Secret Lesson - 36

Jul 30th, 2020 (edited)
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Secret Lesson (Secret Class)


Notable Characters:

Name / Hangul Description
Dae-Ho (Daeho) / 대호 MC
Eun-Ae / 은애 Mom
Mia / 미아 Blonde sister
Sua / 수아 Short haired sister
Han Yoo-Hee (Yuhi) / 한유희 Ko-Bong's elder sister
Han Ko-Bong / 한고봉 MC's best friend
Yeong-Ku / 영구 Dad

왕강철: Author (Wang Kang Cheol)

미나짱: Artist (Mina Jjang)

Script Information:

Daeho D
Eun-Ae E
Mia M
Sua S
Yuhi Y
Ko-Bong KB
Yeong-Ku YK

{Inner talk / Thought}

Note, linked bubble and other stuffs

Chapter - 36

M: Haaa!!!!

D: Uh!!

M: Haang!!!

M: Aaah!!

M: *Haa!!!

M: Sigh.. I'm drained...

M: Ah.. Your noona is going to Seoul tomorrow...

M: But I can't feel my legs anymore, I'm feeling so weak...

D: Hey noona..

D: Your trip to Seoul..

D: You said it'll last two nights, didn't you?


M: Hmm ~

E: ?

E: Where are you going with this suitcase? Aren't you going on a 2 nights, 3 days trip?

M: Well...

M: This one is empty mom.

E: Are you going to fill your suitcase with new clothes bought during shopping?

S: Sadly it's not only the suitcase which is empty mom, its owner's brain too.

S: Sigh

M: What?

M: What do you mean by that?

S: Unnie,

S: You're going to Seoul for the first time in a while and all you can think about is shopping.

S: Don't you want to enjoy your trip by doing some cultural activities like watching a performance or visiting a museum you can't have the chance to see anywhere else?

M: Well... You can watch this kind of stuffs as much as you want on your smartphone so...

M: But for shopping... You won't know what kind of clothes are nice unless you try them yourself.

M: How could I miss on such opportunities?

This little girl is always picking on me recently...

YK: My princesses! If you're ready, let's go.

M&S: !!

M: Yeah ~ Let's go daddy!

M: !

D: He noona, let me carry your luggage to the car.

M: Hehe ~

M: My little boy, since when are you so strong?

D: Hehe...

S: ...

M: Are you going to be able to endure it during your noona's absence?

D: Yes, I'll noona.

D: Don't worry about me and have a good trip.

S: Tsk... What's wrong with the both of you?

S: You're acting like we were going to the battlefield, aren't you ridiculous?

Such a heart-warming and tear-jerking moment. Fufufu...

YK: Come on my princesses ~ Your carriage is ready.

M: Hey Sua, don't come here! Your place is at the front passenger seat!

S: No way, I'm going to lie down on the backseat and sleep!

YK: Yes, President Park.

YK: Well, it's time to go.

YK: Dae-Ho, don't forget my request, take good care of your Ajumma*.

D: Don't worry, Ajeossi*

D: Leave it to me.

T/N: Ajumma (아줌마), sometimes spelled ajoomma, is a Korean word for a married, or middle-aged woman. It comes from the Korean word Ajumeoni (아주머니). Although it is sometimes translated "aunt", it does not actually refer to a close family relationship. It is most often used to refer to middle-aged or older woman since referring to an elder by name without a title in Korea is not socially acceptable.
The term Ajeossi / Ahjussi (아저씨) is used to refer to a male several years older than the speaker, often as a polite replacement for a second person singular pronoun. Yeong-Ku isn't related in any way to Dae-Ho, he's just one of his deceased father's friend. So don't think he's his uncle or something like this, I often see people translating Ajeossi by Uncle and people often think it means they're blood related but it does not actually refer to a close family relationship.
Well, I'll stick with auntie / uncle for now, but I you prefer the 'Korean way' let me know in the comment section (Discord / Mangadex)

M: Dae-Ho,

M: During my absence you must listen carefully to what Mom says and eat well.

S: ...

E: ........

D: Auntie, they already left, let's go back in the house.

E: Ah,

E: Yes.. You're right...

E: Let's go in...

E: {Sigh... Alone with Dae-Ho...}

E: {Is everything gonna be alright...?}

E: {I should stop thinking about weird things.}

E: {Nothing's gonna happen.}

D: Auntie...

E: !!!!

E: Ah,

E: Dae-Ho...

E: {Aaaaah...}

E: {Don't tell me...}

E: {It already started...}

D: Hey,

D: I'm going out to meet Ko-Bong...

D: I'l be back before dinner.

E: Oh,

E: Al-alright...

E: Have fun but don't come home too late.

D: Yeah,

D: I'm leaving then!

E: {Why...}

E: {Why am I acting...}

E: {Like a total fool...?}

D: Where was it...

D: Am I at the right location...?

Y: Dae-Ho!

D: Ah,

D: Noona!

Y: Hehe ~

Y: Hello ~

D: Have you been waiting for a long time?

Y: No, I've just arrived.

D: What Ko-Bong was doing before you left?

Y: Eh,

Y: Taking a nap.

Y: He went to bed late last night.

D: Haha... That's why he wasn't answering my messages.

Y: Dae-Ho,

Y: Why don't we go into this forest?

D: Oh, noona. Alright, let's do this.

Y: !

Y&D: ........

Y: Nmm <3

Y: Hmm <3

Y: Hang

Y: Aaah!!

Y: Hu-huuh...!

Y: Aah!!

D: Sigh... Noona...

Y: Haang ~ !!

Y: Aaah... Huuh...

Y: Dae-Ho...

Y: Wait...

Y: Hold on...

Y: I...

Y: There is something I want to do...

D: ?

D: Noona...

D: What're you doing...?

D: !!

D: Eh.

D: Noona?!

Y: Sigh...

Y: It's finally in front of me...

Y: Nmmh!!!!

D: Noo-Noona!!!

D: {No way...!!}

D: {Huuu...}

To be continued...
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