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  2. PIBC SOTA 18th April,2019 night  (Translation)
  3. PIBC is an alliance of righteousness, everything has been open and transparent, and spys are least of our worry, YY will remain as the communication tool in the future.
  4. First thing keeping our foundation strong. Have the right mentality, do your job, take up your quality, do the right thing, and increase the influence of chinese.
  5. Leave the past behind, in TQ everyone is brothers,
  6. No bots or RMT (personal note: RIP NC renters LUL)
  7. Figure out (?) the office politics
  8. Everyone start staging around Jita, step 1 will be finding a lowsec space around Jita as a foothold.
  9. In the early days, we may need to pay for your own losses.
  10. You guys still like to beat yourselfs up, playing wolf and playing Dark souls (???) That is a good thing. We can all eat this at the start when we start getting into TQ.
  11. couples teams that stands together are the best
  12. We will still needs to decided who to work with as allies
  13. If you run into language barrier, there are 2 way: be bilingural, or use chinese language pack. So language will not be a problem
  15. We won’t be forcing everyone to move to TQ, but we will mostly focuse on it. Meanwhile, we won’t be forgetting Serenity (serious face)
  16. There will be a territory compression in Serenity. After the servers comes back, we will do major recuritment to get more anti-Eel (??) forces
  17. Chicken (ji) from 3V (Veni Vidi Vici) will FC in TQ
  18. Exc corp name: The Army of Mango
  19. Alliance: The Army of Mango (AOM)
  20. Why is it not PIBC anymore? It’s been taken. Plus, CEO don’t really like “Pan-Intergalatic Business Community”: In reality, the only “business” we really did was showing up with knifes and beat people up
  22. We are building the Exc corp, welcome everyone, priortize PIBC and 3V’s CEO
  23. No restrictions on joiuning, we welcome foreigner. Solo players from Serenity are welcome to the Exc corp.
  24. No factions, everyone is equal.
  25. CEO will not comment and judge on the chinese forces in TQ for now.
  26. Q&A
  27. Q: How much effort are we putting in
  28. A: Maximum effort. Right now we’ll try to fight will other chinese community in TQ, probably work with them even, as much as possible.
  29. We will not be other alliance’s pets
  30. CEO: If we get ganged up by all the foreigners, that would be gold. Chinese No. 1 is not realistic.
  31. Q: What if they insult china/chinese
  32. insult them back, don’t you know how to say “fuck you”. But don’t be special snowflake
  33. Chicken (call at the mid of SOTA): the only worry would be you guys eat shit when you guys get there (TQ)
  34. TL:DR Will not excute working with anyone, or excute anyone.
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