Aug 24th, 2019
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  1. Update v1.192.1:
  3. Changes
  4. Increased Safe Zone activation time to 120 seconds from 30 seconds
  5. Increased min and max monetary reward for Escort contracts, but decreased their reputation changes for fail(10 7)/success(15 10)
  6. Crashes
  7. Fixed a crash when players without faction initiated direct trade on PER_FACTION worlds
  8. Fixed a crash in new game menu when switching to custom game tab
  9. Fixed a crash when exiting steam client while game was still running
  11. Bugs
  12. Fixed trash removal Other resetting itself when General was changed by a reconnecting admin
  13. Fixed ability to use hand tools in short bursts when out of suit power
  14. Fixed game starting a random SP scenario when mod download failed while joining an MP session
  15. Fixed admin getting kicked when changing AFK timeout to 0 and then to a different number
  16. Fixed PCU transaction results not being saved after server restart
  17. Fixed inability to use Build Planner through hand welder secondary action on unfinished blocks when out of suit power
  18. Fixed input validation in PCU trading text field
  19. Fixed Mossy skin not being mossy on small Light armor Slope/Corner/Inv.Corner blocks variants
  20. Fixed Wooden skin on large half armors sides being stretched
  21. Fixed exclusively ore marker signal groups not being the new golden color (when at least one signal is not an ore marker it is other color)
  23. Solved Issues From Support Site
  24. Added RequestChangeBalance to IMyPlayerCollection interface to allow adjusting NPC credits in custom factions
  25. Added access to MySafeZoneBlockDefinition and MyObjectBuilder_SafeZoneBlock
  26. Fixed research not working in Escape from Mars mod scenario
  27. Fixed tools stopping double-click action when LMB was held
  28. Fixed inability to buy ships from NPC factions in worlds with unlimited PCU
  29. Fixed thrusters not consuming any power while overridden
  30. Fixed grinders still deconstructing blocks even when character turns away on DS
  31. Fixed timer block not checking for ownership of set up blocks, when executing actions on them
  32. Fixed inability to see remote grids connected through laser antenna beyond sync distance
  33. Fixed LCD scripts with sprites not working for clients on DS and in MP
  34. Fixed replay tool clone shooting in inverse direction than intended
  35. Fixed an exploit which allowed players to get the location of other players
  37. Update v1.192.020:
  39. Fixed a crash caused by Mod Pipe Conveyor Extension
  40. Fixed a crash in voice chat
  41. Fixed a crash related to Trash removal admin feature
  42. Fixed a crash when image of a banner and of a highlighted banner were the same
  43. Fixed inability to start drilling with Hand drill when clicking too fast
  44. Fixed Light Armor Slope not being skinnable with Moss Armor Skin
  45. Fixed missing emissivity on displays of Economy blocks
  46. Fixed new Corner couch still having mount points of original couch
  47. Fixed ship not reacting on Y-axis when controlling it from a turret
  48. Fixed turrets not shooting at neutrals when they were supposed to
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