Greek Ponies 5

Dec 3rd, 2012
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  1. Oh. Fuck.
  3. It was just like the splotch I'd had, though his was more of a sky-blue color as opposed to my plum color. I stood there, considering whether or not to tell him when he woke up. Maybe it was just paint, a coincidence or something. After all, he had helped with re-painting the main room of the house in preparation for the party...
  5. I tried to nudge him awake; after a good prodding in the ribs, he finally turned over and came to. Bastard always did crash hard after a good fucking...
  7. He blearily looked around, as he remembered what had happened a couple of hours before. Finally, his gaze settled on me, and his eyes completely bugged out.
  9. "Did I- Did we- I just fucked a p0ny, didn't I?"
  11. Trying to mask my internal panic, I put on a toothy grin and nodded vigorously. "It takes two to tango, Dan," I nervously giggled, "I shouldn't have forced the issue, but it was like... I..."
  13. "It was like I could barely control myself like my brain just totally shut down. Something like that?"
  15. Weird, that's actually a pretty apt description of how I felt when I suddenly decided to screw his brains out.
  17. "Yeah, and I'm surprised at how calm you are about it. Anyway, shouldn't you be getting dressed for your party?"
  19. Dan gave a loud yawn. "Yeah, suppose I should. And yeah, I guess now that it's over and done... It doesn't seem THAT strange. Maybe because I know it's actually you under the fur and all, I dunno."
  21. As he stood up, I noticed his dick looked a bit bigger than usual, despite his lack of an erection. I shook my head to clear it of that familiar cloudy feeling I felt creeping up on me again. I watched quietly as he gathered some clean clothes together to wear. As he did so, I was mentally losing my mind; was I partially responsible for the fact that Dan was possibly about to suffer the same fate as me? More importantly, how much time does he have? It took me roughly 12 hours from noticing the rash on my back before the more noticeable changes took place, that would at least get him through the party...
  23. I needed to calm down. I wasn't even certain he was actually GOING to change. I decided to see if I could just "monitor" him throughout the night. That way... I could at least warn him if I saw things beginning to progress.
  25. "Dan, I don't want to stop you from having fun tonight, but can you do me a favor?"
  27. He knelt down to my level. "Of course, what is it?"
  29. "Would you mind coming up here to check in- I mean check on me every hour or so?"
  31. Dan looked confused. "Uh, ok, but why?"
  33. "Uh..." I needed to think of a good excuse, "because you know how these parties get, and the last thing I want is a bunch of sloshed frat boys stumbling in here, finding me, and deciding it'd be fun to ride the freakish, winged, talking, cartoon-colored p0ny, and let's not forget the stereotype of fraternity initiations involving sex acts with animals," I rattled off, matter-of-factly.
  35. "Alright alright, you've made your point. I mean, I'd planned on locking the door, but if this will make you feel safer, fine. I have to stay relatively sober tonight anyway, so I'll try to make a point to come check on you regularly."
  37. I took a step forward and did my best to hug him, ending in me nuzzling his cheek briefly. "Hope you have a good time. Have a drink or two for me?"
  39. He stroked my mane, and stood up, smiling. "Sure thing," he suddenly looked down at his phone, "hey, Kat texted me, she wants me to bring her up to you, I'll be right back," he stood up to leave, leaning back to crack his back, "Kinda sore today, wonder what's up with that..."
  41. Well, I certainly had a theory or two... I'm going to have to tell him when he checks in on me next...
  43. I spent the intervening minutes trying to figure out a way to clean myself; the earlier "festivities" had left a large region of my fur matted and sticky. I trotted over to Dan's minifridge, and grabbed one of his bottles of water with my teeth. I spotted a bath towel hanging behind the door, so I grabbed that. With a bit of awkward twisting with my hooves, I opened the bottle and dampened the towel, and began rubbing myself down as best I could. I managed to scrub out the worst of it when the door opened, letting in Dan and Kat.
  45. Curiously, Kat's eyes were red, and the small amount of makeup she wore was streaked. Dan shot me a look that said "you're on your own for this one," and left the room.
  47. As soon as the door was closed, Kat scooped me up in a hug and collapsed on the couch, almost squeezing the breath out of me. "Kat... *GASP*... What's... Wrong...?"
  49. After a few long minutes, she released me into her lap. "That bastard, Shaun... He couldn't make up his mind so I finally made it for him..."
  51. "You mean that guy you've been seeing off and on? I thought you guys were just friends with benefits."
  53. I felt Kat recoil slightly at the last few words. "I only agreed to that because I'd hoped he might come around, and agree to give "us" a shot; I really liked him. He was funny, actually a pretty decent person, and I figured he just needed to get to know me better. And it's not like I didn't enjoy the sex or anything," She sniffled.
  55. I shook my head in exasperation. "Kat, you've had this conversation before with me, and in a much calmer state of mind. And always, I tell you to stop seeing him, and you do for like a week, life goes on, everyone's happy, etc etc... What's up?"
  57. She picked me up for a hug again. "I'm sorry... I just can't deal with it anymore. Between what's happened to you, and Shaun still being Shaun, and the fact that I feel like I've been hit by a truck, I just can't deal..." Kat began crying silently.
  59. Wait a minute... While I was still held against Kat's shoulder, I craned my neck to steal a glance down the back of her shirt. Sure enough, I saw a small, discolored spot in the middle of her back. It was a light green.
  61. At this point, I became pretty certain that whatever had happened to me was contagious. Since I was fairly certain that I'd never fucked Kat, too, I could only suppose that once I was changed, the condition was spread through contact. Kat had only had light contact with me, in picking me up and hugging me, but Dan... Well, he and I had had a LOT of bare-skinned contact, which might explain why it seemed to have hit him faster than it did Kat. The only question was whether that increased contact would hasten the pace of the changes.
  63. "Um... Kat?"
  65. "Yeah?"
  67. I sat back up to face her. "When did you first start feeling sore?"
  69. Her eyes darted up as she thought. "Hmm... The morning after your change... Why?"
  71. I couldn't decide whether or not to tell her that she was very likely on the same path to becoming a little p0ny like me. On one hand, I was not equipped to deal with someone losing their shit right then. On the other hand, I felt like I owed it to her to warn her, in the event that she happened to be in public when it all starts.
  73. I am, if nothing else, a good friend.
  75. "Kat, I think you're turning into a p0ny, too."
  77. She gave me a crazed glare. "What?! What makes you say that?"
  79. I pointed a hoof towards Dan's door. "Go look at your back in the mirror."
  81. She slid me over, and stood up. With her shirt half-raised, she looked back. "Ok, what about it? Hey... What's that green spot?"
  83. "And your soreness? Those two things were the first two distinctly odd things I experienced before the change hit me, except my splotch was the color of my new fur coat. I think this condition is contagious."
  85. Kat laughed bitterly and shook her head, replacing her shirt. "I must have sat in some paint, or something. And before my fight with Shaun, well... We screwed pretty hard, and I slept wrong last night. That's all."
  87. "Kat, I'm serious," I said, fluttering up to her eye-level, "I think something similar is happening to Dan, except maybe a bit faster, since we f-" NOPE, can't tell her that, "we took a nap together, and his shirt was off so we were in more contact."
  89. "Whatever... I'll come check on you occasionally, I think I'm gonna go to this party tonight and sleep with the first guy who looks at me right, and rub Shaun's nose in it..."
  91. God damn it... If this thing really was contagious, hate-fucking was DEFINITELY not the best course of action. I placed my forelegs around her, and stopped flapping my wings, practically falling into her arms. "Kat, look, I'm sorry things aren't working with Shaun, but rebound-fucking isn't going to make anyone feel better. It's for the best though; he clearly only wanted one thing, and you gave it to him."
  93. Kat sighed, and gently pulled me off of her, setting me down. "Thanks, Sunny, I know you want to help, and I realize I'm being irrational. But, I also know what I want, and I need to blow off some steam."
  95. I sadly shook my head. "Fine. Whatever. If you're going to come check on me, do it with Dan, he's going to do the same thing. And seriously, no hate-fucking. If changing into a p0ny is contagious, that's really the last thing you need to do."
  97. "Sunny, I'm pretty certain I'm not contagious. Now, I'm gonna go get blasted, forget all about Shaun, and we'll laugh later."
  99. "But-"
  101. She put a finger to my muzzle, "No, I'm going to do this. Frankly, I don't care, even if that does happen. It'd just be another shitty thing to happen on an already shitpiled-day."
  103. I just rolled my eyes. I'd forgotten that since Kat was normally a completely rational, level-headed girl, that meant that she was downright retarded when she became emotional. When it rains, it goes batshit derp, I suppose.
  105. "Whatever, Kat. Just make sure to stick around Dan so you can both check in with me."
  107. "Check in with you?" She said incredulously, "What do you mean by that?"
  109. "It'd just make me feel safer," I lied. At this point, I figured I had to do what I could to try to contain an outbreak of what was starting to look like a p0ny plague.
  111. "Ok, fine. Now, I'm going to go get blasted."
  113. ---
  115. Once Kat had left, I resigned myself to watching some TV and spacing out. Not much else I could have done. Dan had left me a bowl of salad, with all of my favorite toppings. Oh how I love that guy; all in all, I was glad that there was at least one of my favorite dishes I could still enjoy, since steak, bacon, and chicken were likely no longer options.
  117. The little cherry tomatoes, romaine lettuce, tiny bits of onion, cheese, cucumber, and several diced, raw veggies... I'd always loved a good salad, but... Oh the things I envisioned myself doing to thank Dan on his arrival...
  119. The party had been going for a couple of hours when I heard knocking, followed by Dan and Kat entering. Kat was already three-quarters shit-faced, and Dan had a look that screamed "What the fuck is going on today?!"
  121. "Sho," Kat huffed, "Here we are. Can we go back? Thanksh to Dan 'ere I jusht blue-balled a guy I was blowin', I'd kinda like ta make it up to tha poor guy..."
  123. "She was behind our bar, trying to deepthroat one of our pledges, after seeing Shaun all but screwing some girl in the women's bathroom."
  125. Kat's face twisted into an angry grimace, "That bashtard, that... Fuckin... Bastard! Hope 'e gets dickrot..."
  127. "Jesus, Kat," I mumbled, "Ok, thanks for checking on me... Can you both do me a favor?"
  129. They nodded.
  131. "Pull your shirts up and show me your backs."
  133. Kat rolled her eyes, and stumbled in place slightly. "Great, thish again..."
  135. Sure enough, they both had the tell-tale rashes, and they'd grown in size.
  137. "Dan, I already tried to tell Kat, and she wouldn't listen, but I think my condition is contagious. You both have strange-colored rashes, and you've both complained of joint pains. I had a rash too, and it was the same color as my fur."
  139. Dan, thankfully, took the possibility seriously. "You sure?"
  141. "At this point, can you think of any other explanation for a sky-blue rash?"
  143. "Well, what should we do to fix it?"
  145. Before I could answer, Kat interjected, "More booze, that's what, forget alla 'bout this shit..."
  147. "Dan, we need to isolate Shaun, the girl he screwed, and the pledge that Kat blew. Kat caught it from me because she held me, and... Well... You can probably guess how it spread to you, Dan. Point is, this could get out of hand real fast."
  149. Dan's face had a screwed-up expression that combined fear with that of a man deep in thought. "So... Does it matter that there's an air-conditioning return vent right behind where you and I..."
  151. I looked where he was pointing, and yep, there was a nice big grating with a screen behind it.
  153. Kat had lost interest and was half-passed out on the couch.
  155. "Dan, where does that vent go?"
  157. He nervously reached behind himself to rub the back of his head. "Well... Considering how the whole house knows whether or not my dirty laundry is safely stored away, I'd say almost everywhere in the house, like any of the other return vents in the building..."
  159. ---
  161. The three of us sat there for an hour, with Dan and I discussing how to proceed. The main point of contention for us was that I, being the nerdier partner in the relationship, had watched too many sci-fi movies and was afraid that the CDC would want to vivisect us, while Dan seemed to think they wouldn't dare do that to a sentient being.
  163. The debate was abruptly ended by a series of loud screams. Fearing the worse, Dan rushed downstairs, grunting in pain against his stiff joints, with me hovering in mid-air behind him. At the bottom of the stairwell, I peeked around the wall over Dan's shoulder.
  165. The scene before us was pure chaos.
  167. A girl in the middle of the room was writhing on the ground, likely more out of panic than pain; I certainly didn't feel much discomfort during my change. She was surrounded by fellow intoxicated, toga-wearing college students with their smartphones whipped out, recording as they murmured confusedly amongst themselves, unsure of how to handle the situation.
  169. I supposed that the alcohol in their systems overrode any desire to panic and get the fuck out, leaving them simply curious and shitfaced while they watched a fellow student mutate.
  171. In the corner of the room, a younger guy was cowering, staring at his feet and hands. I could just barely make out their shifting forms.
  173. Dan audibly gulped. "Well, Sunny, looks like your theory was right, that's the girl that Shaun screwed, and the kid in the corner is the pledge... No idea where Shaun is tho-"
  175. He suddenly dropped to the floor, almost convulsing. I could only land next to him and comfort him as his body contorted and reshaped itself.
  177. Dan managed to look up at me, a look of panic in his eyes. Unable to speak, he mercifully passed out as the changes continued. I jumped into the air, to better observe the party room.
  179. With everyone focused on the girl, I could watch without anyone noticing me. The whole situation was oddly fascinating; everyone was more or less calm and collected, as the girl's changes finally came to a stop.
  181. I fluttered back over to where I left Dan, who was beginning to come to from his own changes. He stood up as a wing-less p0ny, with a pale-blue coat and dark green mane that was as short as his close-cropped tail.
  183. I calmly addressed him. "How are you feeling, baby?"
  185. He grunted as he swayed on his new limbs, tripping over his clothes and shoes before managing to step out of them. "What the..."
  187. He lifted a foreleg up and looked at it, then back to me, then back to the hoof. "Huh."
  189. I nuzzled up to him; he somehow seemed more attractive than ever now, and all I could think of was-
  191. "NOPE NOPE NOPE," I exclaimed to myself, shaking my head free of those thoughts.
  193. "What?" Dan muttered. "What's going on?" He said with a yawn.
  195. "Don't worry about it, just go hide somewhere for now, I need to figure something out..."
  197. Dan nodded and trotted away, still drowsy from passing out. I needed to keep a close eye on the party; with any airborne contaminants from me pulled through the AC system into the house, everyone in the house was a potential transformee. Considering how strongly Dan and I reacted to each other, I was beginning to suspect that the "disease" somehow affected us sexually, like pheromones or something.
  199. Hovering again over the crowd, the recently changed girl was rousing from unconsciousness. She had become a grey unicorn, with a light brown mane that just barely covered her brow and flowed down the back of her head, and a matching tail.
  201. As she stood up, the first thing she noticed was all of the guys around her. Suddenly, I could detect a familiar scent in the air, bringing a delightful warmth to my more sensitive areas. My suspicions were confirmed when she all but tackled the nearest reasonably-attractive man. In a vicious scene resembling what had happened to Dan and I, she began giving the doomed guy the ride of his life.
  203. Turning my attention to the corner, I saw a brown unicorn whose darker-brown mane and tail resembled permanent cases of bedhead stumble to his feet. With a perplexed look on his face, he sniffed the air. I could see a rather impressive bit of manhood growing underneath him. He confidently trotted over to one of the girls, nudged her with his muzzle, and looked her in the eye. Apparently the pheromones and whatever became airborne from me in the AC had been enough to get her started; with an intoxicated look on her face, she began fondling him, teasing him as he trembled where he stood.
  205. By the time he'd cum once, she was already almost totally transformed. The only thing I could guess at was that maybe more "p0nies" increased the contaminant's concentration, quickening the infection and change.
  207. I was speechless as I watched everything from above; almost half of everyone present was either fucking, transforming, or doing both at the same time. A few more beyond that had already completely changed, and were freaking out.
  209. I noticed, though, that some of the people weren't affected at all. In fact, they were simply sitting dumbfounded as the house was permeated with the scents of sex and sweat, and the sounds of moaning multi-colored ponies who used to be human. Finally, one of the guys on the couch, one of Dan's fraternity brothers, stood up. He was clearly drunk out of his mind, and knowing him, possibly on at least one or two hallucinogens.
  211. Chris was either about to panic, or do something completely insane.
  213. Frankly, knowing Chris the way I did, it was a pretty safe bet that he'd go with the latter over the former, which is why I really couldn't muster up too much surprise when he stumbled over to one of the p0ny couples currently rutting their brains out, shoved the male off of the quivering mare, jumped on top of her, and jabbed his heels into her sides before yelling, "HI HO SILVER!!!"
  215. Still reeling from the alcohol and hormones, the poor girl reared up instinctively, screaming "What the fuck?!" and took off, trying to buck Chris off while nearly smashing everyone and everything nearby.
  217. The rest of the unaffected fraternity brothers and party guests followed suit. Some were successful, and began riding their mounts as if they were rodeo steeds, while the rest drunkenly chased after the other ponies.
  219. "Sunny!" I turned to see Dan at the bottom of the stairwell, with a green pegasus trailed behind him, her flowing, deep-red mane reminding me of... Oh boy.
  221. I landed in front of Dan. "Sunny, looks like Kat's among our ranks too, now."
  223. Kat just sniffled and hung her head, still swaying from the alcohol. "Ruined my favorite green top..."
  225. I moved over to comfort her. "At least you've still got your pretty red hair..."
  227. She gave a slight smile.
  229. I turned to Dan. "Danny," I pointed over my shoulder to the mixture of equine orgy and rodeo behind me, "I think we have a problem."
  231. Finally, the mare bearing Chris on her back found one of the open doors, and hauled ass outside, still struggling to shake him free. They quickly disappeared around the corner and out of sight.
  233. Dan glanced behind me, turned to meet my eyes, and replied matter-of-factly, "Yeah, I'd say so."
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