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  1. You squirms a bit as the boy works the third finger inside of her, causing a
  2. few leaky beads of her juices to drip down her thighs. 'Ahhn~... that feels
  3. wonderful~.' she purrs, looking down at the boy longingly, 'But that's enough
  4. of that for now. Take your fingers out and we'll move on.' she says, waiting
  5. a moment, 'Alright, you see this?' she asks, pointing at her bean, 'This is
  6. the clit. It's the most sensitive part of a woman's body. You can't just
  7. rough it up, either, you've got to be a little more careful with it.' she
  8. says, reaching out to grab the boy's hand again, 'Alright, start by pressing
  9. down on it with two fingers, then rub it in a circular motion.'
  12. Jayce mews in surprise as she coaxes his hand out of her body before she has
  13. him rest two fingers on her joy buzzer, the catboy tilting his head as he
  14. soon starts to brush and rub along it in gentle circles, slick fingers from
  15. the fingering he gave her a bit ago making it a bit easy to glide along the
  16. feminine passage in gentle movements as his tail starts to flick behind him,
  17. seemingly expectant on her reaction next!
  20. You's hips start twitching slightly as the boy starts to rub. 'Ohhhh yes,
  21. that's perfect~.' she moans, her breathing much heavier than before, 'Now
  22. pick up the pace, little by little, and rub me a little faster, applying a
  23. slight bit more pressure as you go.'
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