Anon - [Nameless] [Untagged]

Sep 26th, 2014
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  1. >You lift your head and stare at the mare in front of you instead of the plate
  2. >only to quickly return your gaze to your food as you find Meisa still glaring daggers at you
  3. >You are Anonymous and you already have screwed up
  4. >You are accompanying Meisa in some sort of a high class event that’s basically just everyone chatting away and eating at a high class restaurant
  5. >You had to go wash your hands while Meisa mingled with some ponies, and to your surprise you could not find anywhere to wipe your hands in
  6. >So you strayed out form the bathroom and noticed something that looked like a towel in the near distance, not questioning why they would be outside the restrooms
  7. >It was in fact, the hem of a dress
  8. >Which you lifted up and exposed a mares behind coupled with some interesting undergarments to a lot of the quests
  9. >A mare who turned out to be someone important in the fashion business who Meisa was trying to impress
  10. >You’re still unsure why it was bad for a butt of something that never wears clothes normally most likely to be seen but whatever
  11. >And that is why your cheek still stings a bit and Meisa is still upset
  12. “I can’t believe you did that Anon...”
  13. >You mumble something out
  14. >”Not my fault she’s wearing towels...”
  15. >You glance at Meisa who seems a bit enraged before calming down
  16. “Anonymous, that was a very innovative dress she was wearing from the latest materials. It was not made from towels.”
  17. >She’s not mad but you can hear it in the tone of her voice that she’s now regretting the decision to bring you along
  18. >”How about I pour you som-“
  19. >You knock over the bottle of wine as you reach for it and it falls to the floor
  20. >All the other guests turn to look at your table and Meisa just stares at you with an un-amused look on her face
  21. >Ok this has been going on long enough
  23. >You put on an equally un-amused look on your face and take your plate of some stupid high class salad serving too small to satisfy your hunger and just flip it over while placing it on your head
  24. >all the while holding eye contact with Meisa
  25. >She stares at you in shock as you let the plate sit on your head as salad dressing runs down your face
  26. >You then move your hands and grasp the fork and knife on the table and hold them up
  27. “Anonymous please everyone’s looking”
  28. >There is panic in Meisas voice, but you don’t let your expression change, and twirl the fork and knife around and stick the back ends of them up your nose
  29. >Meisa starts hiding her face that blushes in shame behind her hooves while you start to flip the breads all over the restaurant floor
  30. “S-Sir is everything-“
  31. >You turn to look at the waiter that looks at you weird
  32. >You just stare at him and he stares at you
  33. >He opens his mouth to speak but you suddenly move your finger in front of your mouth
  34. >”Shhhhh...”
  35. >And then you start to wiggle your fingers as you start to move your hand towards the waiters head
  36. >The waiter pony looks at it with fright and you suddenly form a fist and extend your pinky and stick it up his nose
  37. >He just stares at you with wide eyes, too shocked to move away
  38. >You lean in a bit closer and the fork falls to the floor as does the plate on your head
  39. >”high class”
  40. >You just get up and try to moonwalk towards the exit, only to stumble and fall
  41. >You just decide to lie there and stare emptily at the wall as you hear Meisa rushing out of the restaurant and the waiter asking somepony if they should do something about you
  42. >You don’t give a fuck
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