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  1. <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?><data><content_id>1</content_id><content_type>normal</content_type><content_title><![CDATA[Overview]]></content_title><content_text><![CDATA[<P ALIGN="LEFT">Welcome to Dynamic Resources.</P><P ALIGN="LEFT"></P><P ALIGN="LEFT">Commitment. Solutions. Accountability. Reliability. Passion. Dedication. These are our core values that motivate us every day, and these are the words that inspire everything we do.</P><P ALIGN="LEFT"></P><P ALIGN="LEFT">Dynamic Resources is the premier international retail services company. We specialize in the project management and execution of store fixture, visual, and branding initiatives. Whether you have 5 or 5000 locations, we have the knowledge and experience to guarantee that your projects are executed flawlessly every time.</P><P ALIGN="LEFT"></P><P ALIGN="LEFT">With offices in both the USA and Europe, we are your single source for everything from field site surveys to fixture installations and from graphic change-outs to on-going maintenance programs. We offer an array of services designed to ensure the successful presentation of your retail environment.</P><P ALIGN="LEFT"></P><P ALIGN="LEFT">Since 1994 we have successfully implemented tens of thousands of projects around the world. Find out why so many companies rely on Dynamic over and over again. Isn’t your image too important to leave to chance?  </P>]]></content_text><media_images><media_img><img_url><![CDATA[images/Spinning-Globe-Alternative.gif]]></img_url><media_id>117</media_id><link_content_media_id>118</link_content_media_id><img_title><![CDATA[]]></img_title><img_description><![CDATA[]]></img_description></media_img></media_images></data>
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