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  1. Okidoki, character concept take two. I went a bit in depth on the background, but please feel free to critique away. I know it's a bit unusual for a background / class combination, but I may have had a bit of fun coming up with it.
  3. And please take your time if you are busy. I am patient and can wait. :D
  7. Name       : Lisbet Zorendar
  8. Gender     : Female
  9. Race       : Human (Variant)
  10. Age        : Twenty-four
  11. Background :
  12. Alignment  : Chaotic Neutral
  13. Deity      : To be determined
  14. Class      : Monk (future Drunken Fist Archetype)
  16. Physical Description: Undecided. She is missing her right arm and has inking of her pirate group on her remaining arm from the shoulder all the way down to her wrist. Will describe a bit better later, done a lot of typing.
  18. Personality: With a strong spirit, Lisbet is difficult to discourage. If she wants to do something she typically follows through and will take whatever fallout the action brings her without complaint. While not mean spirited, she isn't necessarily of a benevolent character. One day she might feel a bit altruistic while others she'll tell someone that they need to grow a bit more backbone and deal with their problems themselves. She does, however, have a soft spot for young ones. It is difficult for her to tell a child no and loves spoiling them with treats even if it means giving them the last of her coin to do so. Despite her reputation should one know it, Lisbet is surprisingly friendly and isn't one to turn down conversation. Once she was described by a senior monk that she was like a leaf in the wind, going wherever it may blow.
  20. She has a small amount of shame hidden underneath the surface, but covers it up as best she can with her loud voice and a bottle of brandy. Lis doesn't let her immediate handicap get her down and is very quick to correct those that try to paint her in a victim's light. If need be she'll show someone just how capable she is first hand. She is brash, wily and free spirited wherever she goes. The young woman is also a notorious dine and dasher, often a byproduct of being drunk or simply being out of coin on her person.
  23. Background: Lisbet's mother died during childbirth at a fairly young age. This left her father, Ethran, alone to raise the girl alone. He was a sailor by trade and often left for months at a time. Unable to provide for a baby, he was able to convince a neighbor to nurse his daughter and care for her while she was still an infant. Lis' earlier memories were of a family that wasn't her own. Tey took good enough care for her, but it was apparent that she felt more at ease when her father was home and she was able to be with him. Being a child she would complain to him whenever he had to leave, saying it wasn't fair.
  25. Ridden with guilt Ethran decided that at the age of six his daughter was old enough to come out to sea with him. This kept him from having to pay others to take care of her and instead she was on board with him where he could teach her things. This arrangement went pretty well for awhile. The captain was a kind man and the crew were more than eager to keep an eye on the young girl. It broke up the monotony of ocean faring having an energetic lass run around the ship and try to help with the simple tasks. She was particularly good at cutting the potatoes with the cook.
  27. Things were peaceful, traveling the world at such a young age meant that everywhere they went Lisbet was seeing new sights, but after sailing with her father and his employer for a year and a half things took a turn for the worst. It all happened quite fast for a girl of seven years of age. The men were yelling and scrambling around the ship. Someone accidentally knocked her to the floor, but immediately picked her up and handed her off to her dad. He took her below deck to the kitchen and opened one of the cabinets, pulling out the contents and jamming them into another space before putting her inside. Ethran was very specific with his instructions, telling her to be quiet and that he'd be back for her. That was the last time she ever saw her father.
  29. An ugly man missing half his teeth found her. He smelled something awful and his grinning maw was enough to make her legs quake in fear. Pulled out by her hair she was brought above deck. There was blood on the decks, but only a few of the ship's crew remained. Soon she found out why as they were chucking the dead over the side. Lisbet couldn't see her father among them and was able to deduce what happened. Biting down on her lower lip she kept herself from crying. She had to be strong just like her father told her to be, though fear of what was to happen next was definitely a factor that kept her as quiet as a mouse. Then she was brought before a captain.
  31. A stern man looked down upon her with a tricorne adorning his head and a bushy beard covering his face. He addressed her on simple terms to that a child could understand without a hint of remorse. He wanted to know if she wanted to live, and she responded with a meek affirmative. The pirates already had a cabin boy, but now they had another ship. Getting her name he couldn't help but see her clenching hands. That made Dread Captain Tolba Zorendar smile from ear to ear. Like that, Lisbet was promised her life so long as she did what she was told.
  33. The first several years were tough. Her body was small and weak while the tasks asked of her were more than enough of a girl five years older than Lisbet was. Still, she tried her best. Many days she'd pass right out from exhaustion and when she woke up, if the sun was still out, she'd be expected to keep performing her duties. She showed surprising resolve and fortitude, not complaining a single time. Tolba found that quality in her endearing. Not once had she screamed at them for the death of her father nor how she was treated. Though her life had been promised she got her fair share of beatings for being too slow, doing something wrong or simply pissing off the wrong man. Still, the grim man had taken somewhat of a liking to her and gave the girl days of respite whenever she hit the wall and just couldn't go on any longer. Granting her use of his last name, men normally kept their hands to themselves.
  35. As puberty set in and her body matured, she found herself more and more capable of the tasks at hand. Instead of colossal chores they become simple tasks and errands. There had been times where she caused some trouble due to her sudden teenage angst and would take whatever punishment was befitting her transgression. She watched those around her and learned in all facets of life. Lisbet could climb up the rigging to fix the sails or even navigate when necessary. She slowly came into her own on the crew as she did her best to survive.
  37. Growing even older, into her late teens, she wanted to take part in raids. Wealth and deeds were the only thing these men respected, and aside from the captain, no one gave her an inch of respect with a few exceptions. Though still young, there were things she could do. Or so that's what the girl had thought. She had assisted a few times in small capacities, but she felt that she was able to do more.
  39. The pirates had split their fleet up, the flagship running alone off the coast of a well known port town. Mercenaries had set upon them. For a brief moment of time the ships were hull to hull as men fought. Lisbet put herself in harms way, running a dagger into a man's back while he wasn't looking, and a stray axe caught her in the shoulder. The pain was unbearable and the man who had struck her took but a moment before grabbing the girl in her weakened state. The battle raged on as someone tended to her arm. To no surprise, she lost consciousness.
  41. Waking a day later she was behind bars, in a prison cell. There was bustling outside of commerce. She was on land. It had been a long time since she had ever set foot upon solid land. Though she seemed loyal, Lisbet had never been trusted to not try to escape and was always kept on one of the Captain's boats. Awaiting trial, she had men come in and 'volunteer' their services to discipline her. Likely, it was revenge for sticking their buddy in the battle. The other half was that she was a criminal and had no rights due to piracy.
  43. Luckily, the man in charge of her trial only saw a beaten, crippled child. He had her put in the stocks for two weeks then decreed she could be let go. Those two weeks were the longest of her entire life. People threw rotten fruit at her, spit on her, jeered at her and other abusive behavior. Her well of reserves were empty and her spirit broken. Finally, after so many years, tears flowed freely.
  45. After release she was aimless without knowing what to do. A kind man found her, his head shaven and his clothing ascetic. She was starving without any coin to feed herself, her clothing ragged and her expression defeated. Brother Duolu had the warmest heart she had ever met. He brought her to a place of healing and strengthening. The simpleness of the days brought life back to Lisbet's eyes. The young woman put her entire soul into physically training her body. They made little money, but enough to feed themselves. Often they offered help to others and traveled to other towns. Though she took to the lifestyle and training well, it was hard for Lisbet to simply let go of the past.
  47. She found it difficult to be entirely altruistic. The monk in training loved alcohol despite being reprimanded for partaking it time and time again. It was against their way of life, but she had yet to be taken as a true Sister. Restless, she remained with the small Monastery for many years before she felt like it was time to move on. Not knowing where life would lead her, Lisbet decided to enlist as an adventurer. As long as her stomach is filled and she has a roof over her head she isn't too concerned where her path will lead.
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