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May 6th, 2013
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  1. "It was a dark day in the magical land of Equestria," you begin, closing your eyes to allow your imagination to paint the picture in your mind. "The Pegasus ponies had got their calendars mixed up and brought storm clouds over from the marshes beyond Everfree Forest, and the rain was pouring down on Ponyville's residents."
  2. Orchid shifts her weight a little and you do the same, spooning up to your pony sister on the bed and smiling at her while you lower your head to rest it on her flank again.
  3. "Orchid didn't like the weather one bit," you continue, Orchid's eyes growing to twice their size in surprise.
  4. "I didn't?", she asks incredulously, and you shake your head at her.
  5. "No, you didn't," you tell her. "All those silly rainclouds were messing up your picnic plans! 'Why couldn't they have chosen a different day for this storm?', Orchid whined, stomping her hoofs on the wooden floor while she paced around her picnic basket holding all sorts of cookies and muffins and candy."
  6. "I like candy," Orchid nods slowly, the use of her name in the story making her all the more invested in it.
  7. You ignore her interruption, choosing instead to just continue where the story left off; "Orchid's stomping made her sister Lavender come down from the upstairs bedroom, her ears lowered a little on her head. 'What's wrong, little sis? I thought you were going to go play with Apple Bloom and Pinkie Pie and the rest?', she asks, but then spots the picnic basket. 'Oh, it's the weather, isn't it? Are you afraid to get wet, silly filly?', Lavender jokes, but Orchid really didn't like the joke. Not now. Orchid had been looking forward to this far too much."
  8. "Uh-huh," Orchid nodded to that, ears perked up and big innocent eyes just staring at you.
  9. "'But I was really looking forward to having a picnic today!', Orchid tells her big sister, sitting herself down next to the basket and poking at it with a hoof. 'We can't go sit outside now! The cookies will get all soggy! Soggy cookies are bad tasting, you know?'", you continue the tale, and Orchid nods heavily at that.
  10. "'Well now,' Lavender said, prancing up to her little sister and giving her a soft nuzzle. 'We can't have soggy cookies, I agree. But maybe your big sister can help you get a picnic after all?' Orchid looked up at that with a hopeful look in her eyes, 'You can?' Lavender simply nodded at that and walked into the kitchen. 'Just you wait and see, little sis. Your big sister has just the thing for this situation.'."
  12. "Orchid waited for her big sister to return, not knowing what she was planning. What could Lavender do against soggy cookies? When Lavender finally returned with a big pan with a lid on it, Orchid was only more confused.
  13. 'You can't cook the cookies, big sis! They'll burn!', Orchid cried out, but Lavender just giggled and put the pan down next to the picnic basket.
  14. 'I wasn't planning on cooking the cookies, dearest sister,' Lavender smiled, opening the pan and the basket and taking out the cookies from the latter. 'But I am going to put them in this pan here,' she decided, moving the cookies from the basket to the pan.
  15. Now Orchid was more confused than ever! What would Lavender do with the cookies in the pan if not cook them? 'But what are you going to do with the cookies if you're not going to cook them, big sis? Why would you put them in the pan?' she demanded, her right ear flicking in confusion.
  16. 'We're going to confuse the rain,' Lavender grinned, finishing up her work and closing the lid on the pan. Now, with the pan all full and the picnic basket all empty, she moved to take a nice ribbon and laced it through the handles on either side of the pan as well as the handle on top of the lid. 'See, we'll put a nice bow on it and then the rain will think we're carrying some soup around with us. And with soup already being wet, the rain will just go; 'hmm, I don't have to rain here, because soup is already wet!' and will leave our cookies nice and dry,' Lavender explained.
  17. Orchid stared at her in confusion. 'But what about the picnic basket?'
  18. 'Well, we can still take that with us, even if it's empty. The rain will just fall on it and make it all wet and soggy, ignoring the pan with the soup in it,' Lavender winked at her little sister.
  19. 'But there's no soup in it! There's cookies in it!', Orchid corrected Lavender, but was quickly silenced by one of Lavender's forehooves pushing up at her lips.
  20. 'Ssh, little sister. That's our little secret. We don't want the rain to find that out, now do we?', Lavender whispered to Orchid, and Orchid finally started to see what Lavender meant.
  21. 'Oooh! That's smart thinking, big sis!', she exclaimed, nodding her head heavily."
  23. You smile lightly as Orchid's head is drifting down to the bed, her ears still perked up but her eyes slowly drifting closed. No matter what the story, Orchid would always fall asleep halfway through. You nuzzle your head into her soft fur and continue, "Now, with the empty basket in Orchid's mouth, and with Lavender having tucked the full pan in one of her saddlebags, the pair of ponies started off into the rain to head for Sweet Apple Acres. Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, and Pinkie Pie were already waiting there, all four of them sitting in a row in the big barn staring out at the dreary weather with their ears drooped down sadly. There would be no picnic today, they knew. For how could you have a picnic outside in this weather?
  24. Sweetie Belle was the first to notice the two mares walking up towards them, and she pointed it out to Apple Bloom. 'Hey, look guys!'
  25. All the ponies perked up as the soaking wet Lavender and Orchid walked into the shelter of the barn, water dripping from their fur and from the basket Orchid was holding.
  26. 'Aww, now all the cookies will be soggy!', Apple Bloom remarked, and their initial excitement at seeing you join them quickly turned back to sadness.
  27. Lavender produced a pair of towels from her saddlebag and quickly dried herself and Orchid off to a more manageable level, while Pinkie Pie stuck her nose into the picnic basket.
  28. 'Hey! It's empty?', she wondered, and Orchid and Lavender shared a knowing look between them.
  29. 'Of course it's empty, silly!', Orchid giggled at Pinkie Pie's confused look. 'We had to confuse the rain, you know?'
  30. All four ponies stared at her, none of them knowing what Orchid meant.
  31. 'Yeah, we brought soup instead', Lavender continued the joke, lifting the pan out of her saddlebag and undoing the ribbon from it.
  32. 'Cookie soup!', Orchid grinned at the others, who all leaned in to watch as Lavender pulled the lid from the pan to reveal...?"
  34. You pause in your story, looking over Orchid's sleeping form. "Sweet dreams, little sister," you whisper at her, but the silence is quickly broken by the eager voice of a young male sounding through the intercom.
  35. "Reveal what? What was in the pan? Was there soup in the pan?"
  36. You stare in the direction of the windows in sheer confusion while the sound of something slapping against something else rings through the intercom, followed by some barely audible muttering from a second voice. Did that just happen? "Well," you start, scraping your throat a bit. "The cookies were all dry, of course. The pan was sealed firm enough to not let the water in. All the ponies had a lovely indoors picnic in the barn, and they went home satisfied after the rainstorm had passed," you explain to the mirrored wall, tilting your head a bit at it. "That really should have been obvious."
  37. "Yes, it was. Thank you, miss Braeden.", a female voice offered in response, and you find yourself nodding slowly towards where they would be hidden behind the glass.
  38. The eager voice had caught you off guard, and you're now even more confused about what this place is supposed to be. Maybe if that doctor comes back with another 'test' you could figure out what they wanted with you? Or why they had first separated you but then put you in the same room?
  39. Well, the latter is probably easy enough to explain. Orchid just plain and simply can't take being left alone. She probably made enough noise to make them decide to put her in with you if only to keep her calm. What other reason could there be?
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