IG in Equestria

Aug 26th, 2013
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  1. >You are an anonymous guardsman and it has been fifteen years since Equus Primaris was brought into Imperial Compliance.
  2. >You bang your door open and hobble into your house, your old injury acting up again, a small box clutched under your arm, trying to shake off the penetrating cold.
  3. >You really hope Winter Wrap Up happens soon.
  4. >Dropping down into a chair, you mutter a few choice curses.
  5. “Throne damned psyker...”
  6. >You then focus your attention on the small package that had been left on your doorstep.
  7. >You open it up and the first thing you see is the picture of a pony you don’t know.
  8. >Taking that out, you pick out a sheaf of papers and begin scanning them half-heartedly.
  9. >As you make your way down the first page your eyes widen.
  10. >You finish the first page and begin the second one, your breath catching in your throat.
  11. >The third and last page comes up and when you finish it you slump back in your chair, letting out a long sigh.
  12. >You look back at the picture of the smiling unicorn mare.
  13. >Then a twinge of pain from your leg interrupts your thoughts and you curse the psyker that injured you.
  14. >Though you can’t really fault the thing for doing it.
  15. >You yank your pant leg up and glare at the angry red lines that crisscross the warped, burnt flesh of your leg and intersecting with significantly more scar tissue under the rest of your clothing.
  16. >It doesn’t take long for you to start reminiscing.
  17. >The war was short but painful, your regiment had taken the full brunt of the xenos’ fury.
  18. >Funy, for such tiny things they hit like a damned titan.
  19. >They also had psykers the likes of which even an Astartes Librarian would be hard pressed to contend with.
  20. >Especially that purple one, she threw tanks around like toys.
  21. >But she never killed a single human, funny that.
  23. >Come to think of it, nobody had actually died in the war on either side.
  24. >Sure there were injuries, but nothing the AdMech or Sisters Hospitalier couldn’t fix.
  25. >Injuries aside your regiment still did its duty, above and beyond, even.
  26. >You had personally stormed the capital and subjugated their rulers.
  27. >Well, subjugated might be a strong word. The Colonel-Commissar actually ended up talking it out with them.
  28. >Turns out they’re from Terra too, descendants of the horses from ancient Earth with something about isolation and warp storms thrown in, you weren’t really listening.
  29. >Point is now they’re a willing member of the Imperium of Man and the only xenos to date to be so.
  30. >Probably because they technically aren’t xenos. A magos biologis had classified their mutations as “Within acceptable limits.”
  31. >Their psykers really freaked some people out though.
  32. >With pride you remember how your regiment were honored as the heroes of Equus Primaris, having ended the war before it truly began and bringing valuable allies to the Imperium, as well as turning the tide of the 13th Black Crusade.
  33. >Who’d have thought these adorable creatures would have a set of relics that could stamp out Chaos so thoroughly?
  34. >With the honor came settling rights. Your regiment was released from service to the guard and allowed to settle on the planet you’d won, much to the joy of both you and the xen- ponies, that is.
  35. >They welcomed you so warmly it was almost like you hadn’t even tried to exterminate them.
  36. >It honestly felt a little weird.
  37. >You yourself were lauded as something of a hero by the ponies for some act of selflessness you can barely remember.
  38. >When you had finally seen the foes you were up against your resolve had shaken for the barest moment and you’d felt compassion.
  40. >During the battle at some small backwater village near the planet’s capital you finally saw them for the first time.
  41. >Whatever you’d been expecting, it sure wasn’t that.
  42. >You had been assigned to an armored division and you’d felt pretty good about your chances while deep within the bowels of a Leman Russ.
  43. >Until you met that purple psyker that is.
  44. >The entire town was wrapped up in some sort of magical shield she’d summoned, keeping it safe while she tossed your armor around like toys.
  45. >She’d tossed your tank just a little too hard, though, and you smashed right through the shield.
  46. >You crashed through some building that reminded you of a merry-go-round the brief second before you tore through it.
  47. >You and the crew had all been tossed free, somehow surviving, but the same could not be said of the flaming ruin of your tank.
  48. >You managed to drag everyone to a safe distance away before the fire ignited the tanks ammunition stores, but just as you were getting ready to vox for aid you heard screaming.
  49. >One of the xenos was trying to drag another from underneath the collapsed structure.
  50. >It was so tiny. It was just a kid.
  51. >Looking back at the tank, you see that the thing is fully engulfed in flames now.
  52. >The xenos were too close, they’d never get away in time.
  53. >You may be the Hammer of the Emperor, but you’re no child killer.
  54. >So you did the most sensible thing you could think of, you sprinted over and dove on top of them fully expecting to be torn to shreds by the explosion.
  55. >Fortunately you weren’t, you got singed pretty badly though, but that was trivial for some AdMech to patch up and the next day you were back in action.
  57. >You hadn’t thought much of that day, never given it a second thought, really.
  58. >Of course the ponies would always thank you for it and a bubbly pink one threw you a surprise party you’re sure would have startled the Emperor off of the Golden Throne.
  59. >She and her sister had even come around a few times in the days following the end of the war to thank you.
  60. >You smile as you look at the picture in your hand, remembering the words you’d just read.
  61. >So Sweetie’s a mom now? That knowledge makes the scars all worth it.
  62. >And it seems she found her special talent too, the magical tattoo you’d been told represents such on her flank attesting to that. It’s a little ball of yarn.
  63. >Another fit of shivering overtakes you as the winter chill continues to relentlessly invade your house.
  64. >Then you notice something you’d missed earlier in the package.
  65. >It’s a sweater.
  66. >You slip the thing on and sigh as it almost instantly warms you up.
  67. >Perhaps tomorrow you’ll go pay a visit to Sweetie, it’s been ages since you’ve seen her.
  68. >But for now you’re going to relax at home.
  69. >Your home.
  70. >The first place you’ve actually been able to call home in a long, long time.
  71. >You remember the days when you worried your regiment would dissolve before you found a home.
  72. >And technically it had, just not in the way you’d been fearing.
  73. >But now you’re Equestria’s regiment.
  74. >Their first and only.
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