantage of the charging rock's target fixation to easily move around behind the giant during its charge, then begins emptying bullets into the red spot on its back without so much as a word or hesitation, going through one of his revolvers and a rifle before switching to a second revolver handgun.+
  70. (10:26:11 PM) D LL: (Mitchell)
  71. (10:28:34 PM) Parasitic Fron left the room.
  72. (10:31:06 PM) lazy_gamer5@msn.com: In the meantime he hung back, taking a look around what was taking place. Thinking for a moment or two he ordered his men to try and form a semi-circle around the creature as best as they could before ordering them to start attempting to lob grenades at the thing whenever a spot opened up that a person wasn't currently at. Perhaps he could help to weaken it a bit with the small explosives?
  73. (10:32:06 PM) lazy_gamer5@msn.com: +
  74. (10:32:24 PM) D LL: (Hajime)
  75. (10:35:13 PM) D LL: (I lied sorry)
  76. (10:36:55 PM) D LL: For being a hunk of rock, Cragalanche moves surprisingly swiftly.  As it flails its body to and fro to punch at the soldier, Char may find it difficult to keep his aim accurate.  Still, it appears as if some number of the bullets hit.  +
  77. (10:37:28 PM) D LL: (Bill, you may react if you'd like.  Hajime can go regardless.  And I assume that no grenades are thrown yet because Cragalanche is right next to someone.)
  78. (10:40:09 PM) FenrirBill: The Ultramarine tries to backpedal away from Cragalance, dropping into a combat roll at the last minute to tryo to avoid being squashed.  Because even in Ceramite armor that would HURT +
  79. (10:41:30 PM) D LL: Viridi: "I'm sensing a severe lack of emotional processing here.  No sense of humor, hates hugs...  You should really talk to someone about this." +
  80. (10:43:11 PM) nekoincchan: Palutena: "Says Queen Anger Mismanagement."
  81. (10:44:05 PM) D LL: Viridi: "That's Goddess Anger Mismanagement to you."
  82. (10:44:33 PM) nekoincchan: Palutena: "See? Even she admits to the problem."
  83. (10:48:05 PM) hymnomancy: The deities are bickering. Again. His and his men's old fashioned approach to battle arms them with swords, not guns or projectiles, which gives Hajime pause as he surveys the situation, having no part in the banter. He waves for his men to scatter; it would be foolish to jump into line of fire, but they can hinder the Cragalanche's movement. Hajime moves toward the back, himself, though he does not yet advance any farther in. +
  84. (10:50:58 PM) D LL: Cragalanche rolls with the Ultramarine.  Unfortunately for everyone within 100 meters or so, this involves smashing to the ground, creating a shock wave capable of knocking even an armored Space Marine off his feet.  This is followed by a rapid roll throughout the enemies indiscriminately.  It's time to play bowling with human pins.
  85. (10:51:38 PM) D LL: (Everyone react briefly to the shock wave or to the rolling giant crushing rock; after 5 minutes, Garviel go.)
  86. (10:52:28 PM) Christopher: Rather than stumble around and lose his balance, Athrun dives to the ground, then leaps back up to his feet, ready to go.+
  87. (10:53:41 PM) FenrirBill: The ultramarines go flying, the one loading the missile launcher with a krak missile curses, and the missile rolls free across the ground, fortunately not primed yet+
  88. (10:53:56 PM) Nerdorama09: Char makes his own series of jumps up onto the giant tree roots, trusting his magical senses to get him out of the way of the rolling boulder and, hopefully, above it for his next attack
  89. (10:55:21 PM) hymnomancy: Hajime isn't quite close enough yet for the shock wave to knock him off his feet, though the sudden swing of the Cragalanche's body has him actually retreat with a quick jump back. Some of the men do the same, whereas others fall with an abrupt cry.
  90. (10:56:00 PM) lazy_gamer5@msn.com: Oh, well this was perfect, wasn't it? His men were all knocked off of their feet at the same time. On his knees, while using his rifle to support himself before motioning the men that didn't get ran over to scatter as far away from each other as they could, not really wanting to give the thing too big of a target as it rolled around.
  91. (10:56:26 PM) lazy_gamer5@msn.com: +
  92. (10:57:41 PM) D LL: Cragalanche bounds back to his feet.  Its craggy features almost seem to bepulled upwards in a smile as it hones in on its next victim.  ...The unarmored fleshy man armed only with a sword looked good.  Lowering what passes for a shoulder, the creature rushes towards Hajime.  +
  93. (10:57:45 PM) D LL: (Garviel!)
  94. (10:58:51 PM) FenrirBill: Garviel himself comes off the ground, cannoning towards Cragalanche's rear, trying to spike the weak point with a doughty blow of his chainsword.
  95. (10:58:53 PM) FenrirBill: +
  96. (11:02:42 PM) D LL: Can a heavily armored soldier lumber as quickly as a walking rock?  ...Apparently he can.  Finally reacting for the first time, Cragalanche roars in pain and swings about immediately to punch its assailant in the face. +
  97. (11:02:56 PM) D LL: (Garviel can respond, Athrun go.)
  98. (11:03:47 PM) Christopher: Once again, Athrun takes the opportunity to strike at the weak point. This time, he lets loose with all four beam sabers.+
  99. (11:05:05 PM) D LL: Unfortunately, Cragalanche's sudden reversal to face-punch Garviel means that Athrun catches him in the middle of the turn.  The first of the beam sabers strike true while the remainder bounce off the rock creature's hide. + (Garviel can still respond, Char go.)
  100. (11:05:16 PM) Nerdorama09: Char: "There!"
  101. (11:06:14 PM) Nerdorama09: Following up on Athrun's attack after the rock finishes turning - or maybe a little before, using a flash of precognition - Char jumps down from his high point, drawing his magic saber and stabbing directly down into the weak point with the full weight of his body.+
  102. (11:07:07 PM) FenrirBill: +Garviel gets facepunched and hurtles back, his helmet deformed*  "ngh!+
  103. (11:08:36 PM) D LL: Another roar of pain.  Cragalanche seems to explode outwards in its effort to face-punch as many things as it can.  Athrun will receive a heavy kick while Char receives something resembling an elbow hurtling his way.  It seems surrounding it is a decent strategy.  + (Char and Athrun can respond, Mitchell go.)
  104. (11:10:05 PM) Christopher: Athrun hits the ground and rolls, trying to deflect the main brunt of the blow while letting Phase Shift take care of the rest. There will be many sparks.+
  105. (11:10:30 PM) Nerdorama09: Char leaves his sword where it is, letting go to scramble up and away from the elbow, toward the thing's head.+
  106. (11:10:46 PM) lazy_gamer5@msn.com: Finally, they were starting to get somewhere! Still, considering this things mini freak out, he may as well try and help finish the thing off.
  107. (11:11:39 PM) lazy_gamer5@msn.com: Mitchell: "Grenadiers! Keep your distance and start tossing your grenades at that hunk of rock!" Now, hopefully they were fast enough to follow through with that order+
  108. (11:13:24 PM) D LL: Hopefully, the grenadiers miss Garviel, Athrun, and Char with their explosions.  In the meantime, Cragalanche does not appreciate being climbed on and attempts to perform some sort of odd wrestling maneuver wherein he flips backwards to crush Char against the ground.
  109. (11:14:00 PM) D LL: "I knew I shouldn't have let him watch the crystal so much.  Where'd he pick that up from?"  +
  110. (11:14:03 PM) D LL: (Char respond)
  111. (11:16:57 PM) Nerdorama09: Char's only response to this is to leap off and pray his landing breaks fewer bones than getting crushed under Cragalanche's bulk, which seems like pretty good odds.  Hopefully, the awkward move will at least cause his sword to do more damage as the enemy slams into the ground.+
  112. (11:18:19 PM) D LL: Char successfully manages to leap off.  Incredibly, as Cragalanche falls towards the ground, a well-placed grenade simultaneously strikes.  The combined force of the explosion and of the two ton mammoth mean that ......
  113. (11:18:39 PM) D LL: "Cragalanche!!  Oh no we're practically out in the stratosphere!"
  114. (11:19:01 PM) D LL: A rather large hole in the ground is all that remains of this battle.  Whoops.
  115. (11:19:13 PM) D LL: Hope everyone leapt out of the way in time.  +
  116. (11:19:59 PM) D LL: Viridi: "Calling you people heartless would be an insult to those black blobby creatures."
  117. (11:23:03 PM) lazy_gamer5@msn.com: He started to stand back up, somewhat glad now that he had told his men to stay back and give the thing a bit of room. Still...he had just one question on his mind.
  118. (11:23:04 PM) FenrirBill: "What are you talking about now?"
  119. (11:23:09 PM) FenrirBill: Garviel snarls+
  120. (11:23:22 PM) lazy_gamer5@msn.com: Mitchell: "That's it?" +
  121. (11:23:22 PM) nekoincchan: Palutena: "One down. More to go."
  122. (11:23:27 PM) FenrirBill: "You can still stop this by surrendering the bombs, you know, Viridi."
  123. (11:23:58 PM) D LL: "Or I can stop this by throwing you off my island!"
  124. (11:24:14 PM) D LL: A bunch of small acorn creatures appear out of nowhere and furtively try to push everyone into the hole.
  125. (11:24:29 PM) D LL: They are about a foot tall, though, so their efforts are pretty pointless.
  126. (11:25:14 PM) FenrirBill: Garviel and the ultramarines ignore them and for once do NOT stomp on them just to get health back.
  127. (11:25:51 PM) Nerdorama09: Char kicks them aside in an effort to find his probably rather badly-in-need-of-polish sword.  If that fell out of the island from this height, he's going to be rather put out.
  128. (11:26:14 PM) lazy_gamer5@msn.com: Acorn monsters? Really?
  129. (11:26:34 PM) lazy_gamer5@msn.com: Mitchell : "Someone's starting to run out of ideas."
  130. (11:26:59 PM) D LL: Viridi: "I've been using Nutskis the whole time.  Are you blind or just obnoxious?"
  131. (11:27:16 PM) Christopher: Good thing Athrun has blades on his feet. It makes dealing with them easy.
  132. (11:27:24 PM) nekoincchan: Palutena: "Mostly the second."
  133. (11:28:17 PM) lazy_gamer5@msn.com: Mitchell: "And that's why I said you've run out of ideas. Can't you think of something better? Like a tree monster?"
  134. (11:28:59 PM) Christopher: Athrun: "Don't tempt her."
  135. (11:29:25 PM) D LL: Viridi's angry and no doubt highly witty retort is cut short by a clanging sound from across the room.  The maze the party is currently in suddenly seems to straighten itself out a bit.  Should they turn the corner, they'll find an exit up ahead.
  136. (11:30:28 PM) Christopher left the room.
  137. (11:30:36 PM) Nerdorama09: "I think we blew up the tree monster already," Char says, giving up on finding his artifact for now.  That was a pain, but things of that nature always find their way back to their owners, so he reloads his revolvers instead and checks the rest of the hand weapons on his belt.  "Let's get moving."
  138. (11:31:02 PM) FenrirBill: Garviel, after a moment's consideration, hands Char a Gladius.
  139. (11:31:30 PM) Nerdorama09: Char: "Thanks for that.  Don't be offended if I switch to axes if there really is a tree monster, though."
  140. (11:32:04 PM) D LL: Viridi: "You're in an island made from giant trees.  Are you really questioning if there'll be tree monsters?"
  141. (11:32:18 PM) FenrirBill: "And you wondered why I brought a flamer."
  142. (11:32:20 PM) D LL: "This whole place practically is a tree monster."
  143. (11:32:33 PM) nekoincchan: Strangely, the group finds a small table with some fruit on the path. "Enjoy the little gift. Food is health, after all," Palutena says, with a grin.
  144. (11:32:45 PM) D LL: "...You want to incinerate yourself with the place, go ahead."
  145. (11:33:04 PM) Nerdorama09: Char: "Paganism has some pretty immediate rewards, doesn't it..."
  146. (11:33:11 PM) D LL: Viridi: "I've poisoned it all with nightshade.  Happy eatings."
  147. (11:33:19 PM) FenrirBill: The cobalt-armored warriors with Garviel seem loath to touch it, as does the Dictator himself.
  148. (11:35:02 PM) nekoincchan: Palutena: "She's lying. And need I remind you, I'm an angel now."
  149. (11:35:18 PM) lazy_gamer5@msn.com: Mitchell: "...How about the two of you take the first bite then?"
  150. (11:35:33 PM) D LL: Viridi: "Actually, we've secretly been in cahoots the whole time.  See how she called that one obnoxious?  It's just the truth coming out."
  151. (11:36:42 PM) Christopher entered the room.
  152. (11:36:48 PM) Nerdorama09: Char: "Are you ladies quite done?  We're here on business."
  153. (11:36:53 PM) nekoincchan: Palutena: "Obviously, she's quite insane."
  154. (11:36:59 PM) FenrirBill: "As a general rule I don't accept gifts from deities.  Imperial Truth and all that."
  155. (11:38:12 PM) nekoincchan: Palutena: "Technically, that'd mean you can't take help from your boss too now, you realize that right?"
  156. (11:38:21 PM) D LL: Viridi: "I'm not the one who stopped to gawk at a table of magic food.  Who knows where that stuff's been?"
  157. (11:38:39 PM) D LL: Viridi: "Boss?  The ass is practically his father."
  158. (11:38:52 PM) Nerdorama09: Char just gestures to the rest of the team to move foward while Viridi is apparently distracted.
  159. (11:39:00 PM) Nerdorama09: He does take an apple, though.
  160. (11:39:41 PM) FenrirBill: Garviel shifts uncomfortably as it gets revealed that he's kinda sorta a demigod of war.  Ooops awkward.
  161. (11:40:09 PM) FenrirBill: The ultramarines move forward, covering each other and Hajime's troopers since they don't have guns.
  162. (11:40:19 PM) D LL: "APPLES ARE THE SYMBOL OF FALLING INTO SIN.  SINNNER.  REPENT."  Someone's getting desperate.  As Char rounds the corner and through the exit, he will emerge into a nice picturesque view of...
  163. (11:41:36 PM) D LL: Open sky and seas far below.  An open gap.  Off in the distance, much, much, much too far to reach, is a building that's cut off from the rest of the island.  It's pretty obviously where the Reset Bombs are kept.
  164. (11:41:59 PM) D LL: "Whoops.  Too bad, end of the line.  Time to go home!  You can just take a few steps forward and take the easy way down." +
  165. (11:42:22 PM) nekoincchan: Palutena: "Or~"
  166. (11:42:43 PM) nekoincchan: A series of small, seemingly thin rails appear, covering the distance quite nicely.
  167. (11:42:55 PM) Christopher: Athrun stares. "...Huh."
  168. (11:43:09 PM) lazy_gamer5@msn.com: Mitchell: "I say Char goes first."
  169. (11:43:32 PM) Nerdorama09: Char: "If you're serious about this mercenary game, you should really learn to lead from the front."
  170. (11:43:55 PM) Nerdorama09: That said, Char heads out without any hesitation, balancing carefully at first to see if the rails will actually hold his weight.
  171. (11:43:55 PM) D LL: "What kind of god power is that?  Why would you even think to learn it?!  Who goes around thinking 'gosh I have nothing better to do with my divine powers, let's make grind rails?!"  Viridi rails at nothing in particular before closing with a 'hmph'.  "Good luck keeping your balance, jerks."
  172. (11:45:10 PM) nekoincchan: Palutena: "Of course, they have magic on them to make the balance part nice and easy."
  173. (11:45:33 PM) lazy_gamer5@msn.com: Mitchell: "Well Char, what do you think?"
  174. (11:46:42 PM) D LL: "Of course, there are things shooting at you to make the balance part nice and impossible."  So saying, a squad of Nutskis drops out of the sky and immediately begins to assault Char.  Char will likely find that he can slide along effortlessly otherwise.
  175. (11:49:02 PM) FenrirBill: Garviel and the Ultramarines look balked by the tiny rails.
  176. (11:51:09 PM) Nerdorama09: And this is why Char relies on agility and not armor.  And also relies on guns, shooting any nutskis that get too close to him out of the sky.  "Cerberus, this is seriously pretty easy--" he trails off as he speedily moves further down the rail.
  177. (11:51:14 PM) nekoincchan: Palutena: "... They'll work, and they're the best I can reliably maintain, Garviel. Use them as best you can."
  178. (11:51:25 PM) nekoincchan: (... Correction on line: Cerberus.)
  179. (11:51:55 PM) FenrirBill: (Palutena would know his real name tho)
  180. (11:52:21 PM) Christopher: Well, seeing Char sail along, Athrun feels better. He hops on, pulls out his gun, and shoots.
  181. (11:52:24 PM) FenrirBill: "Stow your weapons.  We're going hand over hand."
  182. (11:52:45 PM) D LL: "Hurricane, hurricane..."  A familiar sound of flipping pages can be heard before Viridi exclaims, "Aha!"
  183. (11:52:51 PM) FenrirBill: And so they do, crossing it like a rope, holding onto the rail with their huge gauntlets.
  184. (11:53:03 PM) D LL: "Finally.  I always wondered where that recipe for apple crumble went."
  185. (11:53:48 PM) nekoincchan: Palutena: "Send me a copy at some point, will you?"
  186. (11:54:14 PM) D LL: Viridi: "I'll trade you if you let me disrupt weather patterns for the next 500 years to create a hurricane right now."
  187. (11:55:04 PM) nekoincchan: Palutena: "Tempting... But no."
  188. (11:55:25 PM) D LL: Enemies continue to bombard the grind railers.  Char likely makes short work of them with his gun, as does Athrun with whatever he can reach with his sword.  Garviel and his trooops...
  189. (11:56:08 PM) D LL: "Are you really sure you want to do that?  This is going to take forever.  And I don't even think you have the upper body strength to haul your 300 pounds of equipment that far."
  190. (11:56:54 PM) nekoincchan: Palutena: "We don't have a time limit, you know."
  191. (11:57:00 PM) FenrirBill: Try to just hand over hand with stoicism, maybe punching any which get to close to them.  They just take everything so SERIOUSLY.  Asf for their bodies, they seem to be doing just fine despite her taunting. "Half ton, actually."  Garviel rumbles rather full of annoyance.  +
  192. (11:57:17 PM) lazy_gamer5@msn.com: This was just sad, the best that could be managed to stop them? Still, the idea of being able to blow up a bomb factory was just too juicy. +
  193. (11:58:34 PM) D LL: Viridi: "I'm still bored.  Call me when they're almost to the end.  I'm going to be busy preparing the guards, since you'll probably make them sprout wings and fly if they fall."
  194. (11:59:34 PM) FenrirBill: Garviel looks vaguely annoyed "Jump packs.   If only..."
  195. (7/13/2012 12:00:12 AM) lazy_gamer5@msn.com: Mitchell: "Can she really give us wings?"
  196. (12:00:16 AM) D LL: So saying, Viridi falls quiet.  Finally.  The enemy forces increase in intensity the further along they go.  Halfway through, they'll meet another one of those Lurchthorns that Char is so fond of.  The massive skeletal fish quietly attempts to knock them around with its tail.
  197. (12:01:21 AM) nekoincchan: Palutena: "... You really need to speed up, you know that, right?"
  198. (12:01:40 AM) Nerdorama09: This time Char just tosses his one grenade at the thing's head to begin with.  He's not dealing with that again.+
  199. (12:03:02 AM) D LL: ...And it explodes anticlimactically.
  200. (12:03:17 AM) D LL: Char, Athrun, and Mitchell make it to the end within the space of another five minutes or so.
  201. (12:03:21 AM) D LL: ......
  202. (12:03:23 AM) D LL: ......
  203. (12:03:24 AM) D LL: ......
  204. (12:03:30 AM) D LL: Garviel will probably make it in another five hours.
  205. (12:04:10 AM) FenrirBill: Oh come on, they're not that slow.  Superhumans after all.  They eventually make it over, stinking of sweat even through their armor.
  206. (12:04:22 AM) nekoincchan: Palutena: "... Who wants me to just use teleportation?" The annoyance in her tone...
  207. (12:04:39 AM) lazy_gamer5@msn.com: Mitchell: "I vote you give us the ability to fly."
  208. (12:05:10 AM) FenrirBill: Garviel looks to Char once over and says, "See if you can't get the Rewoola under us.  I have a feeling once we deal with this we'll need quick extraction."
  209. (12:06:08 AM) nekoincchan: Palutena: "We'll save the miracle of flight for when we strictly need it. I can't maintain it for very long."
  210. (12:06:59 AM) D LL: "5 minutes.  More than enough to get that lunk over here.  I had a nice nap, though."  Viridi yawns a little.  Up ahead, the doors open of their own accord.  Make final preparations and step through...
  211. (12:07:36 AM) Christopher: Athrun makes an assessment of his mana levels. He thinks he has enough remaining.
  212. (12:08:45 AM) nekoincchan: Palutena: "... Miracle of flight."  And suddenly, Garviel and crew are being propelled ahead. Quickly. Disturbinglyquickly. Palutena obviously wants this over with.
  213. (12:09:31 AM) FenrirBill: They look QUITE angry about being moved so quickly.   But off they go, adjusting to it rather well.  Almost like they already know how to move and fly at accelerated speeds.
  214. (12:09:41 AM) lazy_gamer5@msn.com: Oh sweet! Ask and you shall recieve! Mitchell was obviously having a blast right now, despite losing some men along the way.
  215. (12:09:42 AM) lazy_gamer5@msn.com: +
  216. (12:09:56 AM) Nerdorama09: Char checks over his remaining weapons and ammunition and decides he should probably hang back and snipe for once.
  217. (12:10:17 AM) Nerdorama09: Char: "Athrun, I'm counting on you for this one.  Remember what this girl tried to do to Zeon."
  218. (12:10:37 AM) nekoincchan: And then, a minute later... They land. "Miracle off. Hopefully, we won't need more than four minutes."
  219. (12:11:19 AM) Christopher: Athrun: "I remember. I don't think I'll ever forget."
  220. (12:12:30 AM) D LL: "The Bomb Pod is protected by an absolutely impenetrable shield.  You're wasting your time."  Viridi sounds bored as she observes their chatter.  "Turn around and learn your lesson already."
  221. (12:13:05 AM) nekoincchan: Palutena: "Hrm. I wonder if that shield is really that strong. We are talking some very, very nice armor, after all."
  222. (12:13:10 AM) Christopher: Athrun: "Never tell a man with a scientific mind that something is impossible."
  223. (12:13:17 AM) FenrirBill: "Why do you constantly try to dissuade us?  I mean... a truly ruthless being would just slay us."
  224. (12:13:45 AM) D LL: Viridi: "You just answered your own question, you twit."
  225. (12:14:04 AM) D LL: Viridi is less ruthless than she is extremely testy and bitter.
  226. (12:14:17 AM) Nerdorama09: Char: "Besides, she's obviously bluffling."
  227. (12:14:45 AM) Nerdorama09: Char: "Everyone, look for another weak spot, or something that looks like it could get through the barrier.  She has to get the bombs out somehow."
  228. (12:15:11 AM) FenrirBill: "Understood.  Pasanius, try a krak missile first, I want to see how strong this is."
  229. (12:15:40 AM) FenrirBill: Pasanius will shoot a single missile at the bomb pod if it is presently visible, just to test the shield.
  230. (12:15:52 AM) Christopher: Rather than look with his eyes, Athrun tries to sense a disturbance in the mana within the air.
  231. (12:17:17 AM) D LL: "If you're going to do this, stop huddling outside the doorway and just walk in already.  It's time to fight."  The missile enters the doorway and vanishes.  An explosion follows shortly after, lighting up a large room.  At the opposite end is the Bomb Pod, the Reset Bomb still growing within its stalk.  As promised, it is surrounded by a shield.
  232. (12:17:39 AM) D LL: On the ground, four humanoid opponents in armor.  They look just as prepared to fight as the heroes do.
  233. (12:17:53 AM) nekoincchan: Palutena: "Hrm... I wonder how strong their armor actually is?"
  234. (12:19:52 AM) D LL: And assuming the heroes actually walk in...  (Garviel!)
  235. (12:19:58 AM) FenrirBill: "I'll handle this.  Marcus, Pasanius, keep the way open."  Garviel strides into the room without his retinue, gunning his chainsword and squaring off with one of the armored beings+
  236. (12:22:04 AM) D LL: As soon as the four leading the way enter, the door slams shut behind them.  "No help.  This is going to be a fair fight."  With that, the four creatures bumrush their enemies.  The one aiming for Garviel holds a sword; the one attacking Athrun, an axe; the one for Char, a mace; and the one attacking Mitchell snipes with its lasers and bullets.
  237. (12:22:40 AM) D LL: Each of them will begin their assault as ferociously as they can.  They had a bomb to protect. +
  238. (12:22:42 AM) D LL: (Athrun)
  239. (12:23:09 AM) Christopher: An axe? Those things are heavy. Athrun's going to rely on his speed as he dashes in, ready to strike with the beam saber on his right wrist.+
  240. (12:24:05 AM) D LL: His opponent's swings are slow but carefully calculated.  Seeing Athrun's blade, the first strike will be aimed to destroy it.  +
  241. (12:24:11 AM) D LL: (Athrun respond, Char, go.)
  242. (12:25:27 AM) Christopher: Athrun rotates back enough to bring his shield up to block the attack, then launch a stab at his opponent's arm.+
  243. (12:26:44 AM) Nerdorama09: Char has his rifle out and ready to go to start with.  This thing is much larger and tougher than him, and if they've evenly matched, he can't count on the heavy armored warriors to be able to block them.  Not seeing any obvious weak points, he simply moves in a large circle to get around the line of defenders, firing rifle shots at possible weak points like the eyes and joints as he tries to move with his trademark speed between the mace-wielding warrior and the bomb shield.+
  244. (12:27:27 AM) D LL: Viridi: " ...Children!  Protect the Reset Bomb at all costs!  The fate of the world depends upon it!  And sorry, that armor's just as good as the shield."
  245. (12:28:18 AM) nekoincchan: Palutena: "... Just as good, you say? Hrm."
  246. (12:28:24 AM) D LL: Char's opponent, unlike the axe-wielder, smashes like a madman.  Its sheer strength is obvious as it swings effortlessly, its strategy apparently being to smash everywhere in hopes of eventually hitting something.
  247. (12:28:54 AM) D LL: The rifle shots do little to slow it down.  It seems Viridi speaks the truth.
  248. (12:29:03 AM) D LL: + (Char, respond; Mitchell, go.)
  249. (12:32:48 AM) lazy_gamer5@msn.com: He ducked his head as a bullet went speeding past him. Doesn't it just figure that the one that has the long ranged weapons is gunning for him? Worse yet, there wasn't exactly a whole lot of cover for him to use. Making a rather unpleased face, he started to fire at the enemy. Perhaps if he kept it distracted long enough his men could blow it up with a few carefully tossed grenades?
  250. (12:32:51 AM) lazy_gamer5@msn.com: +
  251. (12:34:53 AM) D LL: Mitchell's enemy will allow the returning shots to bounce off of it without too much difficulty.  Bullets just didn't have the punch necessary to sway it from its path.   If he wants to get out a grenade, he'd better act quickly before he's lasered to pieces.  The enemy pauses for a moment and takes careful aim...
  252. (12:34:59 AM) Nerdorama09: Char eventually gives up on shooting it and focuses his senses.  The wild swings are easy for him to predict, and he focuses on getting around the other side of it to hopefully get it to smash the barrier.  If it's made of the same material, then logically...
  253. (12:35:19 AM) D LL: (Mitchell can respond if he wishes to, Garviel go.)
  254. (12:36:20 AM) FenrirBill: Garviel will move in to lock blades with the swordsman, then try to overbear and shoulder rush him back, slamming him against the shield in the hopes the shield might, oh, damage the swordsman.  What it actualyl does... well, that might be a different story.+
  255. (12:37:26 AM) lazy_gamer5@msn.com: Sweet, careful aim took time. Time that he could use. Deciding to go ahead and order his men to toss their grenades while he does the same. Might as well try and make a rather big bang against it.+
  256. (12:38:15 AM) D LL: Garviel succeeds in more than that.  The shield is a bit too far back to reach at this point, but his blow is enough to knock the swordsman flying.  The creature bashes into the shield full force and drops into the pit surrounding the bomb pod.  There is a crackle of electricity as the shield seems to shimmer unpleasantly.
  257. (12:39:16 AM) FenrirBill: "INteresting." He rumbles+
  258. (12:39:46 AM) D LL: Athrun's opponent will swing again.  What to do against a shield that's impenetrable?  Perhaps a weapon that's unstoppable would work.  With immense force, the creature will attempt a beheading shot at Athrun.
  259. (12:40:33 AM) D LL: Char's opponent continues to bash and swing wildly.  He couldn't dodge forever.  It seems to have the presence of mind, though, for now, to avoid flying into the pod itself.
  260. (12:41:04 AM) D LL: Mitchell's opponent fires a bolt aimed straight for Mitchell's forward just as his men release their grenades.  The impact sends it flying similarly into the shield.  Another crackle and... an obvious crack appears.
  261. (12:41:19 AM) D LL: + (Athrun and Char, wrap it up!)
  262. (12:41:54 AM) Christopher: Athrun does something unusual -- he drops to the ground and performs a leg sweep!&
  263. (12:42:45 AM) Nerdorama09: Char notices the shield shimmering over his shoulder and smirks.  All he has to do is step back, throw an axe at the warrior's eyes to block its vision, step back again, and let it charge...+
  264. (12:44:55 AM) D LL: Whoops.  The leg sweep knocks the creature on its back and its axe goes flying.  ......Was it made of the same material as the armor?
  265. (12:45:18 AM) D LL: As it coincidentally flies straight towards the shield and sticks into it, the answer is probably yes.  More ominous crackling.
  266. (12:45:41 AM) D LL: Char's strategy works like a charm.  The creature similarly goes flying and...  boom.  Down it goes.
  267. (12:46:26 AM) D LL: "NO!  What?!  How did -- This can't be happening!  I spent a half-century perfecting this design!"
  268. (12:46:36 AM) D LL: The pod stands open and completely undefended.
  269. (12:46:37 AM) D LL: +
  270. (12:46:46 AM) Christopher: Well, time to finish this! Athrun charges the Scylla.
  271. (12:47:17 AM) Christopher: If the creature tries to get up, it'll find itself in the path of a huge beam of light erupting from the nozzle embedded in Athrun's chest armor.+
  272. (12:47:49 AM) Christopher: (Oh, and he's targeting the pod.)
  273. (12:48:34 AM) Nerdorama09: Char looks for a weapon he hasn't lost or used yet, and decides that having the Aegis built and giving it to Athrun was contribution enough for this fight.
  274. (12:48:48 AM) Nerdorama09: Char: "I think I'm actually out of guns..."
  275. (12:49:41 AM) D LL: Hooray for small victories.
  276. (12:50:15 AM) FenrirBill: Garviel raiases his bolter, and opens fire for the first time since the battles have begun
  277. (12:50:26 AM) FenrirBill: +
  278. (12:51:02 AM) lazy_gamer5@msn.com: Currently, Mitchell was still shooting, along with his men, deciding to save the rest of the grenades for any emergency situation that might pop up. +
  279. (12:51:03 AM) nekoincchan: Palutena: "And you asked for outside ideas... How many times in that half century?"
  280. (12:51:35 AM) D LL: Viridi: "I was busy!  You were busy being a sycophant!  Leave me alone."
  281. (12:53:01 AM) D LL: The combined force of the assault, in typical dramatic fashion, slams into the Bomb Pod all at once.  No dramatic pause this time.  Simply an instant explosion and an eruption of flames.  As Garviel had predicted, the entire island immediately begins to shake and shudder underneath their feet.
  282. (12:53:54 AM) nekoincchan: #
  283. (12:54:06 AM) Nerdorama09: Char sighs.  "I was afraid of that.  This place would be damn useful, too."
  284. (12:54:19 AM) nekoincchan: Palutena: "And that is the cue to get out of here!"
  285. And then, beams of light drop from the ceiling over each of the group... And the soldiers outside. "Let's get you back to the ground, huh?"
  286. (12:54:54 AM) lazy_gamer5@msn.com: Mitchell: "Sounds like a good plan to us."
  287. (12:55:12 AM) lazy_gamer5@msn.com: +
  288. (12:55:52 AM) nekoincchan: As the light seems to overtake each person's vision.... It suddenly fades, and the group is on the ground near Imperial City. "... And that's a job completed. Pretty sure that'll shut down Viridi's plans for a while."
  289. (12:56:09 AM) D LL: As they're taken away, Viridi's voice can be heard still echoing in their minds.  "...No... I can't accept this.  Dagaria, all of nature -- everything.  I've... failed?"
  290. (12:56:37 AM) D LL: High, high in the sky, if they should squint, they will spot a tiny dot shake and shudder for a few moments before simply vanishing.
  291. (12:57:18 AM) nekoincchan: Palutena: "To dare to strike at humanity, is to draw its wrath and those of its defenders, Viridi."
  292. (12:57:27 AM) Nerdorama09: Char: "Normally divine grace doesn't kick in until things are exploding directly in my face.  Thanks for your help, Palutena."
  293. (12:58:32 AM) Nerdorama09: Char: "Viridi...if you're listening, I do understand what you were trying to do.  But when you corner an animal, it will always fight more viciously for its life.  It's just our nature."
  294. (12:58:38 AM) FenrirBill: "You all go ahead.  I have words for Viridi."
  295. (12:59:44 AM) lazy_gamer5@msn.com: Mitchell: "Right, well I gotta get back to work, see you guys later then."
  296. (1:00:08 AM) D LL: There's a stony silent through all of these final words.  But given her divinity, it seems rather likely she's still listening.
  297. (1:01:03 AM) Christopher: Athrun: "I have nothing more to add to this, either. I should get going, too -- Euphemia ought to know I'm safe."
  298. (1:01:18 AM) FenrirBill: "Viridi. I didn't want to fight you again.  You forced our hand.  You and the Emperor must find a way to come to terms.  I know you both think the other is unreasonable but both of you desire continued existence in this world for your children."
  299. (1:01:53 AM) FenrirBill: "Consider for a moment Rome and Awen, ifyou would.  Awen venerates you as gaia, and I venerate the Emperor as progenitor and Master of Mankind."
  300. (1:02:43 AM) FenrirBill: "And yet, we are allies.  If your spiritual daughter can ally with Rome, then surely you and he can... find a way to arrange things."
  301. (1:03:26 AM) FenrirBill: "It is not my place to dispute with the Emperor.  But... if by my example and that of Ar Righ Erikson peace can be made, perhaps there is a better future for us all."
  302. (1:03:46 AM) FenrirBill: *turns to go*
  303. (1:06:21 AM) D LL: The voice that responds is dull, echoing in Garviel's ears alone.  "Your Emperor has no respect for any life except his chosen one.  I will never make peace with anyone who thinks in such a way.  He is the epitome of humanity and the embodiment of all that is wrong."
  304. (1:07:18 AM) D LL: "...You and Taryn.  Maybe you'll be good for each other."
  305. (1:08:47 AM) D LL: "If she is to thrive in your diseased world, she must understand and be able to maneuver its corruption.  Help her."
  306. (1:09:18 AM) Christopher left the room.
  307. (1:09:45 AM) FenrirBill: "All right, Is hall do what I can."
  308. (1:10:03 AM) Christopher entered the room.
  309. (1:10:06 AM) lazy_gamer5@msn.com left the room.
  310. (1:10:51 AM) D LL: "Since you oppose my way... you'll have to find another."
  311. (1:11:17 AM) D LL: The voice takes on a lighter tone for a moment.  "And don't listen to your dad all the time.  Parents aren't always right.  Look at me."
  312. (1:11:32 AM) D LL: And with that, the deity's voice dies away for good.
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