Breakfast - Shattered ice

May 15th, 2014
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  1. >You are Shimmer Light.
  2. >The week of storms is over.
  3. >None of your other journeys required saving, thank goodness.
  4. >The winds weren't nearly as horrendous as... that day...
  5. >You made a smoothie.
  6. >The same smoothie she made for you.
  7. >... Yours didn't hold a light to hers.
  8. >You did everything the same way she did.
  9. >Yours just didn't taste good.
  10. >Once again, she's bested you.
  11. >You're starting to lose faith in yourself.
  12. >... You don't understand.
  13. >You're the only one you've ever trusted.
  14. >You're the only one you've ever cared about.
  15. >You're the only one...
  16. >You...
  17. >...
  18. >Hexferry is walking next to you.
  19. >She seems to be talking, but you can't hear her.
  20. >You aren't actively trying to ignore her, you're just too lost in thought.
  21. >That's the only good thing to come out of this.
  22. >You're ignoring her without even trying.
  23. >It serves her right; she's the one who did this to you.
  24. >... How could you let her do this?
  25. >She's destroyed you.
  26. >She's the one who made you lose yourself.
  27. >You've lost who you are.
  28. >... You doubt she even cares.
  29. >She's having fun killing you.
  30. >... You wonder how long you have bottle yourself up in your home before you fade from the living.
  31. >No, you aren't giving up. You just... have to find who you are.
  32. >Once you do, you'll be back to your usual self.
  33. >... Whoever that is...
  34. >...
  35. >You feel a hoof on your back.
  36. >Well, through all of your jackets.
  37. >It's probably Hexferry.
  38. >You try to keep moving forward, but the hoof pulls you back.
  39. >... Are you really this weak?
  40. >"Shimmer, what's wrong with you?!"
  41. >Wrong? There's nothing right with you at the moment.
  42. >You struggle against her grip.
  43. >... Pathetic...
  44. >She probably isn't even putting up a valiant effort.
  45. >You can't get away.
  46. >"You passed your house."
  47. >... Did you?
  48. >Sure enough, when you turn to look, your home is behind you now.
  49. >You adjust yourself and head toward your home.
  50. >... Hexferry stands in your way.
  52. >Once again, she wears that same concerned look on her stupid, ugly face.
  53. "M-move..."
  54. >Is that your voice?!
  55. >That sounded like a stray who got kicked too many times trying to stand up for itself.
  56. >You need to get away.
  57. >Now.
  58. >... She noticed too.
  59. >"Shimmer, what's wrong with you?"
  60. >Her tone drips with pity.
  61. >... No more.
  62. >You've had far too much of this.
  63. >You do your best to glare straight into her eyes.
  64. >Give her the pain she's given you.
  65. "You are!"
  66. >Hexferry recoils back.
  67. "I don't want friendship, I want solitude. I don't care about your stupid stories, I don't care about anything you do, and I don't care about yo-"
  68. >You choke.
  69. >... What?
  70. >What?!
  71. >You weren't even finished with your tirade!
  72. >... It feels like something is caught in your throat.
  73. >Like you're trying to swallow something but there's nothing there.
  74. >You look down.
  75. >She can't see you struggle.
  76. >You cough a couple of times.
  77. >"Shimmer!"
  78. >Come on! You were so close, but she still won't leave you alone...
  79. >... Your eyes feel... weird.
  80. >Your vision is blurry, but not the same blurry you get when you think of the cold.
  81. >The blurring moves with your trembling body.
  82. >... You're trembling?!
  83. >You feel the need to blink.
  84. >Hexferry puts her hoof under your head and slowly lifts it to make you look at her.
  85. >The blurring moved with gravity.
  86. >Now, only the bottom of your vision is blurry.
  87. >Very blurry.
  88. >She has tears in her eyes.
  89. >... Even through what you said, she still looks concerned.
  90. >You try to start your last sentence again, but you can't even get a sound out.
  91. >Your glare is almost nonexistent now.
  92. >... Your face feels weird...
  93. >It feels contorted.
  94. >You can't control it.
  95. >Luckily, your scarves are covering most of it.
  96. >But...
  97. >... You blink.
  98. >Suddenly, the blurriness is gone, but you feel something stream from your eyes.
  99. >It's not raining.
  100. >... Your eyes widen.
  101. >Your heart beats harder.
  102. >It hurts.
  103. >... You're crying.
  104. >You... never cry.
  105. >Hexferry isn't even fully crying!
  107. >She only has tears in her eyes!
  108. >You're...
  109. >Hexferry moves your head to her chest.
  110. >Her fur is so soft...
  111. >It's unfortunate you're staining it with your tears.
  112. >... You're the worst.
  113. >You put a hoof on her back to try lifting yourself away from her.
  114. >Instead, you hang on to her.
  115. >... You're using her for support.
  116. >You are a wreck.
  117. >... You are weak...
  118. >Hexferry puts her head on yours.
  119. >She seems to be pulling you somewhere.
  120. >Your legs blindly follow her lead.
  121. >You hear some sounds, but you can't pinpoint what they are.
  122. >If you were in a better state of mind, you could.
  123. >...
  124. >You feel your leg bump into something soft.
  125. >"Shimmer, lay down here."
  126. >... You don't take orders from...
  127. >You slowly pull away from her chest.
  128. >That's your couch.
  129. >Probably.
  130. >Your sight is still very blurry.
  131. >You can only imaging how soaked her fur is...
  132. >Hexferry helps you onto the couch.
  133. >... You bury your face in a pillow.
  134. >Never in your life have you felt this...
  135. >Useless.
  136. >Pathetic.
  137. >... Hurt...
  138. >Hexferry gently grabs one of your hooves.
  139. >You slowly look up from your pillow.
  140. >She looks the same as before... but also hurt.
  141. >Your words did get to her.
  142. >... Unfortunately, they don't have much weight behind them by now.
  143. >You're just a crying mess.
  144. >... You turn back to the pillow.
  145. >At least it doesn't pity you.
  146. >It doesn't think your a sniveling pile of filth.
  147. >It doesn't...
  148. >...
  149. >Eventually, your crying stops.
  150. >You inhale deeply.
  151. >... Then let it out.
  152. >Slowly...
  153. >You take off your layers of clothing one by one.
  154. >Every sock, scarf, hat, jacket...
  155. >Everything.
  156. >You just toss them to the floor next to Hexferry.
  157. >... You assume.
  158. >Your face is still in the pillow, so you obviously can't see.
  159. >She must have let go at some point, because you don't feel her anymore.
  160. >You look up.
  161. >... She's gone.
  162. >You close your eyes and sigh.
  163. >So badly... you just want to die.
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